Dell Ultrasharp U2417H review – the best 24inch monitor

Dell Ultrasharp U2417H review: Great image quality, plenty of features and a nice design make this a near perfect monitor.

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Andrei Despinoiu says:

Someone uploaded your video as their own:

BenQ Ninja says:

wich monitor is better this or the U2414H?

ZeNeo says:

Such an underrated Channel, your content is Fantastic. Concise but in-depth.

Kundan Baruah says:

Which preset mode… Mine look washout abit, is that bcz of Nvidia 970?

Roman Grunis says:

Best place to buy from or where to locate it? (besides dell website)

Riven326 says:

Thanks so much for this great review! I’ve been looking at other monitors and settled on this one in large part to the review. I’m very interested in monitor calibration and was wondering, do you have any recommendations regarding software or hardware to get the best performance out of these displays?

Karim longuar says:

I have a new macbook pro wondering if it work and how

Commander Cody says:

Do you think this is good if I sit around 50+ cm away from the screen?

Ohad Raps says:

I love how in depth you are about color quality, instead of just saying “it is accurate” or “it looks fantastic”… Subscribed

Realmasterorder says:

Is this panel better cause i heard there is a difference between older to newer models? some say the older ones are actually better

james cook says:

Great audio and video. I’m a sound guy. Curious to know your microphone and setup.

c0pyimitati0n says:

I’m trying to decide between this and the QHD U2515h… Have you used that monitor?

Alpine Sniper says:

dell s2417dg is the best

Kouki JP says:

for triple monitor gaming its good?

Saimon UA says:

It would be nice in the review to add the result of the gradient in photoshop.It’s very important to see people engaged in the handling of graphics and photo!!!

Andrei Despinoiu says:

2:22 Maybe try turning off the power-on LED in the corner there (I saw that there was an option in the menu to turn it off during use). It’s probably where the “glow” is coming from.

Ll G says:

Is the stand removable?

Carlin Ngai says:

Nice to see colour accuracy and input lag being objectively tested!

hardcoremofo says:


Aki says:

I prefer LG23MP68VQ
IPS 1080p 60Hz
FreeSync ON gives 75Hz
5ms responce time
2ms responce time with game mode ON.
Cheap and looks cool.

Jorge Martinez says:

Hi, what is the other monitor you compared it to?

Hiteles Máté says:

Great review! I liked how informative you were with the large quantity of information about the color accuracy of the display, as that stuff’s crucial to what I do and I don’t see many other reviewers talking about it.

phz says:

Nice review. Dell also has the S2417DG which is basically the exact same form factor but with a 144Hz 1440p TN G-sync panel, highly recommended for high DPI fans who want high refresh rate gaming. It’s rare to find 1440p panels at 24″ and S2417DG is a great one.

wizard7x says:

Great video! I like it a lot!

Jesan says:

Guys I think I’m gonna buy this. Few questions. Is the blacklight bleed really that terrible as the people say? Is this monitor overrated, too expensive ? Are there any similiar monitors with lower price?

Chris Beech says:

Would this monitor be suitable for gaming hooked up to an Xbox One (with external speakers)? Obviously 60hz is all that’s required, but would the response times be goodnight enough for fast paced FPS?

Unoriginality says:

Excellent review.

p says:

Does it support NVIDIA display card?
Thanks for the video! ^^

xx_miha99_xx says:

hey i wounder if this will be good upgrade now i got LG flatron w2242t ? i really like your videos 🙂

Anter Dogan says:

hey there, i hope you’ll reply to this

I have two u2414h. I am wondering if this monitor would be on the same level with my other two when I mounted them on a triple monitor stand?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Antoun S. Assaf says:

Please , Can i know what was the name for the game (In the 2:35 minutes ) in your video.
Thank you for you video.

DragX Gaming says:

what the difference in U2417H and U2414H

Rafael Ananias says:

How bad actually is the IPS glow mentioned here? Any noticeable backlight bleeding or other problems related to screen uniformity especially on dark environments?

EdEddNEduardo says:

The U2417H is over my budget, I’m afraid, so I’m looking for a cheaper alternative, what can you say about the P2417H?

Naqaa S. Al-Yasiri says:

doesnt have a built in speaker … what a waste money … had to buy speaker

Oka Ruto says:


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