How Big is Too Big for a Monitor? | LG 43UD79-B Review

A review of LG’s new 43″ 4K Monitor! 43UD79-B
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Farzaan Zulquernain says:


SYNc says:

Hey Ed. That’s all, just hey, you know, hows it going and all

LFC_Games /EVY_Yeti says:

This monitor looks like exactly the monitor im looking for!!

Yuri Shard says:

would you please make a video on XBOX ONE X VS PS4-PRO by giving your two cents on it

guardian1102 says:

It’s big, but doesn’t tick all the checklist that I’m looking for in a gaming monitor.

tupacole says:

My Samsung 32″ Quantum Dot 4K monitor beats this hands down.

Cash Money says:

still didnt answer why its worth the $700

zxXEROTSxz says:

43″ tv = small tv

Ben Haworth says:

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Amandeep Singh says:

could anybody tell me for best monitor of 22 inches for 144hz refresh rate

Skrillo says:

Techsource can you please help me I have been trying to get a good set up but I am really restricted. I have a good key board (Razer Ornata) and good mouse (Zowie EC1A) but one of my parents jobs did not go well and they got fired. In order to get money they sold my pc which consisted of an i5 6600k and a gtx 960. Now I am stuck with a pretty shitty pc and I was wondering if you could give me an upgrade. I have an i3 and a gtx 960 and some random ass motherboard. I was just wondering if you could do me a great favor and maybe help me out. Guys can this post get some likes so I can
be able to run csgo at more that 60 frames. Thank you! 🙂

Xgamer64 says:

You are reading this in your mind

Alchemist says:

I am glad you’ve done a review on this monitor. I actually plan on buying this monitor soon, especially after seeing your review. Mainly because you covered some important details other reviewers didn’t and that’s how it works on non-competitive games. Plus as someone who is visually impaired I wanted a screen that would let me see without having to strain my eyes. Thanks!

Steboys says:

I like big things especially screens

Shubham Bisht says:

I like your review vids more then setup wars

mitchell van bakkum says:

why didn’t you compare this to a tv at half the price?

Waiting For Gta VI says:

I use the lg 49 inch 4k ips tv as my monitor.

TerribleCupcake Gameplay Channel says:

You copying LinusTechTips with that tunnelbear stuff or what???…

Version IV Gaming says:

Honestly I perfer my two moniters it not only looks better but also it makes more sense to me

comalies says:

i’ve been using a 43’ 4k monitor for a year now and i can’t imagine going back to a smaller one.

kain seviers says:

not 21:9…then I’ll skip this one…

Ammar Khan says:

does size matter ?

QuantumBraced says:

What model are the speakers he has?

Rian P says:

I am using 24″ TV for my pc monitor which have 768p resolution and renders 1080p downscaled to 768p. And yes, it looks sh1tty af for productivity, but for casual games and videos it looks just fine…

Imran J says:

anyone knows the music played in this video?

SeventySeven says:

“a small tv” my tv is smaller than this monitor

Dawn Villa says:

Ed, you said dislike is cool so i put a dislike.

Ethan Toth says:

did you just imply DARK SOULS is a CASUAL GAME??????

Ajay Satpalkar says:

They should make a 65″ curved 4k display @ 120hz.

GonnaEatUr Chocolate says:

Did he say its like a small TV? My TV is 32 inches…

CancerGuy says:

TechSource listens to BROCKHAMPTON??

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