LG 23MP68VQ Review – The Ultimate Budget Monitor?

How about a £120 monitor with an IPS panel, 75Hz refresh, and AMD freesync? Join PC Centric for the LG MP68VQ Review….
Amazon Links: US: http://amzn.to/2gDxeoG — UK: http://amzn.to/2gDwwrB
CA: http://amzn.to/2kNhgYH

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A massive thank you to Corsair for sponsoring the channel, and to AMD for providing this unit for loan.

Images on screen are:

Unigine Heaven Benchmark: https://unigine.com/products/benchmarks/heaven/
Bioshock Infinite
COD Infinite Warfare
Just Cause 3

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xDGaming says:

I have color problems with this monitor the contrast isnt right when there are shadow’s there are pixelated areas showing a huge differance in colors which i think shouldn’t be like that. Any help?

Om Prakash says:

How to color calibrate it!

Pl Dt says:

why no HDMI cable?

Jinx'd says:

This or benq GW2470H?

ishan mistry says:

can you please provide the link to stand ?

Firoj Hossain says:

i am having some issues
can u pls help
videos are lagging when im playing it
is it because of ram

the presence of fealuthical mammals on this earth troubles me says:

I have a question, I happen to not have an HDMI cable and I connect it through DVI. And as I can’t enable FreeSync my question is: “Can I completely safely “overclock” (” as it isn’t really overclocking if it could run on 75 Hz in the first place, right?) it to 75 Hz? Or is the FreeSync somehow required for the monitor to not be damaged by running at 75 Hz frequency?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Chin Chin says:

Is this suitable for multiple monitors?

Tantium says:

Hey can you tell me what the difference is between this monitor and the 23MP48HQ-P, thanks 🙂

Emon says:

can i use this on my ps4?

Great man 24 says:

i have a nvidia 960 will it work ?

pranav says:

Does this have freesync 2 because I was considering buying this monitor and pairing it with an rx 580 graphics card….. Any opinions?

ruben mathon says:

could u please or someone help me getting that black stand u using in this video?. not LG standard one i like to set my monitor high:)

Aaron Law says:

Any thoughts on the LG 24MP59G? Seems similar but hardly any reviews around for that one.

KingshotHD says:

i just bought 2 of these monitors for my setyp and i really love these on budget build 🙂

Conrad Chester says:

Awesome vid mate! You sold me on the IPS tech vs VA/TN panels. Now here is the question. Which one? I see there is LG 24MP59G which is a bit more expensive and a bit bigger than the one you reviewed. What’s the difference between these 2 models except the obvious screen size and stand?

tom bobulus says:

what is the monitor arm you have used in this video?

aseem sayyad says:

What an awsm review bro ! Kudos !
I have a question though ! My friend has LG 24mp88hm infinity display monitor and it has teerible backight bleeding problem !
so what about this monitor? Does it have any backlight bleeding ? Plese help !

BLEAK says:

this goes great with my setu[<3

Anudeep G says:

Bro, could you please try overclocking this monitor? As it is already at 75hz, if overclocking it might get to 90hz which makes it best value for money IPS free sync 90hz gaming monitor. Could you please over clock it and let us know the frame rate to which it can be OC. BTW very informative videos.

AlanFox says:

Is it 1ms response time

Don P says:

What about the 27″ version of this type (27mp68vq)? Is this as good as the 23″ version? I’d like ti choose the 27″ version due to the size.

Máté Kelemen says:

How does it work as a console and PC gaming monitor?

Kuldeep Kaser says:

can i use it for my ps4 will it work fine

mohammed sameer says:

this monitor should be connect to amd GPU only or we can connect nvidia gpu

TRUE says:

it can used with nvidia graphics card or not because it is with amd freesyche please clear this bro!

Dru Barkis says:


Kenji The Beast says:

Does this have the same characteristics for 24MP68VQ?

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