How big is TOO BIG? My Review of LG’s MASSIVE 43″ IPS 4K Monitor [43UD79]

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A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my dual monitor setup at my home studio. I saw that LG had released their new 43″ giant display and I took the risk by ordering it.

By the time I did this review, the monitor had gained a lot of momentum and positive feedback online and there’s a reason for it.

For its price, the LG 43UD79-B is an awesome deal that provides an immersive experience for both working and gaming.

For almost $700 you get:
• 42.5″ calibrated 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS panel
• 4x HDMI Inputs
• USB Type-C
• HDCP 2.2 Compatibility
• Remote Control
• 10 Watt Built-in Speakers
• Multiple Windows At Once

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Equipment I use to make this video:

Panasonic LUMIX G85MK 4K w G Vario 12-60mm

Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Manfrotto MVH500AH Flat Base Pro Fluid Head

Rode NTG2 Shotgun Mic

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio (2nd Gen)

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CoalhouseWalker says:

If you’re like me and only want to see the monitor set up and him reviewing it (rather that the buying journey and unboxing), skip to 3:03

markiangooley says:

I’d love to see a comparison of this with a 43-inch 4K television. Those can cost half as much, or less. I’m sure that this is better, but how much better?

Emilio says:

People into Music Production, Video Editing and Media Consumption. This is the monitor for you.

Kainthemain says:

Just buy a imac, than u will gwt 10 bit screen also

lovelorn says:

It’s got an 4K 60p FPS port? Sold.

Lothar Scholz says:

Now i want to see a monitor with better software. I want an integrated KVM switch (already existing but uncomfortable compared with real KVM). And the ability to have 4x1920x1080 screens shown on one of this monitors which can be connected to 4 computer/output devices, including seemless mouse and keyboard switching when i move the mouse in the range of one displayed output. I found a KVM switch for 4K doing exactly this, but for a price of 1900 Euro.

Andreas Weinzierl says:

Did not get a USB-Typ C cable either, but my retailer sent me one as I asked for it.

brygenon says:

A couple years ago I bought a 48 inch (122cm) UHD TV that can do 4:4:4 color to use as my computer monitor. Getting it adapted and configured was a world of trial and error, and there are still annoyances due to its TV heart, but within minutes of getting it working I knew I would never go back. I’m looking at it now. No, it’s not “too big”. The vast majority of computer monitors are too small.

Rivera Luis says:

I always wondered about having a big screen vs 2 screen option. Thanks for the video old friend, I am thinking about getting 2 screens for photography. Like always keep up the great work!

Kabar Mariel says:

heck, i am struggling to make a chose. two 27inch 4k or one 43inch. Would like to have two 43inches but it is then too expensive… dahm… what schould i do

dukat03 says:

Tomb Raider !!

Dias Alves says:

Thanks for the info . Good work

Archie Wei says:

Just bought this over the dell, going to get the dell 38inch as well

Omar Ignacio says:

This guy is pretty fucking cool >>> and that was a pretty good review but I would have liked an even MORE IN-DEPTH review. :O I need a monitor set up for TRADING STOCKS, Futures, etc. :O :O Sooo manyy fucking choices soo little time! arrggg! I need to find one.

IJ Beats Music says:

Does the stand move up/down?

Ильич Гватемала says:

Consider to purchase for work, thanks for review!

ZX Tech. says:

I’m jealous of that screen. Good review!

crescentmoon54 says:

Great review!!!

Hsieh Yu-Hung says:

I got one. It’s amazingly awesome!

Carol Kwan says:

Neck movement to promote blood flow LOL… love it!

Avalon says:

I hope they release a version with hdr with that this monitor would be a perfect buy for my needs.

Barr Chan says:

May I ask how big the desk you are using?

Alexander Davila says:

what is the name of the program to edit videos that you have in min 4:43 ?

MagicFerret69 says:

It’s £850 in the uk???? Why. I have had to pay way more than $700

Alexander Davila says:

what is the name of the video editor program that you use in min 4:54

bombayldm says:

Does this monitor flicker at 50 percent brightness?


it is possible to split screen (to 2/3/4) through only one laptop ?

Milan says:

Welcome back!

James Bond says:

Where did you get your Apple Watch band?

God Doom says:

I bought one of these and it is amazing for gaming and work. Gaming is a whole new experience with this. 4K on 43″ display….can’t beat it.

Elías Hdez says:

What are you thoughts on the black quality of this monitor? Given that is a IPS panel.

Αντώνης Παππάς says:

Please change your wallpaper. The moire pattern is very distracting.

Loki says:

Informative and very ‘clean’. Great video.

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