The 43″ Mega Monitor – Size DOES Matter!

The LG 43UD79 is a MASSIVE 4k IPS PC monitor for hardcore multi-tasking. It’s gigantic but it’s awesome!
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LG 4K Monitor 43UD79 –

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Angles Sol says:

I like the random banana

Marc Wenning says:

I just got this monitor I’m living it so far, lots of monitor for the money!

Thibault Saint-Aubin Photography says:

Do you think there is a possibility to connect to the surface book 2 with this type of screen?
And that the surface book 2 will suporte ?

Tzvetan Tzvetanov says:

dose it have freesync?

Dane Cook2 says:

Too big! Too small! Size does matter after all!

Ron says:

Hey Dave, I need a table like yours. Is it available in the US? Thanks in advanced! Great video!

Tmmam Yahya says:

I need to know a thing before I buy : can I connect 4 inputs 4K each and view all of them at once ? Plz advice .

IssaWick says:

You cant actually use the USB – C for power. It only gives 3W

registreer Registreer says:

lol…banana for scale…9gag user spotted?

Archie Wei says:

I bought this to put on the wall, working from 2 meters away, using it as secondary display.

Nyana11 says:

totally wrong you need at least 110cm space between you and this screen on your desk , but all desk are 80-90cm deep. You need a custom made desk or double desk to use it.

董美灵 says:


Vaibhav Rana says:

Banana for scale! 9Gag bows to you! 😀

Aditya krishnakumar says:

Did anyone see the banan lying near the lg screen

Antisepticeye says:

what is the name of this game 2:18?

crazy guitarist says:

hey wht wallpaper do you use?

Sean Knowles says:

I have heard that it doesnt charge a macbook pro 15 inch while displaying at the same time, can you confirm or anyone confirm if this is the case?

IIFaDedII says:

Do not buy it if you have sensetive eyes it doesnt have flicker free technology.

cass expo says:

Would I be able to view 4 different pages of one computer in the split view?
I just got into stocks and I wanted to buy 4 monitors but if this thing can handle it i just might go for this unit. Thanks for the video.

Fennec Besixdouze says:

lmfao at calling any setting on a PS4 “burried”. There’s one settings menu. It’s not a fucking OS.

Cris says:

ok, i got it today. holy shit, huge doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it

董美灵 says:

hello,your video is very good,can i show IT on LG Chinese official WeChat to more people?你的评测视频做的很客观,我能不能将它放在Lg官方微信上呢?

nolan says:

Thanks for the banana for scale very helpfull

lordtartarsauce b says:

why is there a banana in the shot

FastZebra Zoom says:

I’m confused. How does a monitor NOT support HDR when HDR is created in-camera, not with the monitor? The monitor simply has to display the final image, which it does all day long anyway. Can someone clarify?

Alb Vas says:

I enjoyed the video and I Subscribed.

beleafer22 says:

Does it charge your macbook pro through usb c?

Gotallofthem1 says:

When this was first mentioned it was supposed to have FreeSync, it launched and LG removed it. No thanks for me

jalabi99 says:

Only 4,000 more subscribers to get your first million subs! You can do it Dave!

Voyager Adventurer says:

Very good review!!

frikynikkid says:

are …are you comparing the mega moniter to a


Luvas says:

Can it wall mount?

royalmontpark says:

Good for stock trading

Oliver lee says:

Hey dave, great video, just few questions, first, do you think this is regular school work use, like writing on micro word, or would you divide up the screens, and would that feel more natural? Secondly, how do you compare this and LG32ud99? Do you think the 32ud99 is big enough for console gaming in desk while good enough for regular Monitor duties? And is it worth to pay 200 more dollars for it? Thirdly, LG seems like they are bringing out a new 32 inch monitor for the CES 2018, when does monitors in CES usually goes on sale and do you think it is worth to wait for that one? I believe its called 32uk950. Thanks man, loving your videos as always!

Sean Knowles says:

Hi Dave, great review, can you hook up two of these at the same time to one computer or a laptop?

Jin Kim says:

I’m so glad you reviewed this. There are sooooo many bad reviewers on youtube.

Dave Lee says:

This monitor has surprisingly good value and has some very impressive features. Didn’t think I’d ever use something this large, but it’s too good. Thanks for watching!

Alex Munoz says:

AYYY the interview in the corner of the screen. Love that movie.

Maju Lim says:

Hi everyone. Would anyone happen to know if this monitor works with the MacBook 12 inch from 2016? Thanks 🙂

zz97f028 says:

Hello from Spain. One question, Dave. ¿What are the dimensions of your table? I think that this monitor could be a good option for me but me. My Desk Table have 160×90 cms but I need to know the dimensions of your desk table. Thanks.

The Redstone Archer // Yong Jie says:

banana is so helpful *derp*

Bliss Ultimate says:

Can it be wall mounted?

stic cristi says:

can you unscrew that part with the logo LG from the bottom of the screen ? ty

Steve Fox says:

What is the best viewing distance for this monitor? What font size u use? Thx

Xavier Zymantas says:

Great review.

MingAnIsAwesome says:

Hi Dave, does the PBP / PIP functionality works for MAC?

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