Samsung 27-inch (CF591) Curved Monitor with AMD FreeSync – Review

Samsung CF591 Curved Monitor Review with look at Gaming, Design, Build and Features. It has AMD FreeSync built in as well to reduce frame tearing during Gaming and smoother framerates on the display.

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Anth09 Gaming says:


HyperBeast Gaming says:

is it good with out a desktop?

Javier Gonzalez says:

Is screen glossy or matte?

TechSin StrangeVolume says:

which one. this or the sf397 32 inch? i want it for consol

Gabe Esmeria says:

A quick question, mine has a mic and seems to be a reset icon at the bottom right of the screen. how can i remove this?

shewasonly 15 says:

Does this monitor have a 4 k version too ?. And if so then what is the cost??

Cihan Demir says:

amazon links refers to tag=phoallabopho-21 , that means if you buy from that link, PhoneBunch earns money too.

Jv Productions says:

I own this monitor and it is fantastic for film making

the_Slim YN3 says:

What is the. Hz ??


So no ghosting or BLACK SMEARING on this panel at all? VA panels usually suck for gaming. The 4ms response time crap is usually a LIE.

Marc Fasulo says:

How do I make the pixels appear more smooth?

Rekodm Tomy says:

i bought it today it s fucking amazing !

darkzinha says:


Lorca V123 says:

In some other review it is mentioned that stand is tend to wobble, that it is not too stable. Is this true?

Dani Boariu says:

I want to buy this one piece of beauty but I need to know If eventualy I will face some kind of issues in web graphics and lines codding ? Thanks !

Shadow_Knightwalker says:

So is this monitor good for gaming? Even though it’s a 60hz monitor

Monsieur Nugh says:

is that only silver color available for this monitor sir?

Mehmet Zahit says:

is it glossy screen or matte screen ?

le nhat says:

how you connect the sound? help plz

Miss Collins Collins says:

can you put a fire stick in to it

VUE Bartek says:

Is this a 4k monitor as I am planning to buy this but I am looking for a good gaming monitor.

Supra TT says:

hey is the screen glossy ?

Johan Studt says:

Love the look of it. Would be perfect with 144hz 🙁

Your Friendly Neighborhood Joker says:

Yeah it’s great for gaming
*shows a mobile racing game from gameloft*

Kris Galang says:

How is it for video editing ?

Bryce Valdez says:

Ive never gamed on a monitor before should i get this

Kande Tharun Varma says:

Where we can buy this 27 inches curved monitor

Big Leeno Gaming says:


Mr_Mistic_Moonpie says:

Kind of alright HA!!!

hell no

SROD says:

Got it on cyber Monday for $150 🙂

Admiral Kizaru says:


Erfan Nazarian says:

which one better for PS4 ? this monitor os Sony TV X850D ?? just contrast and colores is important

Chechen Borz says:

is this even english ?

Kevin tm says:

What is the game of minute 2.46???

Benckis says:

This monitor or Asus VG248QE

yussan says:

is it good to show small text, for coding as example ?

chindoo100 says:

Did anyone try it with a 2014/2015 macbook pro ?

Daniel Nielsen says:

Do the screen ever feel to big when you sit in front of it. I mean do you have to move your eyes to see the full screen?

TheSuitor says:

What’s the depth in cm with stand? My desk is 68cm in depth but don’t wanna sit to close with my screen for my eyes. Also need some space for piano keyboard and just computer keyboard (:

HyperBeast Gaming says:

Guys is it good with out a desktop to play cs go working smoothly without a desk top?

boi chocolate says:

I have the monitor but it is not letting me use a hdmi it keeps turning off help

Cory Haught says:

I just bought this monitor for gaming and was wondering about it… this video was helpful

Devid mor says:


Ann Higgins says:

How can I get my new Samsung monitor to work.

Kevin tm says:

What is the game of minute 2.46

Kartavaya Bhargava says:

Is this the same as the c2f7581 ?

Glen Thomas says:

good review

Amit Sharma says:

Ips display is better or led

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