Cheapest 100Hz Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor – Massdrop Vast

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Massdrop set out to make the best gaming monitor they could at the lowest price…but what did they have to sacrifice to do it?

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Bob Joe says:

It’s not $150

EnKeksinyParempaaNimee says:

you don´t need 4K monitor at 2k19.

OliXtraGames says:

Who saw it on for 70$ ?
Big scam haha ? I think !

Eli Hal says:

I personally like that navigation thumb stick on the back. I also LOVE that there is “NO” USB in the monitor.

Diego Torres says:

Linus, didn’t you mention in another video that 21:9 aspect ratio is supported only on HDMI 2.0 and above? so, does a PC’s with HDMI 1.4 will run at 3440 x 1440 pixels at a refresh rate of 50Hz?

Jericho Perez says:

If you really want these kind of specs you really should buy this when you can. Every other option seems to be $500 – 600 more.

ctex info says:

were i could buy it

Metal Kolsto says:

Linus do you know a
Good budget 144hz monitor to go with around 100-150 bucks?

Newb not Pro says:

Does the display port give 100hz

Lex & Chev Daily says:

Good for console???

Nate King says:

Bruh what up with this Facebook ad using your review to sell bogus Massdrop monitors for $70 bucks like the one in this video??


Who is here after that scam advertisment on instagram and facebook?

Orange Peel says:

I have one of these but HDR is greyed out in osd… help!

Serotoninツ says:

my budget is $118 for a monitor (ultrawide)

Bob dabiuld says:

RIP Luke

Aidan Christmas says:

I really wish that someone could make an ultrawide curved monitor that’s under $200. If only…

Administrator says:

2:42 Max is so hawt

Serotoninツ says:

is there a vga port

Alex says:

What is that game he’s showcasing? The one with the floating islands and airship

Racky Rayal says:

I found an 144hz curved gaming monitor for 687$Fnd aan

mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta says:

where tu buy i saw in 69 usd free shiping world wide the price is ridiculous ! i can find the link now

scyth dragon says:

Jalan is back, ur right

Shon TV says:

Its back to 70 usd

Audrey Jit says:

Gaming mouse is cheap tnx for the suggestion

Aiden Moyer says:

Cheap my fucking ass linus I’m a bit disappointed.

Devin Boggs says:

Soooo this monitor is now on sale for $69 a piece. I am still skeptical about it but hell at that price im buying 2. We will see how they compare to my alienware 34in curved monitor.

RkeK0ke says:

linus its not youre fired and not allowed to work here anymore. ITS jobn’t

William says:

You give up Gsync AND IPS

xalucardx85 says:

Hey @Linus, a year later, how would this monitor be for a Radeon VII?

chogg922 1 says:

Did you just tell all your employs theat they were fierd

50%off Bleach says:

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