LG 38-inch Curved UltraWide Monitor: Unboxing & Review

Unboxing and review of LG’s stunning 38-inch UltraWide 38UC99-W Monitor.

Pricing & Availability: http://amzn.to/2iYHW70

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Kai Steinmann says:

Has anyone done in software developing i.e. lots of reading and typing in a text editor, using this monitor?

ItsCyan Kitty says:


ventende says:

What is it with Asians and high gloss materials? Seems like a religion to them. After FINALLY understanding that its no point in making the screen itself shine and glare, they of course had to produce the entire back in high gloss plastic! Someone in the design department should meet the whip a hundred times.

Benjamin Obiwan Poli says:

Will two of these displays work with the 2017 MacBook Pro?

David Koenig says:

For a $1500 monitor the industrial design and materials used especially on the back seems a little cheap


I think if you’re not Michael bay, it’s useless

Willem Fossen says:


Veritech Girl says:


Robert's Galaxy says:

Is it also 5k


Looks like the price of the monitor has gone up to $1700  What a JOKE!

Jʌʏ says:

can i use it as a Tv? its cheaper than any curved TV i have ever seen

ahmad mohammad says:

my monitor I bought it just before 5 days , its the best monitor .

radioactivejap mixed racejap says:

lg is best

love it

Dylan Kelly says:

Damn that’s a big ass monitor!

flo28x says:

this looks dope

BandungBadBoy says:

Many thanks for the review. I am very interested in this monitor. I have a Mac Pro (late 2013). Could you advise how you connect your Mac Pro to this monitor and what resolution and refresh rate you achieve? Cheers

Chane Clarke says:

i like it …………………

Ahmad Zzteshn says:

i can pc gaming ?

Rossi Jonathan says:

That’s a huge Monitor!!

Joel Almendarez says:

what’s your email

Apple tech says:

Anyone able to find this monitor actually in stock anywhere?

David Drvar says:

2:17 i died

talin's . world says:

1499 fourteen dollars and ninty nine cents?

angelo mape says:

Does the mac pro work with two 4k monitors in additional to that curved monitor?

Asif says:


Anna Owen says:

I’m Gamer LG Is Better Asus Really?

Chane Clarke says:

The monitor sports two 10 W speakers, as well as Bluetooth audio that make it easy to play music or audio from your computer or phone. There are also two HDMI 2.0 inputs and one DisplayPort 1.2 input for working with a variety of different computers and graphics cards. A disappointing feature of this monitor is the stand, which allows the monitor to wobble with even light taps. It does offer 4.3″ of height adjustment, tilt from -5 to 15°, and a standard 100 x 100mm VESA mount.

Giuseppe La Gala says:

Bought it , you convinced me . I returned the lg 5k ultra fine and got this one !

Juan Cardenas says:

you always do very cool and informative reviews! but also I gotta tell you I love your very masculine hands and arms! 🙂 keep up the great work!

Andre Haddad says:

Where can I get those lighting things on your wall?????

Œskblad says:

when will we get 180º monitors with some actual height, so we won’t have to set up 6 screens together? Or will we at all? Now *that* would be something cool.

Gene Propes says:

I have the 34 inch now I want this lol.

Theo Werle says:

I loved that LED art that you have in the background, where can I buy it? BTW Excellent review, just what I was looking for the make my decision.

JC Shipman says:

Been looking for good monitors and you’re review on this curved monitor takes the cake! One of the best tech review channels that really goes in depth in the product. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the S8 review!

Donatas Domkus says:

what is this thing called on your wall??

Pawankumar Pandey says:

My old ( 8years old) CPU has only VGA port (the one with screw type) but no HDMI port and monitor (a lg ultra wide 25 inch )one has two sided HDMI male pin so don’t know what to do now please do reply,I’m really new to this.

Adam Pope says:

i mean which one is it

SpactivDJ says:

Ахуенностический монитор!

Cartney84 Ian says:

I will used this monitor for my Amazon firestick that’s all

Adam Pope says:

and can you get it in the uk

Farm Project says:

What type of connection are you using to connect to the new mac pro, is it thunderbolt?

Phoutthasone SHV says:

I think this very cool

Adam Pope says:

which you is it


how do u make the desktop an apple desktop

The Turok Guy says:

21:9 too darn wide

Ralph Mari Dayot says:

can you put the refresh rate to 75hz even if you don’t have a amd gpu?

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