My NEW Editing Setup! LG 38″ UltraWide Curved HDR Monitor Review

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jus noticed even pro film makers watch tutorials…..siick set up tho..

Andrae Ingram says:

Nice quality video and nice setup!

Ajay Panwar says:

I love watching your videos
They are really well made
I want to be a filmmaker like you one day

Quetzalcoalt says:

Please make a video on how to render real 21:9 content not that 16:9 with fake black bars bullshit.

Raouf Bentoumi says:

Is that Peter Mckinnon’s tutorial you’re watchin ?

ram yr says:

this would be great for Logic Pro X !

Shahid gire says:

Hey you watching tutorials!! Pretty good

Dillon Mangum says:

Did you buy that iMac with the VESA mount already built in, or is that all third party stuff? I want to mount my iMac above my Ultrawide, but I haven’t been able to find a solution that works.

Scott McKenna says:

Sick setup, love it.

Jaza Mirza says:

Sir i am your huge fan .. lots of Love from India

George Seders says:

Can we be friends? Dude you are awesome!

Turbo Life says:

Nice I recently picked up the 34″ LG ultrawide with the USB C port from Amazon warehouse and it is dope I love it!

Fire Battle says:

love u


Hi I like your setup……but in every part here you did not show where are the bins with the clips inside so you need maybe another monitor only for this or not if you use the other monitir up only for the full screen?

mhewski says:

Loved that this review mixed a Q&A format. Refreshing as hell!

My Mate Nate says:

who cares about the screen?..I’m just looking at all those Thailand shots. I had to wipe a little bit of drool from my mouth 😉

Jeffery'sAdventure says:

Just for someone looking for cheaper solution. LG has the 25/29 UM series ($150~$400). It has the exact spec with this one and the only difference is the res but I dont really think entry/medium level people like me really need to be that demanding.

gigi gigiotto says:

Do you use premiere pro?do you know that is badly optimized for mac?

Jason Louie says:

Can’t you just stack the video clips on the same layer?

Felix Thiek says:


Kennyomar Garcia says:

Too expensive lol

Eugenia Loli says:

I have the DELL 34″ ultra-widescreen curved monitor, and I wouldn’t change it for the world for videos/editing.

SAMUEL SKY KING Office says:

tomorrow I Shoot Video I need help bro

Griffin Kerwin says:

“Yes the world is round” hahaha

Timothy Sanvictores says:

Lol debunks flat earth with a curved screen

Adrish Dutta says:

Where is the 2nd video about lightings?

MrCervantesent says:

Psh…. show off! 😉 haha
Sweet monitor!

Craven Coetzee says:

vicious lies at 03:03 – the earth is not round. I have 3 screens and I’m just a general user – video/social media on right 16:9, work on middle 4k 16:9, work on left 21:9

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