LG 34UC98 – The Best 34″ UltraWide FreeSync Monitor?

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My First 34″ Curved Experience (34UC87C) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuecZoV1wZE

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RifqiRaihanLubis says:

The purple light on back of your monitor for make your eyes not harm right?
and what is name? (That things name)

Heist says:

what desktop is recommended for this monitor?

Neo says:

This is anti glare ips?

2Kaka2Kaka says:

What is this free sync does it look like I use AMD

Ban Điều Hành-CP1B 319 says:

HD800 plug into a oDac o2 combo wtf

Luis Capellan says:

difference between this and 34UC79G-B?

Master Gamer says:

what program do you use for editing

KEEVVY says:

isn’t to big for gaming?

Kislay Kunal says:

can you overclock it to 100 Hz by lowering the res

Rod Biagtan says:

What’s the make/model of the keyboard you were using?

Jimmytwogunz says:

+HardwareCanucks Would an GTX 1070 be ok with this Monitor ?

TGMayhem says:

Any changes for 2017??

Michael Gruber says:

What is the lighting kit you are using on this?

Meric Tuna says:

wanna get this monitor but my sutep theme is green and black
such confession
much problem

basheer valli says:

I like computer

Jad Mcdad says:

I never had a curved monitor or tv before, so my question might sound dumb but do you get distorted edges on the screen due to the curve ? i mean do things look natural while viewing or it stretches the picture wide?

Karl Marx says:

55 – 75 hrz… lame minimum for a 1200$ monitor, now excuse for that crap.

Boe Kane says:

Should i buy LG29UM58-p for video editing ??

Enrique Jimenez says:

@HardwareCanucks Supposing I connected this monitor to my rmbp, can the thunderbolt 2.0 pass data, aside from video? As to use the monitor as hub I mean.
Love your content guys.

Federico Campisi says:

Sorry i’m extremely ignorant, but do i need a graphic card in order to use it?
Cause i was thinking of buying this amazing monitor that perfectly suits my job but i do not have a graphic card (i do not need it for the softwares i use).
Instead i have a z270 motherboad+intel 7700k. is it still ok?
Thank u so much!!!! 😀

Timothy Kush says:

Anybody play World of Warships on this type of monitor?

Paul D says:

Just bought a X34 but not sure whether to keep my Dell U2715H….running out of room on my desk

The Great Empire!! says:

so is the 75 fps limited only to AMD cards then or can I get 75 hertz with an nvidia card?

prakash k says:

hi, i heard about this monitor, image retention issues…. please update i would like to buy this monitor on 15 sep 2017…

Random G says:

LGUltrawideFestival going on right now… Watch a console killer video on my channel

gibson says:

lmao at all the gamers buying huge monitors.

Chris Blankenship says:

Great review. Title of background music during the review?

TheCaptainBaker - TCS says:

Is it glossy or matte?

gtp says:

So the straight lines don’t look that straight?So that’s a no no for productivity.

Taughty Klaiber says:

Hey guys is there any 27 Inch FreeSync 1440P 100HZ+ Monitor ?

Di Dxpeo says:

Would it cause emotion sickness???Since all highly virtual reality visual technology cause it, that’s my biggest concern, and if they extend the horizon part of the screen, shouldn’t they extend the vertical dimension of the screen?

Schniblogg says:

This monitor(60 HZ) or a 1920×1080 144HZ :/ pls help me 😛

J Doe says:

Funny. I’m going back and forth between this and the X34. Reading reviews, back light bleed, color, clarity, etc. Text clarity – that’s a big one. This is for work…all web pages and documents…lots of text display. After a few Predator vids, I take one look at it on this video and think, “I’d much rather have that on my desk than the Predator.” Lol. Just like that. It’s just more elegant, more suited to what I’d want on there…

How is this for text clarity? I ask because this is for work, then media/play. No gaming…I don’t think. 😉 (This monitor could change that.)

The Glitcher356 says:

What should I do 2 lg or 1

Ed Vizenor says:

So how is this for video editing? You mentioned it briefly but will this monitor effect the quality of the video playback since it has a lower refresh rate? How about graphic design? Did they fix the curved lines issue? I am really thinking about getting one but I am going to be working a ton on video editing, photoshop and even coding. Thanks so much for the videos.

Robert MacDonald says:

How does the quality of the image stack up to LG’s UltraFine 4k and 5k monitors? I looked at the ultra fine models in the apple store today and they were very close in quality to retina displays.

Itamar Cohen says:

LG is the worst company for monitors and screens
the image retention for all LG devices from monitor to phones is horrible
i am very disappointment.

Aigua says:

you think a GTX 1070 will do the job?

Clorox Bleach says:

in inches how long is your desk and is the monitor to big finally wich would you recommend a 34 inch monitor or a 29 inch

(my desk is 55 inches)

james callahan says:

you can buy a high end computer for that price to expensive.

ɪ . MARS says:

anyone know what computer is he using? its looks good

Cola Pop Ice 123 says:

*UltraWide anus.*

lastxp xro says:

Screen good only if aspect ratio is widely excepted. Otherwise I’ll stick to mainstream.

Kike Sterlin says:

Love the lamp. Where is it from?

LC_HAHAMaximumTune says:

do you sometimes get blackbars when gaming? or watching anything

muffemod says:

Dont blame the consumer on lack of 21:9 content. It’s the companies that are behind on tech.

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