Monitor Buying Guide – What You Need to Know

What Monitor should you buy? In this buying guide I run you through everything you need to know about monitors from Gaming and Professional to 4K and Ultrawide – so you can buy the right monitor for you.
High-End Gaming (ASUS PG279Q):

Budget Gaming (ASUS VS248H)

4K Gaming: (Acer XB321HK)

High-End Ultrawide (Dell U3415W):

Budget Ultrawide (LG 29UM88)

Professional (Dell 2715H):

Cheap & Cheerful (Acer G247HYL)

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Angelo C says:

So i only have a hdmi,vga and display port and im just wondering if it will work with 120hz, I dont need to game 1080pbtw . If not is there any way I can anything over 60hz that will work

Blaze Juerto says:

4K monitors over 30 inch are so much more expensive than 28″ ones tho

That Horror Show says:

Good video. But now im going crazy.

Daniel Shalome says:

Wow Now I Know How to Fix My Screen Tearing THANKS MAN!

John sweda says:

want to know what’s a good ultra widescreen monitor for using with my tablet probably casting? it runs at 2500 by 1600 and now with phones with 4K screens should even higher any suggestions would be good!

Khiem Nguyen says:

Please let me know what is that size of the ultrawide you have there, 29 or 34 ?

Ian Pearson says:

superb video.

Gumzys says:

God bless u and thank u so much for making his video I’m planning to purchase the gaming budget one for my PS4

Brandon Grubbs says:

Who else didn’t know half the things he was saying

atelierx naru says:

How is IPS better than TN? IPS glow is a terrible thing to have. What good is better color and view angles when you can’t play any game with dark scenes or watch movies without distraction. IPS is shit. Just return HP es24 monitor. Shitty monitor. IPS glow is very distracting. Using tn 37 inch tv for monitor. No view problems and no problems with dark scenes.

Muataz Kadhim says:

Thanks for this video, I appreciate it.

mysticoversoul says:

Good show. Keep on.

M F says:

You know your stuff mate, I want to hire you  lol.  keep it up 🙂

Katas Katowski says:

When I found this video, I thought: “Oh, one more boring long 14min video”, but it was so informative, accurate and it was as compact as possible. All we need to know in short, understandable way. Love it. Thanks

Taughty Klaiber says:

Hey guys is there any 27 Inch FreeSync 1440P 100HZ+ Monitor ?

Joao Domingos says:

What do you think about LG 34UM68 UltraWide? It looks nice but it is 1080p.

shourya bhullar says:

so what port do I have to use if I have 1440×2560 to get the maximum hz

Ehsan_62 J says:

the problem is FUckie …

Vendetta lauretta says:

Why does every technology video just assume you’re a gamer these days?

traaaaan says:

you should get a boom arm and put your mic overhead. the yeti is nice but it sounds like youre underwater.

giorgi chochia says:

Sub +1
This video is a GEM! thank you sir for your time and input.

Jenish Js says:

is IPS monitor better for Color related graphic work

Gustavo Ibarra says:

It help me a lot, I was going for Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q but will get Ultrasharp U2415. mainly for Photoshop and Lightroom usage. Saludos.

Captain JW Freeman USN-ret says:

Thank you…Great Video Jim

Alex Schwartz says:

I just got a 27xw HP and its 1080p, and even right next to my 4k XPS 15 it’s really not bad. If a 1440p or 4k 27inch isn’t in your budget but you’re still gaming or want a bigger screen, you won’t regret it or anything.

Darwin Ferreira says:

2:30 Game name?

Benshenton16 says:

I was going to get a VR ready gaming PC But it doesn’t come with a monitor so I was wondering if a 30.00 dell monitor would make a difference or will it make a big change to the frame rate

Retz says:

I have a 27″ 1080p monitor that I upgraded from a 24″ monitor and I have to disagree with it getting blurrier, I actually think it got MUCH sharper and everything just looks much better in general.

EzPz says:

aww man i have a good refresh rate gaming monitor that i don’t want to get rid of so i can’t get an ultrawide, i guess i will just buy 2 more monitors then

VRG says:

I want To find a 1440p monitor with 100 120 or 144hz with IPS or VA under 400$
Is that exist ?

Wayne Chang says:

Great and very detailed video, thanks

Chelsea Williams says:

Almost a year later, this is still super helpful. Thanks Tech Chap!

Sebastian Kielek says:

But i don’t understand why is 27″ for gamers?

Wh473v4h says:

Do you believe going from a 22″ Samsung 2232BW (1680×1050 res, bought in 2008) to a 24″ Dell Ultrasharp U2417h is a good upgrade? I use Photoshop, CAD and modelling software a lot and I like to game in my spare time. Unfortunately I cannot afford a 27″ right now. Thanks in advance!

Tyarlee Dalay says:

Good day
can I ask what is the best and compatible Gaming Monitor
for my EVGA GT 1030 graphics card
thanks more power

Alex W. says:

1 year later aaaaand…….

Not much has changed.

Luminous says:

i could stand with a 1080p 21,5inch monitor ;_; I have a 21,5 inch 1680×1050 monitor with dead pixels, the Brilliance 220CW

ReTRo BLiTzz says:

I’m new to pc gaming. I haven’t gotten a monitor or a pc yet since I just started looking into stuff.
I am a very serious and competitive gamer and I’m looking for the best monitor for this. my budget for the monitor is maximum of $1,200 usd. can you help me choose one?

subi sad says:

whats the best 1440p gaming monitor out right now?

Vassiliki Grammatikou says:


Seán Klinkradt says:

Thanks, you are being a huge help in my choices in the monitor ranges. Brilliant my new “go to” guy!

Shawqi Shumran says:

Very informative, absolutely awesome, thanks brother !

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