LG 34″ Ultrawide IPS Monitor Review – The Best Monitor for Multitasking!

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LG 34UC87C Pricing and Availability:
AMAZON (US) – http://amzn.to/1NZHrXu

Silverstone Aluminum Monitor Riser: http://amzn.to/1FBbkKU

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Muzaffer Ozen says:

$54 for that “monitor stand” FUCK DAT


these devices are extraordinary are they not

FlightSimMovie says:

I can’t believe I got that mattress and not buy the monitor!!!!

Giotto Vongola says:

whats the thing ur monitor is standing on ?

Amaz3ments says:

You should level up your Coffee maker. I.e. OXO Barista Brain (9 cup).


Hahaha u got a blue trabant 😀 we had one long time ago an estate version in white 😀 good car . If head gasket gone no probs my dad could repair it anywhere whit 2 screwdrivers and a pieces of cardboard less then 2 hours – for those who have no clue that includes engine removal and reinstall – :DDD. ooh god 🙂 trammmtramtramtramm and a heavy blue ish smoke hehe .

Nice quality vids btw thanks for the effort .

Agtor R says:

my only doubt aobut this monitor its the fact that he is a free sync does it much of a diffrent or sould i just get it

Michal Mankus says:

what is the jet fighter game you were playing? I’d like to try it out on this display. tnx a lot!

Joao Domingos says:

What is the name of the game you have played at 4:56?

Sauki Ridwan says:

2:22 jane doe spoted

neuron121 says:

hi, is it possible to buy only stand (that rectangular thing) for this monitor because i accidentally damaged the one i have?

Constantino Kusulas says:

Which is the game you was playing in first person?

Inigo van Dijk says:

Long fucking ad

g lk says:

does it work with macbook

Kadeem Toussaint says:

where can i find ur destop background

yrussq says:

I’m sorry am i deaf? It’s curved monitor, bad for editing and everything that needs straight lines(3d,2d etc), it has bad uniformity, viewing angles are suffered from curvature, it has bad stand, it has not the best port config on the panel and has very low frame rate.

So the bottom line should have been the monitor a complete shit that is unsuitable for gaming and almost for every professional work you can wonder.

Then WhyTF i hear about “love” in the end. Bullshitting users is a no-no. Dislike.

VirtualFunction says:

Watches monitor review, gets discount offer on a … mattress?

Roberto Groza says:

Why do you have a Trabant 601 under your monitor?

spleener says:


DeaDmusic99 says:

is ultrawide monitor worth it for music production with Cubase?

mete kavruk says:

Ok I have a question. What about using two of these? or dual 29″ version ? What graphics card do i need for that?

Jayden Gomes says:

Chris pratt? Is that you?

Onyxsolo says:

OMG I want that Canuck… I mean matress

Clas Ohlson says:

I instinctively downvoted your video during the first 30 seconds because the mattress-thing made me think I got baited — and I don’t know how to upvote you again later now that I realize it was just some random, non-related product plug. Such a shame.

Sukhi Rai says:

Can I use just hdmi or display port if I’m only using it for video editing? I don’t game and really don’t want to have to upgrade my graphics card just to get an ultra wide. My current graphics card is a nvidia 1gb gt670.

Megos Hong says:

When you guys are going to buy that LG shit monitor buy Vessa shit holder

Ethan F. says:

I have to know… How many times a day are you mistaken for Chris Pratt??

DarkHalmut says:

There are better panels for cheaper.

Jack is bae says:

Would this be good for xbox one gaming

Leon Klein says:

Was that intro promo serious?

Andrea Zangarelli says:

name amply for headphones?

1N teL says:

Are there any well priced 144hz 1440p Monitors with GSync? lol

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