Ninja’s $500 Monitor Feels Like CHEATING, We Try It In Fortnite

We try Ninja’s monitor (the one also used in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish), to see if a 240Hz gaming monitor can help you get better at Fortnite. Most pro gamers use such monitors and today we find out if they give you any advantage in game.

Full Fortnite gameplay [featuring Big Chipmunk] on our gaming channel:

Ninja’s 25″ Gaming Monitor by Alienware – AW2518H

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Lucas Olling says:

Overpriced af, I got mine for 350 also has Gsync with 240Hz

ajay gopalan says:

there used 60hz jesus

Z_ ypical says:

It’s still skill, he sltill has to use. Skill for capability, that monitor may give him better accuracy but he still needs skill to actually win as I already mentioned

TaAwesome says:

You guy are awesome

Zyuxs says:

You have 1 word to say, whatever this word is, it will determine your life’s destiny….
Respone: BUTTER

IFlySil3nt says:

My monitor is better then that thing

Niket Sharma says:

i can totally relate, i play csgo on a 60hz, but sometimes i would go to a gaming cafe and try out 144hz monitors and everything is so smooth, instant improvement in game(could be placebo XD). When i come back home to my 60hz the game feels slow and choppy

GS_Invader says:

It is 240hz that means it can show 240fps and i think u ned to us display port for 240hz

Acrux 333 says:

Make a full setup that will make people bettet

Ente34 says:

Can i properly use this Monitor with a Ryzen 5 2600X and a RTX 2070 Armor ?

Lukas Kečedži says:

Ninja meanwhile “either you’re cheater or you’re streamsniper, I have 500 dollars monitor and im reporting you right now”

Hi my name is says:

U streamed snipe him didnt ye?

Hype Galactic says:

A device showcase channel that is actually good at games.

Hecc says:

ive had this moniter since last christmas

Diego Garcia Vega says:

ONLY 500$

Sky’s Crazy Channel says:

I have that monitor to

PrismaIsHere says:

when ninja’s monitor cost almost as much as your gaming pc

jolan jake adorable says:

$500 dollar dell monitor is a bit pricy

Clit Commander says:

What was the game he was playing at 13:04 ?

Submersed24 says:

I got this refurbished for 200 and it’s perfect.

Ghost Shawn says:

I use that monitor it’s amazing

MrNurseInColorado says:

I want to know what 144hz is like……. HOWEVER, I am pretty certain I would rather have more pixels than faster pixels.

Sylvex Dragonskin says:

We need more ultrawide 144hz ones… Only 2 exist with the right res now but very expensive.

LearnToLure says:

Hi! Would you buy this monitor or the Acer XF250Q? (kinda the same price where I live)

Sun says:

6:27 U were the one that sniped me D:<

Richard L'Esperance says:

“I can’t believe it’s not butter”

jason alexander says:

This made me feel weird cus in the beginning he says “hi jason it’s been a while” and I was like huh? Since well my name is also Jason

hernandezjopa says:

What game are they playing at 12:58 ??

loak3d kirk says:

high refresh rates coupled with 1ms input lag, these monitors for competitive Esports are pretty much good as you can get. i just wish there were 1440p 240hz 1ms IPS displays 🙁

Jordom says:

Goddamn, my monitor cost me 800 lol. Love my 1440p@144hz

Dyllan Stark says:

It looks so good even on camera. Wtf

Purple 64 says:

Last I checked, Alienware monitors cost around $3000 dollars, why is this one so cheap?

Yggdrasil says:

144 good enuff.

Acaman says:

Idk anything , i use a 60hz monitor and im smfc in csgo . Im thinking to upgarde it but i just dk anyrhjng about monitor lol

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