Samsung U28D590D 28″ Affordable 4K Monitor

The U28D590D or 590D for short from Samsung is the monitor that’s bringing 4K into the realm of affordability for desktop users. It’s 28″, boasts 1ms GTG pixel response times, and support for 1B colors… But is it really as perfect as it seems??

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Vanquisher 3001 says:

when i use those things that Calibrate my monitor and look a bit like a mouse. Can i use it then as a Graphic Designer?

Kyle Graf says:

Gonna get this monitor in a week or so and it’s 400 dollars including the 50 dollar sale lol

John Clifford Addae says:

impressive review, but still don’t wanna miss 144hz on my asus vg248qe.

P Noise says:

as a professional online poker player, this is really the monitor for me.

Mohankumar Kumar says:

it will be good for Premier Pro CC 2017

Maxim Maxim says:

anyone like looking to buy this they have updated the monitor since as I have one with the mounting holes

badswede says:

Who is watching this on amazon prime day?

Robin Nilsson says:

wtf, was 4k monitors 30hz back in the days

ted tedsen says:

i can run mine Samsung 27 in 120hrz dynamic super resolution 4k i don’t know if it is real 4k

Mohankumar Kumar says:

which 4k monitor is best for premier Pro CC

Clint Geeslin says:

I bought this so I could have 4K PS4 pro gaming. It says HCDP 2.2 isn’t supported. What the fuck do I do? Them assholes at Best Buy said it worked with PS4 pro and Xbox one.

Ruben Larrosa says:

hey i have a question, im planning on getting a macbook pro 2016 model with touchbar, with the right adapter, will this monitor work with my macbook as a external display?

Oscar Schwartz says:

Can you use 3 of these? Please reply

Mitche23 says:

If the scaling issue is not that bad, i would consider buying it

Chris tsiolas says:

4k 27-32″ “cheap” colour accurate monitor for video editing. This one? An LG? I don’t really care about gaming. Also, My toshiba radius 12, has a 4k screen, and hdmi. It states that it can push 4k via the hdmi though im not sure avout the Hz… *it also gots a type-c gen 2 (not thunderbolt 3 as far as i know). Any suggestions?

Ulises Rico says:

Can you use this for Xbox One S?

Jason Montoya says:

Got it love it with my soon to be PS Pro



_omg he just touched the brushed aluminium help I can’t breathe_

RemainedTheSame says:

$279 from Amazon Prime Day sale. Heh

Turbo Everything! says:

update this video for 2017!!!!!

Wyattt Macgregor 2017 says:

Is it hdr

Barril de Fogo says:

1440p 144hz G-F-SYNC HDR OLED 3-D
I’m asking to much?

Sameer Alsadi says:

you didn’t talk about screen tearing coz no G Sync

FozzE says:

whats the response time ? HZ

Hayden Murphy says:

But where is the link

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