Dell’s 8K Monitor – Gaming, Video Creation & Consumption!

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It’s here. We have it. Dell’s 8K FREAKING MONITOR!!!!!!!

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Allen Berkeley Vlogs says:

Just wait for Asus to release an 8K 240 hertz monitor

MrDarius125 says:

try running crysis on it in very high setting ;p

greek says:

What kind of pc is that used in video

Jake Miller says:

Linus, will quantum processors have usefulness for graphics processing?

Maxim popovič says:

32K gaming 😀

Teobsn says:

and here i am, sitting next to my 1366×768 (~768p) display .

Emir Omerika says:

Which computer case is this?

-Genes- says:

1080p 144hz is still far better for gaming.

Elijah Ivey says:

Time to make that 16k monitor

CountryfiedLinux says:

Is anything over 4k even practical?

evan becraft says:

Get ready for 8k minecraft

Electric Cookie says:

And I’m still on 720p

doggerkooper134 says:

This came out on my birthday…

Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo says:

When you have an 8K monitor, but your graphics card is an integrated Intel Graphics.

VisiBle says:

Too small monitor. With that price, specs and resolution, a 32″ inch is well deserved.

Kumo TheAkita says:

music at 7:36 ?

Jonathan Kretlow says:

oof 60 hz? :/

Keithanater1 says:

1:12 I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this hahaha

Carlos Suarez says:

Honestly you could just buy 4 4k monitors for $500 each and you got 8k right there.

TheOtherSteel says:

You should have tried it with Titan XPs or Titan Vs.

cor3 says:

linus is only a commercial hunter…nothing else….he read his text from board anyone write for him.

iTz Newblood says:

Why get a 8k screen when u cant even play games at 8k…. and for 5k$? Yeah il just spend that $bread$ on a new turbo and tune n other parts for the ea888 ….

Keita_kun says:


Luke Miani says:

This is giving me major throwbacks to Apple’s 30 inch Cinema display in 2005, where they talked about how DVI connectors couldn’t run 2560×1600 so they introduced dual-link DVI to handle that ‘crazy’ resolution. That was 13 years ago and 1440p is pretty meh by now… Imagine what that means for 8k

Deeptaragh Roy says:

Is it possible to run 2 display ports to the monitor from 2 graphics cards in SLI/Crossfire…each chord from each seperate GPU’s output ports??

Is the same applicable on Explicit Multi Adapter GPU configuration?
What syncing technology does it use natively and after EMA?

I couldn’t find any video in your channel where you practically tested EMA GPU(AMD-NVIDIA) Configuration…if you have already made one please give me the link…otherwise…please kindly make one…doing the aforesaid test (with a guide of compatible GPUs)…and what will happen if hot swapped?

1 Schlag Sahne says:


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