Dell S2716DG 27-inch G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Review

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Acer XB270HU Review:

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Nitin Nigam says:

IPS monitors always LOOSE black details in games making it harder to game in dark areas, while TN panels always have better clarity in terms of Black areas,

Joseph Cuomo says:

Just bought this monitor and that white aura/ghosting/inverse ghosting is a nuisance. Are there any settings to alter that make that go away or am I returning it tomorrow?

Charl van der Merwe says:

By the way, everyone bitching about this monitor being too expensive, including the actual video says it belongs in the 500$ price bracket, well its now in the 500$ price bracket. So what now ?

Tom Lunsford says:

At $450 seems like a great buy

Džiugas Balčiunas says:

now its 500 $ is it worth ?

Kanokanor Seme says:

is color banding normal with this monitor (and other TN)?

worksa8 says:

It’s price dropped I got mine for $500 CAD so… I like it.

Tyler Alcover says:

Its like 499 whet

chetoflep says:

Picked one up for $480 today! Loving it!

Chef Excellence says:

I actually just bought this monitor for $475 new in the box at Best Buy. I think I got a great deal.

noel4140 says:

On sale at the Dell website. Just picked one up. Coming from 1080p/144hz… I really wouldn’t have minded if it was 1080p as well.. I just hope I’m not a complete dumbass going from 144hz non g sync to 144hz with g gynsc.. I have a 1070 too..

OriginalCatfish says:

I have a good old BenQ RL2455, which is a TN, but I’ve never noticed color changing. I can look at it from the side and still everything looks the same.

People praising IPS into heaven like TN is gonna punch a fucking rainbow in your face if you move your head 1 inch.

SHΛRK says:

The 23.8 inch version of this is at 378€ in Europe rn

Benjamin Farlow says:

I paid 415 for mine

wafflecougar says:

I just got it for 450

OZproductions says:


bethel confessions says:

This is on sale for 499 at best it on a monthly basis and has a better Pictire that the x34 predator and pg348q. I own them all and the dell is by far the best I have ever owners

The Lassu says:

Someone is selling this monitor in my country’s online second hand store for 400€ (around 440$) should I pick it up? :d

Robert Kraig says:

It’s $499.99 right now 🙂 so it’s right at the $500 price point at the moment.

Pho King GOD says:

Is it worth buying this for $425 USD?

Jjj 2014 says:

Just got mine today. I don’t think that it should matter whether far left or far right the screen gets darker. Maybe its better so, that the competition can’t peek 😛

p.s. I read a lot of Comics CBR and portrait is the way comics should be read per page =D

Max P says:

i dont fucking care for ips

Avery Lopez says:

i got mine for 350$

John Doe says:

Just got it from Best Buy for $449. It runs so smooth with the 1080 ti

Stephen Weston says:

I got two of these – they were on sale for $450 each. They are amazing monitors, and it makes me wish Dell would be more competitive in the gaming monitor market.

Evanx373 says:

I paid 500 for mine and love it! Had it close to a year now with no problems

doinken1 says:

Right now they’re $499, I bought one, and I am really happy with it.

DeezNuts 2024 says:

since this was uploaded, the price on best buy is now $500-600


Man, I hear so much negativ shit about this monitor, first of all it doesnt has all the shit IPS has with ghosting shit and crappy delays… also it has 8-bit so same colours as most IPS displays.. ALSO its a fucking gaming monitor and gives that PROF aim combined with a nice mouse like the new logitech G pro gaming.
All you retards here think a TN from 2015 is shit because its TN?? COMMON.. you morons probably have a 2002 TN monitor.. ALSO 144hz 4k HDR and IPS gaming monitors are comming very soon!
I HAVE THIS MONITOR AND ITS A FUCKING BEAST!! otherwise i returned it and get something else. . its like 10X better than a top of the line gaming monitor from 2011!! that really says something!! even movies look very nice on this dell, the colours and clarity are fucking amazing

NoobBlogGames says:

its -$500 now :3

RSFmu says:

nice Nigel Good

dxtrjosh1 says:

This had unbearable “white trailing” of text during scrolling. It made it almost unusable. From what I could find was what’s called “pixel inversion” or “pixel overdrive”. It also made it so bright red or green colors during game play would “trail” with a a luminescent lime green when moving the mouse. Dell support forums show this is common for others as well. However, dell never responded to my inquiry about it. Sold it and never again.

AlexanderDefinition says:

Watching this review on this monitor 😀
Excellent monitor in my opinion

Ay re says:

You know something doesn’t know what they are talking about when they say TN panels are bad

Loko8 says:

this monitor is $440 today… yeah its a steal

Lauren Berns III says:

way too expensive for a TN panel

StarScreamPie says:

This is around $500 now on Amazon! =D

nerd Mike says:

27″ 1080p 144hz with freesync. What’s the best model under 300€? I need at least 1 hdmi and 1 DP, with headphones out 🙂 thanks.

cybertec69 says:

I own this monitor, and it is FANTASTIC.

Rasmus Willi says:

At least this monitor doesn’t look like a toy like the competition.

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