Cheap Korean Curved Ultrawide 100Hz Gaming Monitor

The “ultrawide” experience is now available for $400 less than other 100Hz options with the M340CLZ from Microboard! But is it worth what you give up?

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Linus if you are doing a giveaway I would really appreciate it.
I have, for nearly two years now played on a nvidia 745 designed for work only.

Don Raggo says:

Linus reminds me of when I hope to be rich…..

you know it's just life says:

Aoc moniter

Kozig says:

The thing I like about this is that everything on the monitor is either silver, or black… I hate the red and black when I have a blue setup.

TJRavenD says:

Thx Linus, that pun at the start encouraged me to stop watching so many youtube videos today! Lol

Itz Mohammed says:

I live in Kuwait I bought an acre predator 4K monitor brand new from x cite which is Kuwait version of Best Buy for 125kd which is about 350 USD

Jarmo Kylmäaho says:

What’s that devilish testbed with Noctua tentacles? I want one.

Robert says:

Do u feel fast with that high DPI infront of u ?

Shadow Blade says:

in the sponsor clip he said xsex lol

전원택 says:

Power of koreans

Patrick Costigan says:

Why dose the amazon link to some random monitor

Pulled A Jack says:

It’s 700 bucks on eBay Linus…

Andrew E says:

The phrase ‘reached out to me’ should be buried at the end of 2017.

Jason Wydra says:

thumbs down for arm and foot jokes… 😐

Sam Cowley says:

They are all sold out :'(

eurosonly says:

Shows as was 1299…..but no one bought it because they bought all the name brand ones so they halved the price to make the product more appealing. Desperate move

jij hrw says:


Sam Swing says:

That arm and foot joke never gets old.

Skye G says:

That is now $600 so very disappointed

veale011 says:

Worth getting one for a console?

Aaron Stokes says:

‘cheap’ by cheap i mean under 400 dollars

tom04 gaming says:

Wtf this is one on the cheapest ones I’ve ever seen and still if I bought it I would be broke.

Jakov Popović says:

Dude, he MUST be sick. He’s wearing socks and sandals.

poo-de-pie da best says:

Cheap? How about cheaper, I’m using my old 20″ flat screen as a monitor, oh and I’m using an old hand me down laptop as my pc

Viraj Kadbhane says:

STOP! Did you watch the video first?

KLz_cz Chzuoh says:


Ilias Alloune says:

The used computer that i bought Was actually made by zotac

Linky Films says:

I was thinking 300$ not 700 -_-

Mechanical Eng says:

It’s £600 in the uk!!!!! that is not fuckin cheap.

you know it's just life says:

I got a wide monitor for free

김명기 says:

그닥 싸지도 않고 AMD 싱크네…

Noodle 5/4 says:

How many hours do you think Linus has on crysis 3

Rod says:


William Kendrick says:

OK HOW MUCH IS IT !>?!>?!?!?!

haziq ali says:

But can it run crysis

EonTheReal says:

I noticed Linus using a lot of online tools and programs to help him check and review the monitor. Is there a video explaining the methodology of checking a monitor?


you should work in a commedy movie

SugaiLes says:

hahahahah theres an arm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

poo-de-pie da best says:


Vidios is here says:

You could get my pc for the price diffrence (not for sale tho)

Tiberiu Iulian says:

good vid

The Awpster says:

i wanna see linus review porn

DevilsCookies says:

To make a point at the difference you notice up to a 100Hz, I overclocked my pretty old FHD LED monitor (about 6yrs old) from 60 to 75Hz and yes, you can definetely see the difference, it’s not that big of course, but I immediatly notice more lag when going down to 60Hz, it is an overall better experience, even when just browsing the web and moving the cursor, it feels smoother, laugh at me, but adding 15Hz to 60 actually makes a noticeable yet maybe somewhat useless difference.

NotaVoltorb says:

3400 people spent 1600 dollars


it costs as much as my build

The Gamer King says:

In the whole vid he keeps saying CHEAP and am like were?

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