Should I Buy an Ultrawide Monitor?

Ultrawide Monitors are AWESOME for working & gaming – so here’s everything you need to know about Ultrawides: Price, Size, Resolution, Refresh rate, Panel type, Freesync/G-Sync, Curve and of the best Models.
Acer Predator X34 (G-Sync) ►
Acer Predator XR341CK (Freesync) ►
LG 34UC97 (Curved) ►
LG 34UM97 (Flat) ►
Samsung S34E790C ►
Dell U3415W ►
LG 29UC97C ►
Samsung S29E790C ►

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Andrew Hickinbottom says:

Very useful – thanks a lot!

GamingDude800 says:

Wouldn’t a high-res 4:3 monitor be better for business?

Wife Hates Game says:

Hi Mate, Looking to buy a 27 inch Monitor for new ps4 setup. I hear 60 hz all im going to get out of the setup as its a ps4 but I f I buy 144 hz. Will it still perform well? do they have 60 hz setting? And any monitor recommendations welcome. Thanks and love the Videos.

Krister Ottosson says:

what do u think about the Acer Predator Z301c?

ruben g says:

3:02 Omg that battlefront gameplay just made me jizz

omnivorace says:

Nice job once more.

Greg Lyris says:

owner of a 34” 2560×1080 monitor here ( LG 34UM58 ), and Im fine with it. The ppi is the same as a 27” 1080p screen … so if you are OK with that, you will be OK with a monitor in this size and res. Personally i have no problem, and I think that since most content is still in 1080p mostly, i figured i will still be ok with a 1080p monitor

Carlos says:

I found a deal for the LG Ultrawide 25UM58 at $130. Since I like to watch movies as much as play games, I figured the ultrawide change along with the IPS upgrade from TN would be interesting. Also, I decided I wanted higher dpi so the 25″ seemed perfect. I’m really excited as far as the movie watching experience is concerned, but I’m really worried about games not liking this new aspect ratio. However, after watching this video, it seems that even if they don’t support the ultradwide ratio, game/youtube videos simply add black bars, I’m fine with that, since I previously thought the it would be stretched instead. But I shall see how it goes next week. Next monitor upgrade for me will to 4k. Still really excited to see how this current upgrade fares.

DeaDmusic99 says:

is ultrawide monitor worth it for music production with Cubase?

Carlitox b says:

I definitely want a wide screen monitor, I definitely need money

Vasilis Green says:

A 2160p 21:9 screen would have 5040 horizontal, not 5120.

sami yemeyahni says:

Have Monitor manufacturers quit making glossy monitors? Once I had HP w2228h monitor which was a legend for me. Unfortunately I had to sell it at some point which I regret very much now cause I can not find any glossy monitors by HP. New technologies offer superb quality but still I believe they can not match glossy monitor colors- my HP w2228h was totally an eye-candy.

naruto surya says:

if i connect a 21:9 (2560×1080 )monitor to a laptop..will i be able to play games like battlefield 4 etc…my laptop has intel i7 and nvidia geforce gtx 960m.!!?

Balázs Rakó says:

Does a 1080p 75HZ worth it for 170$ (I would pair it with an rx580 when the mining craze will end)

Richard Steinmetz says:

Yes you should! Seriously there is nothing better, if you have the right graphics card 😉

tojiroh says:

My monitor fell on the floor, and now it’s curved. Zero cost upgrade!

Sparklesnazel says:

What game at 1:33

Luke O'Sullivan says:

this is the best overall review of a category Ive seen in a long time. well explained, thanks

Ditrih Di says:

buy 50 + tv and gamepad

Nick Adamire says:

I will no stop surfing until I find a 8K Ultra wide curved monitor. 8 HRS in so far and still no luck:(

Richard Baker says:

Did Americans stop making YouTube videos? Everyone I click on has a person with an English or Australian accent.

prakash k says:

hi i am planning to by LG 34UC98-W could you please help me is there a issue with this model like image retention ? please update this i am planning to buy on sep 15 2017…..

Sam Batal says:

Great video. You answered all my questions without me even getting the chance to ask them. Thanks for that

Kenneth Meredith says:

Thank you for this. I’ll be getting TrackIR for Arma 3, and man do these look great. I’ll be saving up but I’ll be getting the 34UC97-S. Awesome review; keep it up!

Переводы says:

there are extensions for browsers which crop YouTube videos for ultrawide monitors on full screen. i use one on my work desktop. it works perfectly. sorry for my English.

Sk Sadi says:

I am going to buy this monitor soon. |s 1080p movie from torrent support full screen? And i7 7700k , ram 32gb ddr4 with Asus gtx 1080ti how many year i can play games smoothly with ultra setting?

hitman absolution says:

video fucking shit

Rafael Tobit Nacua says:

no because you already buy it

FlightSimMovie says:

Why g syncs are more expensive?

Messiah Lovre says:

is this monitor compatible with an Xbox One S ?

Dark Exsphere says:

So 29 inch 1080p ultra wide is perfectly fine looking for gaming? I’m currently using a 24 inch 1080p monitor and thinking of upgrading to the curved ultrawide g sync monitor by Acer. I was on the edge about pixel density being lower.

cwli1 says:

To deal with a “dead” pixel rub the area gently & it will very probably correct itself immediately or within a few days. A crystal has been dislodged and needs correction. Playing a video/game over it may also correct it.

xampert xampert says:

I have been playing for a long time on a 21:9 monitor and im making the switch back to 16:9.

21:9 is awesome dont get me wrong , but I was getting poor framerates with my r9290,so I upgraded to a gtx1080 and with some games it still drops below 60fps(2560×1080) with some games its just to hard to drive.

THE-COBRA 569 says:

Oh my god I bought 2 of these so is this good or no

omnivorace says:

Hello, I would like to know if this model is better in 3440X1440 or 2560X1080 for an intensive work and use of softwares like Word and Excel ? In terms of comfort for the eye ? Thanks a lot !

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