Philips 40 Inch 4K Monitor Review [BDM4065UC]

Phillips have released a 40 Inch 4k monster upon us. Is this a monitor that belongs on your desk, or should you stay away? PC Centric investigates…

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This review was based on a review unit, loaned for the purpose of this review.

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Windows 7 says:

when you can put 5 of them on your desk.. but you need to wait for a new pc to put on the desk…

Leandro Lima says:

“40 inches of online banking!” – has got to be the funniest, yet professionally put phrase this side of 2017

Great video man! So fantastically professional! Kudos 🙂

Chris H says:

+PC Centric Would you consider a 4K TV to have to much input lag for PC gaming such as Arma 3?

Da Ga says:

I dont recomand a 4K 28″ monitor.. its just too damn small. i had one

Isaac S says:

Just picked up an LG 4k 43inch IPS chroma 4:4:4 60hz for 299$ smart tv too. I just found upstar 4k 28inch monitors no IPS for 99 each should i return the lg and get triple 4k monitors for same price?

mark smelter says:

im thinking of buy 2 of the Philips BDM4065UC 40inch 4K UHD LED Monitor. How do u find it? have u notest any burn-in if u leave the monitor on? is the image quality good? im also a casual pc gamer i just upgraded to the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB this card should good to run this monitor? but ill b mainly using it for productivity/ watching anima any feedback would great thanks.

epique wenqa aka epik says:

30 hz on gaming? can’t you play it at 60hz?

Xereo Plays says:

Im running two of these side by side and they are fantastic.
As for the switching off the monitor you do not need to use the switch to turn it completely off.
All you need to do is hold down the joystick for 3 seconds and the monitor will go into sleep mode.

kain seviers says:

They should have a 21:9 40 inch monitor instead of 16:9….

Okay says:

I use a 40 inch 1080p TV as a computer monitor I got for a cheap 250 USD and when my friends came over to check it out they were amazed by it and didn’t even let me play anything until they left lmao

bigtall says:

Good review! just replaced my old tripple screen setup for flight sim with this bad boy. COMPLETELY worth every dollar!!!

K41 105 says:

I bought this monitor, then i bought a Playstation Pro…then i realised, i’m f*cked. The HDMi’s are 1.4. The PS PRO needs 2.0 (?), i mean HDCP 2.2. I don’t even know what is that. So, i can’t even make 4K, and not to mention the HDR (but i don’t care that).
There is any solution to resolve this incompatibility?
Hdmi – Display Port cable? Works? Please somebody, maybe somebody also has this issue.

claudiu muntean says:

can i speak with you about this monitor,i have 1 and i want to split the screen in 2 and 4 what cable i use..not all cable give 4 k..this is my skipe…please contact me…claudio_k85

Felix Schütt says:

I’ll give you a thumbs up because your first words were not “Wassup guyys, xxReviews here [dubstep music]”.

cafeplay games says:

this is too big for a monitor,i have a samsung 4k monitor 28 60hz ,1ms response , and it is big

kylian wesbeek says:


Lawrence Lugar says:

40″ is huge — I’d rather have two 28″ computer monitors.
The latter is better for detail, the bigger you go…the more fuzzy it looks.
Buy a computer monitor, don’t use a TV as a computer monitor….TV’s kind of display crap detail.

Rok Crusader says:

Does it work on 60hz on the VGA port ?

Ken Tang says:

hello, I am having trouble with this monitor. My screen only appears a small display with black frame and mouse cursor lags. GPUs are AMD 7900 series

Ambidextrous voter says:

If I was using that I would be wearing glasses too.

teuliveinrio says:

could please, and say one thing: when we look closely at the television we can see the very large pixels or density of pixels is really good? why I want to use this TV 4k as Monitor. But what always bothered me at 1080p pixels was poorly defined.

excuse the language, I’m from RIO.
thank you

zeus1117 says:

so is this a TV or a monitor?

cafeplay games says:

30hz , you are crazy , everything look slugish

Max Harper says:

Does it support display port daisy chaining?

Da Ga says:

can you add 1+1 in less then one second?

赤木秀一 says:

any 4k monitors without HDMI 2.0 are junks.

Hakeem Hakim says:

who plays PC at 30Hz????


Was tempted to buy a 40in but I’ll wait for the new HDR 4k monitors this year.

Ghost 1111 says:

So let me get this straight.. You think there are very few good blacks. Got it.

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