Should you Buy THIS Monitor.. or a TV?

This 43″ monitor from LG is absolutely HUGE- but what’s the difference between a big monitor and a TV? And what should you buy?

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prodigy10690 says:

The only thing that interest me with this monitor is the 2×2 pbp. Something I wish 4k TVs had

He Chong Bin says:

Watching it while still have a CRT TV at home.

IIFaDedII says:

Do not buy it if you have sensetive eyes it doesnt have flicker free technology.

380stroker says:

My cell phone is 60hz

nndei says:

Why does this cost as much as the 27ud88 but is a 43 inches monitor

Rex Luminus says:

Funny guy & great videos. Thanks.

Maxwell King says:

fix that kick drum in the audio

Steven Marshall says:

I really want to buy this but when are we going to get a monitor this size with g-sync and 100hz minimum? Should I wait or just get it? I got a 27” PG279Q 2k monitor right now. Just want something bigger.

William Jeremiah says:

How long has that bashed CRT TV been hanging around to use in a video ?

Raniie Lee says:

Who else is watching this video on their LG43UD79-B 42.5″ 4K UHD LED IPS Monitor?

Stefan Andersson says:

that voice… plz kill me now

Forrest Abbott says:

I remember when BTC was worth 4k ;-;

Eric Barth says:

the more blah you add in about naysayer’s .. the more that the video becomes boring …because we could toss in 5000 variables that are smart.. and not simple minded “move it it be fertherestest aways” ..
Anyhow.. have a good day.. and don’t forget the RGBW stuff.

Insultez Moi says:

That shit got a bigger ppi than my 24″ Full HD Monitor. that’s. crazy.

JOSE CAR says:

I would move that monitor back, to have more desk space between me and the monitor. I work in design and always keep my desk full of things.

Kam Mohajer says:

Where is the remote in the packaging? I’m all set up, still can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

praveen says:

Sir I’m Mechanical Engineer, I don’t have idea about gaming PC’s or PC but after watching your videos i learnt about gaming pc’s… thank you sir from India…

dopamining says:

It would be easier to finish your video, and take you more seriously, if you toned down the overly theatrical intonation of your voice.

Alien Hunter says:

Being able to pinpoint pixels really bothers me, so I will look for something a bit smaller. Maybe 37”

wantafanta01 says:

meh.. call me when 4k 144hz monitors are less than a grand and ill upgrade my old benq TN panel

The TechDude says:

Bought it, great monitor, I love it. Fast enough for space-type games (Elite, Stellaris). Windows still has some scaling issues that needs to be sorted out.

Medical Cannabis Spain says:

Not sure why the presumption that we sit close to monitors. we generally sit the same distance away as the tv lol

Dan Evans says:

I want this so bad! I don’t need it but I have to have it XD

prosperwell1 says:

It’s hard to learn anything when you load so much bs and sarcastic nonsense nonstop (lol) in your videos. I guess you make these video for entertainment purposes and education is just secondary if not non relevant.

Davide Peretti says:

49″ sony 120 hz tv at 1080p or 60 hz at 4k is still the perfect solution for me. Also had a very low imput lag for gaming except for gsync or vsync of course!!!

astralboy79 says:

its not for gaming, its for productivity = music production etc

Mieciu Bimber says:

dynamic resolution suck on tvs

Mr Man says:

What matters is that it can be liek a smart tv and a monitor.

Dale Coffing says:

At the 5:04 mark, the comparisons of the two closeup screens displaying icons is not even close to being equitable; the size of the desktop icons clearly show you are much closer to the LG screen which of course displays more granularity. It would have been much better to have done a split screen video showing both screens at the same distance.

Gheorghe Dobrescu says:

@Linus Tech Tips

I need some advice. How does this feel color and brightness wise?

Can you recommend a better monitor that has at least 4K, 32″, that would have better brightness and color coverage? I need huge brightness and color coverage, also very vibrant colors. Any recommendation is welcome, I need something large, something vibrant, and in 4K. No need for high refresh rates or other gaming-related features. No Ultrawide for me. Can you advice anything better than this one?

zekidz says:


Jason Eisenberg says:

I like a larger monitor a bit further away (over a closer monitor filling the same FOV) because I feel like there is less eye strain during prolonged viewing. I feel like my eyes get tired focusing on something close up for long periods.

Esk8 Forum says:

Been using a 47” 1080p Samsung TV as a monitor for the past 6 years and would not go back to a standard monitor. Will be upgrading to the new TCL 65” 6 series once they come out in 2018. Set it to game mode and you’re good to go. Best bang for your buck in my opinion unless you do a lot of competitive online gaming, but improvements are starting to blur the lines between monitors and TVs.

Sean Knowles says:

Would it be possible to use two of these with one computer, effectively having 8 split screens?

Spazzen says:

I don’t get the pixel density complaints, i have this monitor and sit 60-160cm away depending on whether i’m gaming, doing productivity or watching videos i have to get within 30cm to actually see the pixels and at that distance you’d be lucky to see 10% of the screen.

Its big and thats not for everyone, though i love it as i can play games and have my entire vision taken up, but unlike ultrawides when i want to watch tv shows and movies on it i’m not wasting huge portions of the screen with black bars.

I replaced my 32 inch 4k acer predator with this as the acer broke and they just refunded me instead of fixing it. This was cheaper, larger in my opinion better quality with actually usable speakers that sound quite good and that was enough of a trade off to justify losing gsync, which i didn’t think worked all that well anyway, still had tearing in lots of games.

Keane DaSilva says:

whats good budget gaming monitor?

Brian Robertson says:

Why aren’t there any 4k monitors in the 36-38 inch range (there are none!). This would give the best of both worlds, (about) 4 times the desktop space of one 1080P monitor, and slightly higher pixel density than the average desktop setup. 36-38 inch 4k displays would be the sweet spot for desktop use, but for some reason no 4k panels that size are being made by anyone! There are 24″,27″, 28″, 32″, 40″,43″ and up, You can get about any size you want, give or take 2 inches, but there’s a gap from 32-40 that is conspicuously empty?

Pawan Akhare says:

Im thinking of using my tv as monitor
Im having sony tv 65″ 4k
Its a high cost tv so im afraid of
Do tv get damaged using it like a monitor?

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