Massive 38-inch Monitor = Mind Blown!

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LG Ultrawide Monitors (USA Link) –
LG Ultrawide Monitors (International) –

LG is giving away 15 of these monitors and a grand price of a $10,000 computer setup. Full details can be found here –

The monitor featured in this video is the new 38UC99. It’s a 38-inch ultrawide monitor from LG featuring a resolution of 3840 x 1600. This is the biggest ultrawide monitor I’ve ever featured and certainly a beauty to look at!

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Mike Prince says:

ima need 2 of these bad boys just to be over board

All Star Avian says:

So is this LG Monitor able to function as an independent computer? Or does it require connection to an external pc?

acguevara says:

By the way , someone downloaded and uploaded your video on YouTube – it actually has the same title

Miss Collins Collins says:

Who sell those?

thebrotherhood TBH channel says:

how rich is unbox therapy?

Miss Collins Collins says:

Can you put a fire stick in to it

Daniel Momcilovic says:

why is this guy shouting and yelling all the time ?

Hit The Dirt Full Throttle says:

Is an curved monitor okay for graphic designing?

Isaac Kim says:

Is this more or less pixels than 4k?

DSM Dallas says:

samsung 48″ nuff said

Juan Carretero says:

Some1 do CZ340CK!!! since its release on 2017 and is more on the budget !!! side and it is 75Hz IPS panel !!!!!!! Pretty plz? sir…..

Shini1984 says:

@Unbox Therapy: thanks for the vid. Loved it. The monitor does seem huge. But I realized that 38 inches is just too small for me and my 110cm viewing distance. I’ve been using 30 inch monitor for around 5-6 years and totally miss its size now that I’ve switched to 24 inches. I’m planning an upgrade now and thanks to your video (and my visit to a local shop with 29 inch ultrawide, 32-40 inch TVs) I realized that even 38 inch ultrawide won’t cut it for me. I want a 42 inch ultrawide minimum, and they don’t get this big @ 144hz refresh rate, not yet, at least.

Moral of the story: always check out stuff live before buying it. Saves time and buyer’s remorse. And some return shipping costs.


i could have gotten a bigger monitor, but i stuck with 24 inch because everything else didn’t have 144hz for the price i wanted…

ashlikeLEGO4366 says:

Your practically using a small tv now.

moses92 says:

lifes good

Blehmaster says:

My teacher’s smart board had more ports than that…

BAYMAX says:

what the fuck only 129 pounds?

gamerjosh18 Main Channel says:

OMG that huge, if I could get that I would. WOW, I can not believe what I am seeing right now.

omnivorace says:

Work place ? He means porn.

Tawfiq TV says:

What is this tv or computer

Octane Gain Productions says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Beenthere Donethat says:

Let me know when it’s $200.

Kian Siong says:

1:01 please put 3 of these together on your desk ☺

Legit Gamer says:

So is it 4k or not??

GlobalVortex says:

That guy is so infantile, it’s not even funny.

Saif AlDhaher says:

Where is the best place to get (Ultra Wide) wallpapers?

Nekon Samorayee says:

you think the quality is good then the apple monitor ?

Bruh _Its_Nunchuck says:

My question is how much money do you even make

Maxito vlogs says:

Can you wall mount this?

D Adam says:

I wanna see these in a dual setup.

M1cha3l Sm1th says:

How much of the stuff does he give to the camera crew and stuff?

Crazy Villarruel says:


ThrasherMaui says:

Not an amazon anymore? Any suggestion of a better version?

Frost 2025 says:

Did you assumed that USB ports gender again?????

septo laksono says:

Waiting 6 split screen, 29″ x6 ultrawide curve

Tawfiq TV says:

What is this tv or computer

Otaku Arts says:

You should’ve kept the monitor

Raga Lover says:

Hey i was just curious , why havemt you done a review on lg v30??

Tom J says:

I wish I had that for my ps4

Josef Griveas says:

Got a 55 inch 4k tv for $400… Why does this exist….

Missed Lethal says:

Recently bought an UW monitor. You have no idea how hard I am waiting for this monitor to arrive. It’s actually quiet painful and I can’t sleep due to my erection. Please send help.

Gene Propes says:

I got the lg 34 inch curve but now I want this one. But wait Samsung has a 49 inch curve I want that one to!

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