Dell UP3017Q 4K OLED Monitor Review! Is it worth $3500?!

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Let me introduce you to the Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q OLED 4K Monitor. This $3,499 4K, 30-inch monitor is one of the most exciting displays I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It has the same Infinity Display design seen on the Dell XPS laptops, but with a desktop appeal – and of course, with an amazing 4K picture on the OLED display. I give you my Dell UP3017Q review and also compare the Dell OLED vs LCD in this video. What do you think? Would you spend $3500 on a monitor?

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raj says:

3,500 dollars??? it´s more expensive than my nose job!

Darth Niloc says:

HDR? Freesync? input lag?

cinqo7 says:

Did you experienced any issue connecting the Wii to the monitor? Did you kept the monitor?

NarutoIsTheRikudou says:

I have the Sony A1E, which is basically the TV version of this… It’s amazing.

USAS-XII says:

They couldn’t make a 120Hz Version.

I’d say try again.

Hoss Cartwright says:

50% of all OLED monitors FAIL at the factory. That’s why it’s so expensive.

LuneTech says:

I think the reason why it’s so expensive is because there’s not many other 4k oled monitors on the market (if any)

Ashish Jain says:

Thanks for the video review. First one I have seen for the Dell OLED monitor.

Daniel Ryslink says:

If it was a 1920×1080 and 120hz+, I would probably buy it. Still, the burn-in is one great unknown variable heavily affecting the value one gets for such heavy investment.

N Mars says:

Excellent vid. Informative and engaging. Keep it up. New sub.

Athan Wongrueang says:

I’d rather buy an iMac 27inch 5K instead.

Angelo Merte says:

Finally we have a video on the DELL OLED.
Would be cool if you could do a follow up with some more information like input lag, color accuracy/calibration and the strobe effect DELL uses and how loud the fan is (which, curioulsy, DELL never mentioned)

Iron Overheat says:

If only this was 144hz, HDR, G-Sync, and priced 700$, then it would be the “most ultimate” gaming monitor ever. It’s also sad display manufacturers are still playing their little game of “OLED vs QD-LED”, even though QD-OLEDs already exist, and would blow the separate technologies out of the water. One can only dream of a 5120 x 2160 (which is 4K in 21:9) 144Hz HDR QD-OLED with G-Sync… Although that dream monitor would still need a couple of years until GPUs can drive those resolutions with FPS matching that high refresh rate, lol.

Dwayne Campbell says:

I lost again but great tv tho.

Mushroomstamp says:

oled with washed out colors I guess I’ll wait for samsung to do something

Assass Gaming says:

Any updates since the review?

Mbc ‍ says:

how’s that burn in though?

John Kang says:

damn its Morpheus

JONNY JO says:


NoobaGutt says:

the oled kinda says anything, not good for a monitor.

Vercusgames says:

Overpriced for a monitor that has a significantly shorter lifespan.
Slow clap Dell.

Yousuf says:

No it’s not worth it.. I could buy an LG OLED for that much.

Supremax67 says:

OLED or BUST! And it is not $3499, look it up, some people are selling it for $1500.

BTW OLED burning is a myth, in the sense of what people used to know about OLED. OLED technology has made great strives recently and if you do manage to see burning, you are probably already shopping for your next tv/monitor.

MrNycguy2 says:

I think Dell pulled the plug on this monitor. You can no longer find it if you browse the monitors on Dell’s website and if you try the direct link posted above or through a Google search and click ‘Add to Cart’ you will get an error saying this page is no longer available.

Indian Tech Support says:

Then how about the tearing?

corza bourne says:

input lag bro…. input lag…. fuckin wanker. oleds for monitors are no good


This display sucks….60hz strobed is gawd aful and the response time is in the mid 30ms dude….would have been worth 5k if it did 120hz. Why they did not go MST for 120hz or wait until DP1.4 I???…..for 60hz the LG OLED 55″ is much more bang for the buck……

James Bond says:

an expensive toy .. would rather wait for LG/Sony 2018 OLEDs, which should have HDMI 2.1 and thus also 4K@ real 120hz

VK.4K says:

A Monitor/TV Review without mentioning its sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3 and Rec 2020 Colour Space is Incomplete.

First One says:

2020 this stuff will be 350 $

adyq says:

I bet this monitor had LG panel Inside

locoism1025 says:

No HDR and no Freesync or Gsync + ridiculous price = FAIL!

mms medo says:

Nice video ! worth subscribe .
I’ll wait your comparison between this Dell OLED Non HDR vs your upcoming Sony A1E OLED HDR .
How u find the brightness vs high end LEDs ?
I think we’ll wait until we see OLED at least with 1000 nits .

Мирич says:

Stop with that marketing sh*t that messed up the resolution names! Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 is not 4k! The original 4K 16:9 resolution is 4096×2304.

jamaicaboy says:

No chance it would be a waste of money.

cj miller says:

They missed the mark with the price. Mainly because the 2017 4k Oled TV’s come in at nearly the same price. At this price is should come with gsync or freesync 2 included. It also doesn’t seem to come with HDR either. So you get a normal refresh rate, 4k, oled and all that’s suppose to add on $2500-3000 dollars more to the price tag? Doesn’t really seem like an actual review when put in that context more of a glorified advertisement.

khris25 says:

Did you do a Leo Bodnar lag test on this display? I would curious what ms it is actually getting.

ClitoriousCeasar says:

WTF? Not ultrawide?

MrNycguy2 says:

Andru, can you expand your review a little bit more? Have you had any issues with ABL under nomal use? How is the near black performance? Any issues with banding or vignetting? How is the input lag? Any additional info would be appreciated. Thanks

sergoveshki2 says:

3500 за что? совсем рехнулись. за такие деньги можно взять огромную панель от лж олед

Carly Rox says:

If Dell is so confident with their pixel shifting technology they should give it an 8yr warranty.

TheAnvilMan says:

Hopefully this pushes more affordable OLED monitors to be made.

DragonRift VR HUN says:

Nvidia 3D vision fail!

Tomato Man says:

Impressive until it suffers burn-in marks!

Ru Waring says:

Where can I buy one? It says it’s no longer available on the Dell Website despite being put back on sale for 1500 less

Machiyes Raai says:

Hey There Thanks For The Video Liked It A Lot Cheers

Shoeb Khan says:

z9d vs OLED sony?

Kexin says:

No mention of HDR. For this price, that is a huge hell no.

blumps says:

But sadly, its a Dell. Which means they’ll use shitty parts and wind up having it break or something. Dell has a reputation of selling low quality items and dressing them up nicely for sales purposes. Go with ASUS, LG or Samsung for a good monitor ( and go ultrawide, cuz once you do, you’ll never go back )

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