Samsung 49″ CHG90 SUPER UltraWide HDR QLED Gaming Monitor | REVIEW

Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say 3440 x1440 on the 34” monitors. Was caught up in the 3840 resolution from this monitor.

Samsung 49″ gaming monitor Review

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Ell Day™ says:

You just changed my mind as I was thinking about this monitor. Thank you for your review.

Hawar Desmond says:

Can you tell me about G-Sync its Work Fine ? And ty

Ghassan Khalaf says:

I own this monitor. It is perfect for my designing and drafting work. Do you know if has built-in speakers?

Handbuzzer says:

Can you use this monitor as three independent screens?

DreamzNation says:

you can just go in the script for pubg and change it

LEXX 1981 says:


kay191105 says:

I love your desk. Could you provide me with the name and size?

Andrew Maple says:

Could this work with a Xbox one ??

Yousuf says:

Competitive online FPS games stretch it out on purpose so you don’t have an edge over your competitors..

A few of the games that don’t stretch give unfair advantages as you can see enemies appear on the “edges” of the ultrawide screen.

Doc Jr says:

can a single GTX 1080 handle GTAV and PUBG on this moniter?

fab M says:

nice video, where i can found your wallpaper 3840×1080?

Avean says:

1080 in height is just too low. I have a 34″ Ultrawide 3440×1440 and that is borderline too much width. Although very cool and nice to play with, fps games are going to suffer because of it. Your eyes will not focus on that total width so ive had so many situations in PUBG where people with a 24″ monitor told me “Holy hell didnt you see that guy” and im like …… no? So its definetely more difficult to play on.

Black Manta says:

Is overwatch optimized?

gs10r says:

if it was 1440p i buy it but no ty 1080

Andrew Matveev says:

I also purchased this monitor, and I couldn’t agree more with you, it’s sort of unusable for any non-gaming usage. The 1080 pixels is definitely not enough vertical pixels. This was the only reason I returned mine. Look great with certain games, PUBG wasn’t optimized well enough for it, and it was hard to play with this monitor. If you do anything else on your pc other than gaming, then I’m going to guess that you’ll be disappointed. Ordered a 38″ instead, 1600 vertical pixels — 110ppi — perfect sweet spot.

relikvija says:


LordBattleSmurf says:

I actually PREFER lower pixels per inch because anything over 1080p @27 inches makes things too small for me to comfortably read. Do you think this monitor would be good for 16:9 gaming in the middle with 3 way split screen and like YouTube on the left and discord on the right edges? Can it even do that? 2 way split doesnt work for me because it pushes my game out of center view and the curve makes that wierd

da Tornister says:

Does a GeForce GTX 970 can handle this monster or do I need to upgrade? What specs should I get so I can play MMOs (currently Black Dester Online which supports 32:9) whilc wathcing streams?
Thanks for a reply 🙂

Markus Schiefer says:

Bit to wide for my taste and I don’t understand why Samsung does not offer a 3440×1440 or even 3840×1600 version in this line of gaming monitors.

DucatiMustangMan says:

Man you have a nice camera.

Adam Todd says:

“Almost 4 feet” lol it’s 4 feet and then some

Nathaniel Smith says:

Remember HDR is shit in Windows 10. XB1 and PS4 are fine with HDR.

Lillian says:

8:15 answered my inquiry. I am coming from two old Mac Cinema HD displays, and I want to consolidate it to one. This may actually work. It’s about the same price via Amazon as a smaller LG 38UC99 3840×1600 res. during a holiday discount at B&H Photo. I am torn, but will see once the Samsung arrives.

Damien says:

Holy crap 49inch super ultra wide I’d have to turn my head to use that as a single mointor. But dang that is clean compared to a three monitor set up

recon forsales says:

I bought this monitor when it 1st got released in UK. I use it for productivity.

LordBattleSmurf says:

Hey man question since i actually PREFER lower PPI because it makes things bigger and easier to read do you think this monitor could be used with 3 way split screen with 16:9 gaming in the middle with say discord on the left split screen and YouTube or netflix on the right? For the record my current monitor is a Benq 24 innch 120hz TN 1920×1080 native BUT i actually lower the resolution to 1600×900 or 1280×800 to make things bigger when i game. Also how is the “REAL” response time i know its NOT actually 1ms? And does the strobing make it too dark like the on the CFG70? I THINK the CHG90 actually has higher brightness so i would HOPE that problem would go away. PLEASE respond when you can

Fusion Decals says:

Dont forget you can change your field of view in pc games to help with the odd resolution

Rahul Sundaresan says:

What’s it like watching those ultra wide Hollywood movies?

Dilshan Mapitigama says:

Hey great work on being honest.. keep the honest reviews up and you’ll do good. Don’t end up like unboxtherapy channel where he loves anything which pays him to do reviews of. Good luck.

Video2Learn says:

Smokes !!! 4:21 to 5:21 Pro Editing Experience that you got in this giant with Premiere Pro.

Alan Gillette says:

yea I totally agree with you, I used to have a 1440 and now I bought a 1080. man o man I miss my 1440

Ace0fspad3 says:

I want to play Destiny on this and other FPS / MMO’s Im currently on a AGON 27″ AG2710QX 144hz gaming monitor and looking to upgrade. Im not really into 4k because i dont want to sacrifice framerates. I have a geforce GTX 1080 FTW graphics card and think i have enough muscle to run the samsung. What are your thoughts on having this samsung to play Destiny and other games / MMO’s like that?

Thomas Wilson says:

Thanks man I have a 34″ Rog and was looking at upgrading but was concerned about the 1080. So now I know for sure

Kregg Pinckney says:

You have link to your desk?

Allen says:

Nanoparticles. Hahahaha. Thats a misnomer.

TheAntiHackerCA says:



Lmfao. Anyone who owns an AMD gpu clearly can’t afford a $1,400 monitor. I don’t understand why this wasn’t made to support G-Sync. Oh well, Looks like they won’t be getting my money.

David Martins says:

Field of view. Adjust it! Not keeping it because you didn’t it’s like not keeping a Ferrari because you couldn’t reach the pedals after it was driven by a tall person. Adjust the seat! Adjust the field of view.

cstkl1 says:

3440×1440 dude 21:9 dude.

there is no 3840×1440 afaik


Hi Dear, what is the game name in 6:38m ? Thanks!

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