The Affordable LG 29″ Ultrawide Monitor Review

– I’m in love with the ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio. It’s stunning and captivating, and media’s beginning to take advantage of it. And what better way to enter the UW workflow than by spendind a mere $280 USD? Let’s review the LG 29UM57. The one linked below is the revised model.

25″ MODEL:
29″ MODEL:
34″ MODEL:

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Ryan Zhu says:

am such a greedy cunt, i already got 4 1080p monitors on my setup, fuck it imma get this and stash this in my bedroom, ultrawide vids, if u know what i meannnn ;)))

pickle says:

I might order the LG 34UM59
Is it better?

Windwalker 95 says:

I purchased this in Australia, for the same price as a clearance product. The same exact model as this one ^. I have no regrets, and will never go back.

August Drabæk says:

How is the picture quality on the display? Can you see the pixels or does it look crisp ?

Glow says:

what’s the difference between this one and the 29um58?

Laccer says:

What do you guys think, is it worth to spend a $100 extra to get from 29″ to 34″? Same 2560×1080, same 99% sRGB color accuracy, same panel. The only difference would be that extra 15cm length and the adjustable stand.
First I wanted the LG 24MP88HV-S, which has the same great screen for productivity and gaming (except the 75Hz and FreeSync) but the 29UM68 is only $30 more so it is obviously worth the upgrade.

daniel kappel says:

has the 25 freesynk ???

DJ Bama says:

nice monitors and size, but I think anything above 27″ should be at 1440

ThatGTAFan720 says:

For someone who frequently uses multiple apps, and no matter what will use a !080p panel as a secondary display, 1080 ultrawide or 1440p? i’m aslso a person that CANNOT deal with streched or boxed images/games.

Dr. ZEUS says:

is it a 4k moniter

MrBorderdown says:

Within the first 30 seconds of this video you spout crap. The 29UM60-P supports freesync too… Dumbass.

CITY says:

the lg 29um58 is only $220, and it’s 75hz

westfield90 says:

Saw this in Best Buy today for 249.00

Cody Bullington says:

How do you feel about 34″ 1080p ultrawide monitors I’ve been thinking about it but it seems like it has a pretty low ppi

Angel Guillermo Gutierrez says:

I was literally looking at this monitor yesterday. is it competitive to a “gaming” 1ms 144hz for competitive gaming (overwatch)?

terrence wildenberg says:

maybe a weird question but can you make a vid or explane how you setted your speakers up i got the same dell speakers but for some reason not all of them work

Ciprian Avram says:

hi, i have same model, can you tell me what settings you use for 75hz ?

Benjamin Lee says:

nice review. i was wondering you can do a tutorial and paint this monitor to white color? it would be so nice matching the desktop case?

Charlotte Linlin says:

What should i get?

william rei udarbe says:

with this review I’m going for the 29″ than 25″ Ultrawide

Rafael Gil says:

Mine is the one with speakers. Bought in the last Black friday for about 282 USD (I live in Brazil). And I’m loving it 😀
But mine says it is 75Hz on the manual, and also has displayport. Maybe that is why you were able to “overclock” it to 75Hz without any problem (probably is the same panel).

Miguel Teles says:

Well… i just bought the LG 25″ ultrawide… Is it that bad?

Jackson McKagan says:

i think i’m going to get 2 of the 25″ models for like $320. is that a bad idea? i’d get a vesa mount for it too

dee7976 says:

Because of this video, I bought this monitor. Really love your videos man. If you don’t mind, what settings are you using for your monitor? Keep up the great work. Sub for Life!

911Leeroy says:

My Darkest Days! Yessssss

Dizzyfrek says:

you can watch 3d blue ray with this monitor

Paulobraveheart M says:

its very fragil…but its nice.

Scott Combs says:

I bought one just recently and it’s fantastic. I use unity and blender on a daily basis and the extra screen space is really what I needed to make working on projects so much easier. Being new to the pc gaming world I must say I’m impressed with this monitor. It’s so much better than previous ones I’ve used. This monitor even works great for console players, I play battlefield 1 on my ps4 every day, and I would venture to say playing on this monitor is better than playing on my bigger, fancier, more expensive TV. Seriously, it’s fantastic, and it’s under three hundo.

MlSHKlN says:

it looks so damn small when its behind people, its hard to know if i want one or not cuz i cant see it in person

wh3resmycar says:

75hz is your max overclock? can you try a bit higher please?

ThatGTAFan720 says:

*Sees My Darkest Days*
*Hits Subscribe*

Derek Comingo says:

@salazar studio i have the same monitor. love it. love the channel too. how do you calibrate this for free. ive done windows but you showcased a couple of programs but i dont know what they are. thanks

didoma73 says:

Can you tell me if this supports Dual Link?

armando taveras henriquez says:

got a 25′ ultrawide um56p25 LG for 92 dollars. the experience and colors are amazing.
my recomendation is to get a 29′ ultrawide because is the best for price/experience.
the 34′ one is better to have it 3440x1440p also ultrawide.

Darzo says:

I run the new 34 inch model with a Rx 480.. so long as my fps is above 48 my gaming experience is super smooth.. thanks to freesync

Josh TechGamer says:

great video I just got the 29 lg ultra wide 21:9 had question when I rec on obs in set it as display capture its in 21:9 how I make it to 16:9 I did the video part . and question when I go to web page like google its shows like lines on the screen only on the web page then I try other files they are fine but when I turn the monitor off its ok

Lama Offender says:

thanks this going to be my new monitor

eL_T says:

For the Black Ops III issue…did you try changing the FOV in the in-game options? Think that would help? I mean, if it is set to 80 for 1080p, then still at 80 for 1080-21:9, it makes sense that it would stretch.

Alex Seno says:

how do you overclock this monitor?

Teh Koaler says:

Thank you for reviewing this! I’ve been thinking of buying it.

Konstantinos Koukopoulos says:

would an rx480 8gb suffice for 60-75fps on high-ultra for 2 years ?

EmXtraMoney says:

96 ppi? wtf ew

Manny Martinez says:

because of his monitor you wont be able to see a difference between 75 and 115 FPS because his monitor is only outputting 75hz

Derek Comingo says:

ive been checking out the cards too, and havent found where to overclock this monitor. learned some other things but.

Alex Villalobos says:

You’ve changed so much

Nash Yusof says:

just wondering, what is difference between LG 29UM68 and LG 29UM68-P model? what ‘P’ letter stand for?

mnminnmn says:

34″ lg at costco for 279 right now

Ramiro Higonet says:

this or samsung cf591 27′ ?

Cyborg Noodle says:

should i get this monitor or a dual monitor set up? i mostly play games but i will be using them for productivity as well seeing as i have college work to do and will be going to uni soon

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