Is The Biggest Monitor Too Big? | Philips BDM4350UC Review

I’ve somehow found space for this 43 inch monster. Can a 4k monitor be too big? Join PC Centric for the Philips BDM4350UC review…
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A massive thank you to Corsair for sponsoring the channel, and to Philips for this loaner review sample.

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J@ckHoror says:

I hate glossy monitor, it’s nonsense.

YEdwardP says:

So, while a monitor like this is rather large, I feel like it is at this size that 4K begins to make sense.

At smaller sizes like 27 inch, 150% or 200% scaling is typically required to make UI features legible, which rather defeats the purpose of getting 4K in the first place.

However, at 40 to 43 inches, the DPI values are low enough that elements are still large enough to use without scaling.

In fact, when you think about it, this monitor is only as wide as two 21 inch monitors placed side by side. So if you use 2 1080p displays, this monitor is going to about as wide if not less because you have less bezel. And you get the benefit of having the equivalent of two other monitors above.

I think this is not for everyone, but people who are thinking of getting a quad 1080p setup should seriously look at a monitor like this as a single panel alternative.

Andrii Mazur says:

It might be a great choice for outstanding  programming works. What do you think?

habbis says:

I had the first generation but sold it to a friend. I miss this size of 4k monitor this is a proper monitor not some tv that don’t have display port. It is one of the best size for a 4k monitor because you cant go lower than 30 inch with 4k or else your operating system will have problem with display scaling. I will say display like this is awesome for productivity like programming. And because it is a monitor not a tv so then you don’t pay license fee the Norwegian state owned tv channel.

Victor Hassan says:

I own the older version bdm4065uc and using VIVO desk mount, it holds good. And the mount is only 30$

shiyar Becker says:

if they told you that you have to choses one monitor for the rest of you life which one you will choses ;o

Alice Perry says:

I’ve been using this monitor for about a year and am super happy with it. You get used to the size, and then trying to use anything smaller just feels tiny. Especially anything in the 21:9 aspect ratio – you really notice the lack of vertical space.

TuxKey says:

my wife got just went with the “​​LG 43UD79-B” my recommendation if and when my 30inch stops working i’m going for the LG one because of the multiple computer connect options the remote. one thing i don’t like about both monitors is the lack of adjustment i would have loved if i could adjust the monitor downwards buy 5cm leaving a comfortable space between the bottom of the monitor and my desk reducing the amount of movement i need to do looking at text at the top. only solution is an expensive monitor arm

EastAngliaUK says:

Looks to reflective for me I have an hitachi 42hyt42u good TV but screen is reflective in day time though the TV now in other room so defo keeping it.

Tyler Aronne says:

Who sets their monitor next to a window?

Udo Donotron says:

Any burn in issues?
Reading reports of easy and quick burn in on this monitor.

RHT says:

32in is ample

Quespa says:

A monitor is too big if it has a surface area 10 times that of it’s user, so that one is too big in this case.

Andreas Tzimboukakis says:

better to get a 4k hdr tv if u gonna sit abit further back with a controller

Joey Mantka says:

43inch IPS 4k w/ 5ms lagtime? for only 800? That’s a bang for a HUGE all rounder monitor. ROG is crap for the price.

Blaze Juerto says:


Hans Peter says:

Burn-in and PWM – no thanks.

Safwan BOZ says:

can we play PS4 Pro on Philips BDM4350UC?
i really appreciate if you could help me out here. Thanks in advance 🙂

x says:

PC Centric Are you Polish? Your accent is very Polish…

fmatiasii says:

too bad it doesn’t have HDR.

Joshua Earls says:

What is the monitor you personally use on a day to day basis for gaming? I am in the market for two new gaming monitors. Thank you!

james .mannequindisplay says:

Maybe not this monitor but I been living with a 4K 40 in on my Desk for the last two years and I love it… one thing don’t have your browser open at Full Screen this will keep you from looking side to side… Yes the bigger the better as it’s great for sorting my photo’s as I even have a 2K 32 in on the side of it …. anyone looking for a big monitor has a need for it maybe you don’t have a need for it

iFire XX says:

Thanks for your review! I’m thinking of getting it for my old iMac but it support only up to 2560×1440. Have you ever tried it at 2560×1440? How does the screen look at that resolution?

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:


joshan devera says:

can you wall mount this?

simptius says:

Nice review! Does this monitor have 4:4:4 chroma?? What about color accuracy? Thinking about using it for video and photo editing, as that’s what I’m studying. Thank you!

Jan Blokzijl says:

no magnetic field interference on the monitor from the speakers ?

Trump says:

43″ is a fucking tv

gilat6 says:

4K stands for 4096 x 2304.
3840 x 2160 is not 4K, it’s below it.

I have a 32 inch monitor with a resolution 5120 x 2880 (5K) with a refresh rate 177 MHz and it’s way more than enough.
Everything larger than 35 inch is nonsense, from my point of view.
Sure it looks good but it’s way too big. A 27 or a 32 inch it should be enough.

Alteh says:

Mate how does it compare to the 40″ phillips monitor you reviewed a while back. I bought one of them but have broken it (my fault) so this new one could be a great replacement. 43″ is a great size for a sim racing setup.

José Ant. Santiago says:

Gaming aside, productivity can get a power shift when larger screen real state allows for split windows running 4 programs open side by side at the same time, instead of just one with unused margins. Not clear how that monitor would handle that from this review. New LG 43UD79 brings that split feature focus forward to highlight more benefits for multitasking

Texan 214 says:

Nonsense!!! This is MURICA, get that man a whiskey to enjoy his 43in 4k monitor!

lex Tr3 says:

what about text quality

Rigel Sinco says:

I think people who has a lot of installed cctv cameras in their home and/or establishments will find this monitor very useful. Correct me if I am wrong though.

ardschuna88 says:

I have a 40″ 4K monitor, and with the speakers standing to the left and right sides I just can’t place a bigger one onto my desk! xD

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