Samsung 49″ CHG 90 UltraWide HDR QLED Gaming Monitor: Behemoth!

Samsung 49″ gaming monitor

Samsung Ch90:

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Projects City | Cinematics & Machinimas | says:

can’t wait to plat tomb raider on this.

DSM Dallas says:


Phelix Kelevra says:

Sooooo, is there anything like this with G-Sync support? This would fit nicely on my desk, but I really want it to work with my 1080 TI 😀

einherz says:

32:9 1080p? omg is too freak, was sure is 1440p at least

Sir Starchild says:

I don’t understand why they put Freesync instead of G-Sync on these monitors. Nothing on AMD’s side is powerful enough to drive gaming at this resolution and refresh rate.

Maciej Gol says:


Eystein Askevold says:

Playing Star Citizen on this will be epic!

Vage says:

Is Samsung releasing a desk for this monitor as well?

Messiah Lovre says:

Are these compatible with Games consoles for example Xbox?

MA says:

Not only the screen is curved 😀

Gregg rulz, ok says:

Someone do a setup with 3 of these LOL

Ed Vincent Calaguas says:

Things that I want but I couldn’t afford. I’m probably just gonna go to best buy (if they have it) and just stare at it.

The Goddamn Batman says:

It’s horrible

Lothar Scholz says:

This should be a 8000×1080 but 3840 is total junk. Screw it

Sandesh Khade says:

it’s all well and good the resolution doesn’t bug me but my question is when will games support this resolution ? games just beginning to realize the 1440p standards and still there are not many games supporting it today when will games support 49 inches? and will gpu stretch the games in order to play this? if it’s stretching i am not buying need details before i get immersion

Mr Negi Generation 3000 says:

This fucker puts the Ultra in wide…

Geryboy666 says:

this ultrawide is kinda shit to me. if I shoot I shoot where the middle is, I’m not gonna look that far left and right, it’s just distracting.

Marvin says:

For stocks it does not really work for me, it is curved. Then the dell 43 inch is better

Moist Towelettes says:

Too wide IMO. Looks like a fucking pencil lol.

Gerard Freeman says:

I still would like a little more height to it 🙂

Pine Wood says:

Kind of weird all this video does is show still frames, it makes this video pretty useless. Why not show gameplay video??

Lance Mccarthy says:

TOO THIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MotoK tips says:

What’s the freesync range? LFR?

Ascend Rayven says:

Can’t believe I won this :O, still got the goosebumps

SkyGuardian2011 says:

I would use the 49inch for my TV instead and get the 32inch for the computer. 🙂 That would rock.


G-sync version?!

JD's PS4 Gaming Channel says:

I have the 34-inch version, 741, this is just way too wide, IMO.

NonsensicalVids says:

considering price of most monitors smaller than this etc, this will be super expensive

Bob Bob says:

What de actual fuck is that?

dill papa says:

lol two 1080p monitors for 1500 haha, they should have made it 1440p-1600p + tall

- Evolve - says:

1080p? 49″ monitor? …………… pass………………

recon forsales says:

Good monitor…..but it’s too big. I prefer my 17 inches thank you

Steven Cook says:

OMG I have been waiting for something like this to come out for years and Samsung finally did it. Let me tell you all the reasons why I would buy this monitor today if I had $1500 to spend.

1. This monitor is perfect for simulator fans. Whether you love X-plane 11 or racing simulators or even Elite Dangerous and MMORPG games.

2. cable management will be a breeze because the CHG90 seamlessly replaces the traditional triple monitor setup with a single curved monitor. Less cable clutter is always appreciated.

3. you no longer have to worry about having multiple GPUs in crossfire or SLI like we use to. one monitor, one GPU. One monitor replaces three monitors. This is going to be a beast for productivity and multitasking. This might sound like an outrageous idea because most people are so accustomed to dealing with mulitple monitors and having bezels break up your field of view. Now you can have three monitors in one with no bezels.

(the only thing I would like to see is to have Samsung make a monitor like this for Nvidia users. A G-sync version of this monitor would be nice to have, it’s always a good thing to give your customers options to have free-sync or G-sync, or maybe even both options on the same monitor, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have free-sync and G-sync on the same panel.)

Captain Amari says:

Additional Information when using Display Port 1.2:
3840 x 1080 @ 144 Hz and 10-bit color input signals

Drumph says:

I was excited then looked at the specs… Since I have ultra wides already this one of been a great upgrade until I saw the resolution which makes this a pass unfortunately.

Armand B. says:

where you put keyboard ?

Gref ranger says:

This monitor is dumb as shit

Frans Nyblom says:

Nice, but i’ll much rather have a 34″ 3440×1440 1ms 144hz monitor. 🙂

Twin Turbo says:

With this I could have google chrome and 20 tabs open .. ofcourse I’ll have to upgrade to 64gb RAM first because Chrome is a resource hog.

Aravind harsan says:

can i get this size with touch screen monitor

astralboy79 says:

i have the x34 and one thing i can say is that height is more immersive than width. So to me for this size you need the height to scale up as well. i no longer use the x34 for gaming and use the 55″ lg oled for better immersion 60hz vs 120hz.

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