LG 32GK850G Gaming Monitor Review

The LG 32GK850G is a 1440p gaming monitor capable of running at 165Hz with Nvidia’s G-Sync. We’ll see how well the 31.5” VA panel performs in terms of colour accuracy, power usage, productivity tasks and of course gaming. Oh and it’s also got RGB lighting on the back!

Check Amazon for current pricing and further reviews: http://amzn.to/2oDv63K

LG sent this monitor over for review for a couple of weeks, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Jaime says:

Coming from a smaller IPS monitor, will I notice a difference?

Dmnick155 says:

Can you compare this one with AOC 31.5 2k Freesync monitors?

Indeimaus says:

What’s the best 32″ 144hz+ monitor in your opinion?

MaZEEZaM says:

I think I might buy this monitor, seems to be the best 32 inch 1440p with least compromise.

Enclave says:

Just go with a 144hz monitor, Asus and dell both offer gsync, 1440p, 144hz for $500 cheaper, or go ultrawide, this monitor is not worth the price.

Harel says:

Can I get it in 27 inch?

RevFilmore says:

direct lit or edge lit?

Флок Серый says:

backlighting RGB at the back of the monitor, itself is turned off when the monitor is turned off, or does it need to be turned off by yourself?

Achmed Metzor says:

Using pccg for prices, *closes video* Fuck that shit i’m out!

Robert VanZant says:

Using a 40 inch Samsung tv monitor for x plane 11 but its limited ,should i go for this and maximize my 1080ti ?

Serpher says:

First time visiting your channel and man you have a really good review. Nice tests, b-rolls, even a pro equipment. Subbed!

MissMan666 says:

VA panel to slow

Revolution says:

Which speakers do you have?

Mundane44 says:

Shame it doesn’t come with full RGB control

Jonas C says:

I want this in a 27 inch version… 32 is too big

Tu Papà says:

Ola ke pex :v/

kit ho says:

If buy . AG322FCX or ag322qcx is good ?

birdsoup777 says:

Great monitor, very good screen uniformity, no back light bleed but horrible sharpness at 1440p, I just returned a free sync for this one and i really don’t see the difference. both run awesome with a 1080 ti. This monitor is very very heavy. Make sure the table top you mount on if you decided to use an lcd arm with a desk clamp is solid. I love everything about it this monitor but the sharpness is terrible and its going back. The overclocking feature to 165 hz, when enabled, it freezes the desktop. it even tells you, if you enable this and your desktop does not respond to the over clocking feature than turn it off. Why market overclocking to 165 hz if its not fully functional. that’s another let down

xnlightenedx says:

Can you turn the rgb lights at the back completely off? I want to know this before purchasing. I don’t want ambiant lights.

Thunder Kat says:

There are IPS 165hz 1440p G-sync, but they are on the realm of 27″ since is like the perfect size. What I’m curius is this VA response time (mouse click) // GTG reponse are good enough (no noticeble ghost effect while playing FPS games).

Roger Jones says:

I need something like this but curved with Quantum Dot. 🙁

birdsoup777 says:

I just got this monitor coming from a msi ag32cq thinking the g sync would be so much better than free sync paired with my 1080ti. i want to go back to my the msi ag32cq. it does have execllent black levels, almost no screen bleed. horrible sharpness. it looks blurry no matter what i do to the setting that i have been pissing with for a day now. it really does not feel smoother than free sync. especially for the price

Arthurashr says:

Which are your speakers?? Sorry for the nonsense

woritsez says:

catchy name

Joseph Young says:

It’s $999AU right now. Same price as the Asus PG279Q.
After finding out about this monitor today, I’m leaning towards getting the LG! 🙂

Basement Dweller says:

wish it was 27inch…

Tanner Tibbs says:

any black bars with 32 inch monitors on consoles?

Hector Lopez says:

whats the difference on the 650f besides freesync and 144 hz

birdsoup777 says:

Update. I just got the Samsung CHG70 and it is awesome. No g ysnc support but it runs great and i don’t see the difference between using both g and free sync. both perform great. The CHG70 has minimal bleed, excellent sharpness that you can adjust, great color, great menu options. I think the cost of the lg is very high for its picture quality. This CHG70 is a great buy even if you don’t have an AMD gpu. I would get it if your considering a gaming monitor.

Emmanuel Muñoz says:

Hey anybody that has this monitor can you tell me how to mount it i mean i really cant understand how to do it it says it has VESA help please

Zaxth says:

Thought you might want to know, theres a c**t stealing all your content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWNJCC1BCUk File a claim etc if you care.

Thunder Kat says:

But is not IPS…

j soul says:

i can get this monitor for around 600 usd should I buy it? but the biggest problem is 32″ at 1440p if it was 27″ it be perfect. I dont understand LG they have so many nice monitors at 27″ but most are 4k… Also is the PPI at 93 still sharp on 31.5 ? I heard its the same at 1080p 24″ ?

baxtyr says:

dont get this monitor when the LG 32GK650F is almost identical but $300 cheaper because it has FreeSync instead of G-Sync. Not like im going to use either when im trying to minimize input lag at a high refresh rate.

Michael Larsen says:

No bleed lol if there werent any the screen would be all black, it grey so yes there is backlight bleed

Huynh Danny says:

Any noticeable ghosting in dark area?

m7md live says:

i have it its great

AndreVD says:

as i saw that your fps went over 165 in overwatch: you might want to turn vsync “on” in your nvidia control panel 3d settings to lock the maximum refresh rate at 165hz otherwise you will have tearing. at least this is what i have with my gsync monitor PG279Q. The vsync has to be disabled only in the games.

Shedding says:

I have a 30 inch Dell U3014. Is this worth changing my monitor or should I wait for future monitors with 4k and HDR.

Simon Carstensen says:

Have you tested the monitor with https://www.testufo.com/? This monitor will have abyssal ghosting!!!

Xepherion says:

Does it hurt the monitor at all to oc it to 165? And if not can I just keep it on oc to 165?

MrUbister says:

First time I got this monitor it had 3 dead pixels out of the box. 2 cluttered together and 1 lone one. Sent it back and just got my replacement, again 1 dead pixel straight out of the box.

spider0804 says:

Who gives a crap about viewing angles, who looks at their monitor from the side.

Traumglanz says:

When does the first look end and the review starts?

Xynox says:

Is a 32 inch too big for gaming close up?

kruff39 says:

This is on the way to me!!!

Jesus Duran says:

So get this to play xbox one x?

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