LG 29WK600 21:9 ultrawide HDR monitor review. Best budget option?

There are two versions of this new ultrawide monitor from LG, the 29WK500 and the 29WK600 that I’m reviewing here. They are both 29″ IPS displays with a resolution of 2560 by 1080 pixels. They both come with 2 HDMI ports but the 600 variant adds a DisplayPort. And also has HDR10 support, for gaming and streaming with High Dynamic Range or HDR.

Monitor profile:
(People have asked for my calibrated profile, which I’m happy to share, but it was created for my exact monitor so may not offer you any benefit.)

Amazon links (prices seem to vary!):
LG 29WK600: https://geni.us/emJ4c6H (with HDR)
LG 29WK500: https://geni.us/RBaA (without HDR)
X-Rite i1Display Pro: https://geni.us/B5RyTBX

LG 29WK600 21:9 ultrawide HDR monitor review. Best budget option?


2040 says:

Great review but whats the ms response time for this ISP monitor

sprout says:

Can it connect to pc for gaming? and can I use headphones to this monitor?

Mitchell Putukara says:

Can one get the 75Hz on HDMI connection? I am using a Dell 7700 laptop . Will it run on 75 if i buy a HDMI to Display port adapter?

Tee ShK says:

Does it produce better Image quality than 1920×1080 dispalys or same?

Jovyland says:

Thank you for informative video! Anybody tested G-Sync compatibility with the latest Nvidia drivers?

Jani Koskisalo says:

What about ips glow or bleed?

Samuel Smithberger says:

how many hz is it?

Ben Levermore says:

Great review! Thanks.

Otto Ant says:

Bestbuy currently offers this monitor for $180

F7-Titan says:

Does the 29wk500 have internal speakers

mau557 says:

There are cycling games?

Anyway. Amazing review!!
Exactly what I needed to know and more. Suscribing.

Manuel Romero says:

Perfect. Sure, simple, fun, excellent video. Thanks.

dwater18 says:

LG screen split software shows what a tiling window manager in linux is natural in: automatic window arrangement. Xmonad ftw.

Jhamix says:

gracias…me compre este monitor…podrias darme el perfil de color para fotografias? saludos desde chile

Galen Soria says:

Nice review. A little disappointing because I was hoping to see a review with a Mac (and was expecting that, based on your Mojave background) but still, lots of useful information.


is this monitor 60hz?

Darth Khan says:

This is what i call a REVIEW..the depth of it just amazing!! Keep up the good work

ulises palafox says:

what difference does it have from the 29WK500?

TheAbdsAviation says:

I have a 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 13 5000 laptop, will this monitor support this laptop if I was to use it as an external display??

Tecno 3D says:

Really nice review. Keep up the good work.

Joe DeLong says:

Do you know how good the color reproduction (sRGB coverage and deltaE) were before calibrating?

Bobby Elliott says:

Thanks for the review. It’s the best review that I’ve seen about this device. I have a Samsung 27″ FHD display and I was thinking of upgrading. I wonder if you think that this would be an upgrade? 27″ is about the limit for FHD. My previous monitor was a 23″ FHD monitor (and pin sharp) but I noticed a significant reduction in PPI (clarity) when I upgraded to the bigger Samsung with the same resolution. Would this monitor be any clearer (for text)?

Konstandinos Floratos says:

Very professional review!!!

DJ Fortnite says:

Can you pair a ps4 with it?

Ovidiu Constantinescu says:

I’ve been browsing for monitor review videos for weeks, and yours are the clearest and most comprehensive I’ve found. Keep up the good work!

DJ Fortnite says:

Is it good for gaming?

James Laker says:

Thank you for the detailed review. As a potential budget buyer (*read cheapskate) and Vega 64 (Freesync) owner, should the 5ms refresh rate be of concern? It seems higher than the 2ms displays I own (no Freesync)? Will it be a noticable trade-off? I’m a casual gamer if that helps. Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Caseko CSK says:

Hi, thanks for the review, it’s very helpful.
I’m currently looking for a new monitor and very interested in ultrawide screen monitor since dual monitors are too wide for me. My works (though right now it’s more like hobby) need some accurate colors, is this monitor good and accurate enough? Since I heard some bad reviews involving the color accuracy.
Thank you and regards.

Caleb Yong says:

My LG 29WK600 isn’t recognized as a HDR monitor in Windows 10, can anyone help me?

Adriano Banak says:

Great review!

mike says:

Recently got this monitor and I’m not that impressed colors are good, but viewing angles so so (tremendous decrease of brightness almost comparable to TN panel). Black is virtually non-existent again TN-like, impossible to watch netflix or any other video content with lots of dark scenes. Desk lamp helps a bit, but doesn’t make it good. My unit has very noticable light bleeds on both bottom corners, and somewhat less noticable on the upper corners. Those light leaks make black even worse especially when watching movies or pictures with lots of dark scenes in a dim room. I’m also dissapointed with response time I knew it’s 5ms, but I’ve seen many IPS monitors that behave better in this aspects, despite having same 5ms. On 29wk600 moving mouse cursor is giving similar experience to slow VA panels. Adjusting response to fastest fix it, but make every moving object too sharp with artifacts. HDR is useless gimmicky feature not even worth talking about. On top of that I couldn’t set 75Hz WFHD on my unit, over HDMI. It ws possible only at FHD 16:9. On a positive note it’s got one of the best monitor speakers – so laud and clear comparable to my TV. Design is also good nice elegant metal-like stand and matte finish plastic. Owning this monitor for 2weeks now I realized it dosen’t have better screen quality than most cheap 24″ IPS panels. Essentially you pay twice the price for that extra width.

Anton says:

The best review on this monitor I have not seen, hello from Russia) I’ll buy it soon. Thank you for the profile.

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