My New GIANT Computer Monitor!

LG 43UD79 Monitor (USA Link) –
LG 43UD79 Monitor (International) –

This will easily be the largest computer monitor I’ve ever placed on my desk. At 43-inches the LG 43UD79 is a monster, so much so that it’s capable of displaying multiple video feeds at once (up to four separate feeds). It’s got a bunch of inputs including the new USB-C. The 43UD79 can also act as a hub for your peripherals with it’s built in USB hub. This monitor could be the perfect choice for individuals looking for a single display to serve both computing and entertainment needs.

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Zonair Raja says:

bought one yesterday, and it replaced my 3 23 inch, and 2 19 inch monitors. for coding it seems a good choice with the 4k display. build is good. the on screen control is flexible in letting you choose the screen splits on the fly. And you don’t have to bother with remote use to set it up. all in all a good buy

Raniie Lee says:

Been using this since July 2017 and it doesn’t feel that big anymore. They need to make a 54″ now.

Sohel Shaikh says:

why u didn’t show gaming computer ? why u did not like to play games?
plz bro show some gaming computers . plz brooooo

Diablo says:

i had a 50 seconds ad about a phone i will never get, and you cant even skip the ad. Youtube, please remove ads.

Daniel Jr says:

Is this Mac, or Windows?

Kreepy Pasta says:

ITT: People that have no clue what the difference is between a monitor and a television.

Elvar Snær Ágústson says:

He is very sexual in hands

Elvar Snær Ágústson says:


BROADbean123 Gaming says:

It’s literally bigger than my tv! WTF!!!

QuantumBraced says:

The speakers sound a bit too bassy, I hope there’s a way to equalize them.

Bazard TheDark says:

Ohh Shit Please Have A 16k Resolution Monitor Did Shit

Sahil Chada says:

*Plays Minecraft*

Mitch McClure says:

How would you feel about reviewing pioneer cdj’s and mixing equipment in future videos? The low end controllers compared to the high end.

AshyCookie says:

1/4 of that screen is my monitor size

BeeDee Live says:

Playing games and simultaneously watching a game walkthrough. Perfect!

Mario haslaN Martínez says:

60 hz for computer.. meh

Lu Cer says:

I use 4K tv so gtfo

Chase Buller says:

did anyone notice he uploads his vids in 4K

Tibor Geček says:

What’s the best screen you’ve ever seen?

M P Kishore says:

What’s your opinion about a high spec phone with small screen(5 inch)?… Because its difficult to operate 5.5 and 6 inch ones….

Mildly Depressed Ninja says:

Should I get this, or the 49″ CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor?

Star Tech Tips says:

Which gaming console do you like to play a whole day?

Hamza says:

The monitor is huge and this is technologie

FAM says:

The fact that he is wearing the exact same attire as in his video on the monitor……

Sohel Shaikh says:

u where awessssoooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
lets bhoooooommmmm lets zoooooommmmmmmmmmmmm my brooooooo
i like u brooooooonice going on keeppp it uppppp

XxAdizero97xX says:

isnt it cheaper to buy 4 ips monitors instead?

Shawn Cheng says:

Do you think PS4 and Xbox one which better?

Ayman Amerdeen says:

which MX master is that?

Mukul Mina says:

make a video on the display tablet

J Belle says:

what’s ur fv gaming laptop?

Tyler Thomas says:

MAN lui ca-n u help me geding a new phone because my five s broked MAN pick me upp on face book on dhis name and when u habe dime leave a message idd no i will came back man anyway )lLike odhers and i Any girl habe oportuniști do ged cash add me im nod engenireing anyding Bud some dimes i gibe god tips

Unbox Therapy says:

Remember to ask your questions here, I’ll answer them in the next episode.

99M views says:

We Live in Generation where..
“Deleting History is more important than
Creating History” 😀

AlexisGitarre says:

My screen is 55″ and I would never go back to something smaller.

Dias Alves says:

Hi there loving you videos ! Could you please let me know what’s the best usb c cable to connect this awesome monitor into a MacBook Pro 2017 ? Thanks

SoupToPots says:

bet the pixel density is fucking garbage unless it’s 4k, which prob makes it a couple G’s

Aleksander Timonov says:

*N I B B A* thats basically a TV

Flykofly says:

Wow you love lg

rajesh o a says:

cars used by you ???

Jisin T saji says:

Hii, what about the Xioami mi A1 camera quality with other phone’s at same price range?

septo laksono says:

138″ ultrawide curve setup for 6 split screen ?… waiting

Karl Henry says:

How does this monitor handle your newest MacBook? I am in the market for a new usb-c monitor and looking at this guy for video and graphic editing.
Thanks! Love the content!

Kuli24000 says:

Gets 4k monitor. Watches 1080p youtube videos.

Star Tech Tips says:

Which gaming console do you like to play a whole day?

Kytara says:

i thought this would be like 1,5k

Emad Ghobrial says:

what would be your best recommendation for a 27-28 and a 32 4k PC monitor … within $500

fariz ascariz says:

i bought 49″ Philips TV 4K UHD 120Hz. Have USB, HDMI, Optical, RCA, DVB ports etc… and NOT EVEN 1 CABLE COME WITH THE TV FOR THE PORTS. all i got is POWER CORD. the hell..

minh bach Ho says:

For desktop, I prefer the 21:9 curved monitor from LG, little less big (34) but more functional (3440×1440) and adapted for 21:9 movies, split screen (2hdmi) …

Zlat says:

Should i get a ultrawide 1080p 34 inch ips? or a 27 inch 1440p va paniel??? please help!

Mukul Mina says:

I want Xbox one x in India how can I get it

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