Dell S2419NX Monitor Review

This is the dell S2419NX a monitor with thin bezels, and a nice design. But what we really want to know is, is it worth picking up? Let’s get started with a little review.

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The first thing you’ll notice about this monitor is the overall design, it’s nice and pretty with uncooked spaghetti skinny bezels, a faux silver metal stand. And by faux metal I mean, cheap looking plastic that just looks like metal. The back is a little different. There is a giant dell logo on the back, so that your wall can bathe in your brand name monitor and the decent glossy back housing. And by glossy, I mean, it. I can probably shave my face using this thing. Don’t actually do that.

Now onto specs, the monitor has some nice essentials like a 1920 by 1080 resolution IPS display, 60Hz, 5ms response time, 250 nits of brightness, has tilt, and has form-fitting bezels Dell has labeled “Infinity Edge”, sounding like a mediocre video game or terrible edgy username. I’m no expert on color, but the colors look nice and vibrant. The glossy display makes the colors look rich, even if that means allowing enormous amounts of glare. The back has 4 different ports, one for power, 2 hdmi, and an aux port. It’s pretty standard. The menu isn’t hard to use at all and was pretty easy to learn. Dell is aiming this thing as to the business market, but honestly, this would make one awesome looking general monitor that would fit in so many different types of rooms. The design is minimalistic, and I like that, a wallpaper looks more like a piece of art than a desktop on this monitor, with the only piece of branding is that small “dell” label. If you have a rgb light strip, then the lights will make this nice glow on the glossy underside of the monitor. I like to use this monitor for everyday tasks like emails, productivity and it’s just “ok” for gaming. There are definitely better options if you’re looking for that.

Now everything I said has been good, there are a couple of bad things about this monitor. For one, there’s no VESA mount. And that sucks, because these monitors would look amazing side by side with another, on a mount, floating there above your desk. And just putting monitors next to each other, still on their stands, takes up a lot of room. The price tag, is a bit obnoxious for what you’re getting. These thin bezels have a magic feature to them. They make your wallet thin too. $230 retail? Seriously? In this price range, you can start finding sharper monitors, monitors with vesa mounts, more features, etc. Compared to last year’s model, the Dell S2418H, I see almost no difference except for the stand. And If I’m being perfectly honest with you, I think I like the design of the last stand better. To be fair, at the timing of this video the S2419NX is on sale, and its predecessor was also on sale often at best buy, so I would consider checking that out.

Now, that’s just the negatives, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good monitor. It is. It’s main selling point is its looks with that infinity edge display, providing a clean looking monitor. It comes at a premium price and lacks a VESA mount. If you’re looking for something a bit pretty, can hold its own as a monitor, and don’t mind it’s a little bit more expensive because of that. This might be your monitor. I think this thing would look great in any setup and you won’t regret it.

Anyway, guys what do you think? Does the design justify the price? Is this something you’d consider? Comment your thoughts down below, if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up, and well, maybe? Don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you guys next time.


DHawlSmalls says:

Great review! Are those live wallpapers???!

iFleX says:

i appreciate this honest review, thanks man!

صالح عبدالعزيز says:

Is it better than the Dell S2415H

I want to use it for photoshop and primer

Cocktopus says:

120$ worth it?

Thomas Bogstad says:


Sammy Ngu says:

It’s on sale right now for 99.99 on Best Buy should I pull the trigger

MikeMaxis says:

Picked up a 27in at Bestbuy, love it!

Karan Veer says:

Amazing review. This looks so amazing especially with those super thin bezels, Would bought this but 60hz is getting a bit behind, especially in gaming arena for gamers. Thanks subscribed !

Dragon Ball says:

Can I connect my Xbox 360 slim in to this monitor

Alfredo Blanco says:

This one supports HDR as the s2418NX?

L M says:

Can you review the Dell S2319NX?

Respekt Dimes says:

Ur like austin evans with less subs you need like 4 million

skytten csgod says:

does it have glow effect?

Florent M. says:

That reaction and face expression at 2:39 made me subscibe lol

Gamer empire TV says:

I got it for 100 bucks on Best buy

Superlame Username says:

I have the last year’s model. The glossy display with hdr would have been pretty awesome.

Den Li says:

Dude, do a review on Dell S2218H plzz

Fairikz says:

Hi there! I was wondering what wallpaper you had in the background at 0:59. Going to get this monitor and want a great background 🙂

Uh_Luca says:

i have the same background 1:11 and same monitor :O

guillermo salas says:

Picked up this monitor for 90 bucks from best buy. At 230 bucks I would be getting something much nicer.

Василий Пупкин says:

Hey. I have not seen this video on this monitor on the right and left of the blackout on the edges. Are they there? In the video S2418NH you showed them. And here I really do not see them. So they are or not? I watched the live S2419NH and there are blackouts on the left and right. Is it so?

Pereux says:

How many inches?

IJN series says:

I am considering buying this monitor

Joris geras says:

Are this is gaming monitor?

Aleksandr Zhilin says:

Nice review, thank you!

GentleGuy says:

Should it get this or the s2419hm?

Aleman Gaming says:

What keyboard and mouse is that? Looking for one

ibrarghafoor says:

Can i mount soundbar on it? If not then any other option

Ollie Culver says:

does it have USBC

meThinksFoodisGood says:

oooh thanks

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