Hands-On with LG’s 43-Inch 4K Monitor

How big is too big for a desktop computer monitor? Norm lives with LG’s 43-inch 4K monitor for a month, and shares his experience using it for daily web browsing, photo editing, and gaming. The extra screen real estate of the 43UD79-B takes getting used to, but there are some tradeoffs.

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fang64 says:

Norman, while it’s not “production” status Zisworks is able to push those high refresh rates at high resolution via a custom solution. http://www.zisworks.com/ This was reviewed by the guys at LinusTechTips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG_a7Qs2odc it is 100% not a friendly solution but it is a way to get both high res and high refresh rate.

Simon Morin says:

man have an ultrawide screen is so sweet

the shuriken says:

blurry edge on the screen is so annoying


Tansk for your nice review.
The Viewsonic VX4380-4K doesn’t seem to have the black ghosting around which I fear a bit. It is a bit more expansive thought…. not an easy choice.

Jimmy Z says:

I really hope they could make a monitor using their OLED panel.

Raphael Adam says:

I think I have the same monitor setup as you do in this video. The LG 43UD79-B (love it for programming) with a Dell P2715Q in portrait orientation on a monitor arm.

Vitaliy Chernyshenko says:

waiting for 43-inch 21:9 IPS Curved

Jesper Andersen says:

finally we get monitors with 4 inputs… nice nice but for heavens sake make them 4 EQUAL connections… having 4 computers and having to use different inputs is so annoying… and seriously? 30hz? make it 4x 60hz HDMI thank you…

Peter O'Brien says:

I don’t know how you can stand being that close to a monitor. mine is 2 feet from the edge of the desk plus me sitting back I have like 3 feet.

DecaSquad33 says:

What’s size is the 2nd monitor?

Tilo Buergel says:

great choice of mouse!

StarSn1per says:

The thought of gaming on a 43 inch monitor already gives me neck pain

F. J. Fox says:

Every time I buy a monitor, I get a bigger one. At this rate I’m going to be using a 60 inch soon.

kbdab says:

I had to exchange the first 43UD79-B because USB didn’t charge or connect iPhone to iTunes on 2017 MBP with touch bar. The second monitor: USB-port 1 works fine. USB-port 2 doesn’t seem to synch iPhone 6s Plus with iTunes. Did I get a second bad monitor?

キョン says:

Just fucking release it with 240Hz and require 4 inputs to be used.. basically bezelless 4x 1080p

gixxxer1k says:

32 INCH acer predator. 3440×1440 100hz. best of both worlds

person8203 says:

That’s way too big to be sitting in front of at a desk. The size of the screen should correlate to the viewing distance.

No Names says:

When you put this monitor on your desk it gets clear that the desk is super-shallow.
4K monitors have to go up to 144 HZ and use best IPS or OLED panels with fast response rates and full RGB already!

OutdoorLifeFamily says:

I can’t get over how ugly the guy in the video is. And the combover is ridiculous. I have to stop the video.

Marc-André Morin says:

6:05 EWWWWW!!! Big NO NO

Carlos Cervantes says:

If you get a 4K monitor but a very large one, it defeats part of it being high ress when you are going to be viewing it from a desk position. If screen real estate is very important then yeah it’s a good deal but if you don’t need more space and just want more sharpness, the bigger the monitor the less the high ress matters cuz the DPI gets lower. It might end up you have the same or a very small DPI jump if you go from a small 1080p monitor to a very large 4K monitor. For gamers that want that sharpness jump or higher fps, 1440p in normal format or ultra wide are provably going to stay the sweet spot with current and future graphics card power for at least 3 more years given a target of a solid 144fps sustained in games with everything turned up.

Gur Isler says:

I want 4k 40”- 43” passive 3d (sbs/io) monitor/tv! Any suggestions? Does it exist? I know there are some 55-65 inch lg versions but could not find any 3d around 40′ .

AB Vlogs says:

Look at ur ugly ass keyboard LOL

Marco Santis says:

Hey dude —- what I will need 2 months to get used to is not the huge monitor you are reviewing but the huge hickeys (nice for you btw) you have on your neck…. put some makeup man…


is that a Monitor or a tv ?

Rizon1985 says:

Just give me a 30″ 2160p 120/144Hz IPS screen that doesn’t use an overclocked chip.

RoliTheOne says:

Norm: Add me in Quake Champions 😀 would love to play with you, also there are so few players 🙂 same name as here!

Douglas Lee says:

Love the Batman Poster

purist says:

regarding the fuzziness around all 4 sides you can turn on ‘Overscan’ in the OSD menu and it will fix that issue. You said LG released an update for the flickering I’ve got a USB-C cable for updates but I haven’t received any notification of updates any ideas?

Yasha says:

Do you have any videos about your home setup, it looks very cool

andrás lippai says:

nice tv

micah german says:

Can you split the top half and just use the bottom half as an ultra-wide hybrid…for gaming?

Lucky Never says:

4k is kinda old, 8k maybe?

Shea Sollars says:

That would be better than a KVM

Johnny9ball says:

I use a Sony 4K X900E 49″ 800Nits TV works awesome as a Gaming monitor and TV.

Danilo Muniz says:

Holymolly thats a big monitor…

Murtaza Nazham says:

Very good review. For everyday use, which one is better, the Dell P3417Q 4K UHD or this monitor? Thank you.

Jackey Niraula says:

why not just bring 70″ PC monitor now that we’ve 43″

Coin Interview says:

I know this is a LG product but for those in the market for a 43in. In my experience I bought the 3 4k, 43in viewsonic’s and they don;t work with mounts because of the back of the panel (even though the monitor is mean to be VESA mounted. This maybe this LG is better for VESA mounting.I originally bought the viewsonics for the dynamic contrast ratio but sadly I will return all 3 of the viewsonics for 2 of their professional curved WUHD 38in and 1 32in 4k monitor. The proline has 20 million to: 1 dynamic contrast. I will have all of these mounted on my desk with Locktech mounting arms which will be pretty sweet. I have my macbook hooked up to a 65in UHD Samsung MU7000 TV and it looks great. I will also use a color munki to grade the monitors soon. 🙂

ian vosik says:

it’s nice …. if you put it across the room

Jin Kim says:

It’s not too big. You’re junk it too small.

anonimuso says:

That keyboard looks super uncomfortable. Also, I have a 50″ 4K monitor. I win.

Terry Prideaux says:

His wife sure attacks his neck.

Crusader1815 says:

Why does LG curve their 34″ and 38″ widescreen monitors, but not this one? This thing is even wider than the 38″.

Pedro Carvalho says:

love the shots from behind Norm, looked for that everywhere, but only a few do that comparison. great!

Γιάννης Γαλάνης says:

Look how the bleached black sucks big time! OLED or nothing.

Nel Ballos says:

can you pls do a tutorial for Portrait-Landscape-Portrait Monitors using a Nvidia Surround or if you have link on how to do that big help for me…Thank you

stic cristi says:

can you unscrew that part with the logo LG from the bottom of the screen ? ty

OutdoorLifeFamily says:

The guy in the video is dressed like a slob.

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