MSI Optix MPG27CQ Review, The Most RGB LED Monitor Ever!

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MSI Optix MPG27CQ Review

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Michael Gusevsky says:

Sloppy… Like how much more would it cost to calibrate…

Cool Moo5e says:

I would be interested it they had a non curved version.

Jeffrey Hramika says:

Let them make this Gsync and sell it under the GPP. Already tons of freesynce monitor options.

jonathan landrau says:

I love you new figure from star wars wd40 jajajaja

Mac Dee says:

Gimmicky AF, besides I would never buy anything from chinese company, yuck.

wizzie vfx says:

samsung c27hg70
thank me later.

mor7im3r says:

Next up, RGB embedded in the panel itself.


WD-40 trolled you…

ExalyThor says:

I think its just in my head but I would only buy ips. Worth better colors for slower refresh rates in my book.

Umenemo says:

I got the normal 27″ 1080p model. Great fast refreshrate, with noticeable backlight bleed, but I only see it on startup

al bundy says:

Gayest monitor ever. Who keep’s buying this trash?

JellyScrub says:

Thank you Hardware Unboxed for caring about us folk Down Under. Its great to have a giveaway that isnt limited to the US or Europe for once!

Arif Hossain says:

Only Australia and Newzealand

Michael Livote says:

Am I the only one who hates curved monitors….? It seriously restricts viewing angles and really does nothing that I could see to improve the looks of the screen. Sadly it’s the only way most manufacturers use to make for wider larger (32″ and above) versions….but there are at least a few left that don’t do that thankfully. Nice to see at least you agree with me on this, Tim :^)

Riley Say says:


heltjettad says:

nope lol

Grygas says:

i want rgb leds with rgb leds

bobhumplick says:

yeah i dont see the point in a curve in a nonultrawide either

DieselDrag0n says:

I feel like you’re teasing us by moving that WD-40 can to a new location in every video.

Chipp SkyIark says:

That RGB shit would make me smash the monitor. I even hate the blue on light on my Acer Predator (maybe use a marker and color it black) any one got a better plan ?

Talha Bhatti says:

It’s a stupid idea.

lexi miller says:

No g-sync version though, unfortunate. Good point on the curve though, guess im best off looking at something like the AOC AGON AG271QG or Acer Predator XB271HU

Zero Spampls says:

Please get yourself some gear to test Monitors properly! I can´t stand those pseudo tests… :/
Moreover it hurts your professional reputation.

ghfhgfuuu says:

Don’t get me wrong, I love RGB but this product is ridiculously stupid and I won’t waste my money.

Stuart Munto says:

That can of WD-40 is getting closer!

Ghost Geist says:

1440p 27inch 144hz IPS 1ms response time moniter? finally the strenght of TN and IPS in 1. But it seems to be the only one of its kind right now..

Lagger Gandalf says:

F*** Monitor manufacturers. Every year they promise 4K 144 Hz Monitors since 3 years, but so far just old TFT and LCD Panels are sold.
ASUS, Acer & Benq are scrubs for monopolising the market…

Theres not even a true HDR PC Monitor right now, only TV’s. The joke, “pro” monitors with 27 inch cost the same as a 4K HDR TV with 55 or more inch.
Dont buy a monitor for this year. Hope then the manufacturers will get it, that they shouldn’t screw us 🙂

mike spikeey says:


Kimberly Acosta says:

Apparently gpu prices will go back up cause of monero. They made it to where ASICS can’t mine it and it dropped the difficulty by 80%

Razor Blazor says:

My screen is also RGB. The whole screen…every pixel.

Martín Muses says:

Dumb RGB era, everything with RGB now…

2nd Time Tech says:

Great video and good information. The monitors I’m using are; on my work computer it’s a Sony 16:10 PS2 monitor (Due for an update I bet) and my main computer is a 55″ 4K Samsung 8750 Flat TV. I like the idea of this MSI but the 1080p variant would be better for me and do they make a 27″ flat panel with close to the same specs?

dragon master says:

Why only Aussies and NZ

Nintendork says:

Hope the curve dies next year, Curve is basically dead on TV’s now, THANK GOD. Selling a gimmick no one wanted cause to have an excuse to sell a new feature.

Is it that difficult to have a 120-144Hz 2550×1440 28-32″ VA + FALD full glossy panel?

Michael Gusevsky says:

Ahhh! Nationalism raises its ugly head again!

Nisco Racing says:

More WD-40 😀

Samuel Sann says:

RGB….let me check my setup, Mouse RGB, Keyboard RGB, GPU RGB, Cooler RBG, Motherboard RGB, Case RGB, headset RGB, did i forget something?
Does exist an RGB Chair?
Can i RGB my cat aswell?
Btw this monitor is not for sale here yet u.u

nos says:

perfect for kids.

Vidyamancer says:

Why don’t they calibrate the monitors at the factory before shipping to retailers and end-users? Are panels from separate batches so different from one another that you can’t slap the same calibration settings on all of them?

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