Review: Dell UltraSharp U2515H WQHD IPS Monitor

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Welcome to my full review of the brand new Dell Ultrasharp U2515H monitor. The U2515H features a 25″ diagonal and offers a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The IPS panel delivers great color reproduction and viewing angles. The monitor is very bright with 350 candela and defeats other displays like the AOC I2369VM. In addition to that the monitor also features Display Port, Mini Display Port and HDMI inputs.
For gaming the U2515H is also a solid choice thanks to its relatively low response time. A full gaming demo will follow in a few days.
While the monitor is one of the best ones I have ever tested, the blacks are not deep enough and the capacitive buttons are hit or miss.

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Hamman Chronicle says:

what racing game is that?

Josip Kocijan says:

hey man, i can’t adjust the height by that much, i don’t know what the problem is :/ I can only do a few inches in the middle

somfplease says:

What would be the best monitor at the same size and ports? Daisy chain is a must.

michael butler says:

Thank’s alot ! Well done. You explain this monitor with alot of knowledge and simple language.

lukas anton j. says:

well, my old DELL monitor, wich only has HD never had any issues with the buttons, I’m thinking about getting this one now, but I’m not sure if it’ll do for gaming since it got really slow response time….. says:

bought this monitor, first one got stuck pixel – returned the first one, seconf one got also stuck pixels! Premium Panel Guarantee? Dell said no!

David says:

is this screen worth 340€? If i could buy it for 275 it’ll be an instant buy, i cant find a reseller for that price.

eno says:

great review, thanks!

youtube general99 says:

how does it works with ps4 pro and xbox one s?

Lucy says:

Hi, have you tried connecting speakers directly to the monitor via audio out? Can it play music controlled from a laptop connected to the monitor but not speakers?

Julien2395 says:

Does this monitor display in 60FPS?

BlackEliteStudio says:

I currently own and use an Asus MX239. I love the design of it and I don’t think I’d go back to a monitor with fat bezel… Is it worth it to update and get this Dell?!

The Contagious Gamer says:

Sebastian fontechsenshwee.

Diganta Bhattacharya says:

I’m from India and for some reason despite having debuted almost 3 years ago, the price of this unit hasn’t gone down. Maybe that’s because it’s a really good unit, but the reality is it is still a viable option here. Or is it?
Do you recommend this unit in August 2017 as well? It’s updated variant (UP2516D, offering 100% sRGB colour gamut) costs almost twice. So that’s not an option.
So? Should I go with this one, or settle for a BenQ or Asus? Any input would be appreciated.

mateuszgojski says:

what is the refresh rate?

Matjaž V. says:

Somehow this monitor is more expensive 2 years after launch… imagine the outrage if this happened with any other tech.

TJLhere says:

can i connect this to a AMDI GTX 1070 Gaming computer? The computer has a hdmi and DVD-D (dual link) port – can anyone help me out?

Adlin says:

i got this monitor for months now.
the color on standard preset is so washed out but it is the best preset for graphic design work because it reveal all the detail in the image. also for browsing and watching movie, movie look natural on standard preset.
but for watching video like 4k video on youtube multimedia preset is by far the best because the color is just pop “i collect ton of 4k video”.
there is no in betwen that’s sucks.

for gaming i use game preset but i’m still not sure tho just doing what the monitor tell.

JustAName says:


Did you connect from mini display(thunderbolt) port to mini display port or normal DisplayPort? I am confused on how I should connect my macbook to the dell (hdmi has a lower refresh rate if i am not wrong).

And do you recommend a good speaker for this monitor as well.

Thanks in advance!

Jim Galapo says:

Can you see pixels?

TechCentury says:

Don’t miss my REVIEW of the Dell UP2516D, the better version of the U2515H!

Cristian Razvan says:

Un monitor foarte bun , sunt declarat 100% multumit de achizitie

Torjus HT says:

I’m thinking about buying this monitor as a second display. I already have a 144 hz 1 ms monitor that i use for gaming, but it’s only 1080p. I want a monitor with higher pixel density for using photshop ect, as my other monitor doesn’t have the most accurate colors either.

So I was just wondering if this monitor does a good job of delivering accurate enough colors? I understand it’s not a high end monitor, but will it do the job?

Viktor Ivanov says:

I know my Nvidia GT 440 is pretty old, but still, do you think that I can run this monitor with it? In the official specs of the graphics card it says that it supports 1440p, but still, not sure what to do.

George Estrella says:

Hi,can I connect the acer switch alpha 12 to this monitor and still have 2160×1440 quality?

MrTralyalya says:

Why did they put 2 hdmi instead of 2 DP ?

lover boy says:

why does it have to use the dp cable to hook up pc. my video card only has a dvi port

Ivica Čunčić says:

What you think LG 24MP59G or U2515H?

Vishal S Krishna says:

Connected Dell U2515H to my Macbook Pro 15″. The text looks jaggy. Scaling makes it worse .
Meanwhile my PC scaled it perfectly.
What is the problem? Tried with my old VGA Monitor too same problem. Only the text is jaggy and blurry.Tried Multiple Cables(HDMi,mDP) as well.
Tried Forced RGB script too.
Will factory reset solve it?

RandomUser221 says:

Plugging a Xbox into the Ultrasharp… What a waste.
This Dell will sit just fine right next to my Samsung C24FG70.
Sorry but your review is not informative, especially compared to the one @ TFT Central.

T. Hanks says:

This screen rocks! I just got mine yesterday and I’m in love with it.
I have no issues with the buttons (might be a problem for only some screens).
Haven’t noticed any Light bleeding during my graphical work or gaming or any other daily computer activities.

I should have bought this screen way earlier, defenitely worth the money.

eno says:

thanks for the great review!

gogo cat says:

1440p in a 25inch screen is a wasted , go for 27

Doodiemiddy says:

Does this monitor whine like others in it’s class?

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