CHEAP Korean 144Hz Gaming Monitor – Classic Unboxing

This may be the best monitor deal on the market today…

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noonerofl says:

Looks exactly like the monoprice 4k freesync monitor I bought for $250. Same with buttons in the back and aluminum stand. Menu is same as well. Same OEM?

RusTeR says:

Did he meant $299.00

I know he Ate the cheese says:


FormaAlert says:


justin hike says:

That’s not cheap it’s going for 300 when you can get a good brand 144hz monitor for 250

stjaeger81 says:

Asian power cord? lol but it has a CEE 7/7 plug for europe and russia 😀

David Cooper says:

Amazing how cheap you can sell a product overseas when the losses are subsidized by the government…you cannot physically create this product and ship it across the world at a cheaper price than locally created.

Pankos Dankos says:

Sooo If have an 1920×1080 Laptop, can i have that monitor with the Big resolution?

DougieWild says:

silly boy, you turn the box upside down and remove the box upwards.. “then you can rotate the foamed and padded item to your likings content. :))

techygrams 2017 says:


Zacspark says:

I thought he said cheap

Kirenas says:

The power cord you get isn’t “Asian”. It’s for European outlets..

Beeps says:

399 now :/

Zipp4Everyone says:

Sexy silicon wafer in the background… Oh and nice vid!

vodozhaba says:

“Asian power cord”?! You racist. It’s european.

1Kurgan1 says:

Looking at my Acer Predator x34 stand then back at that one is very entertaining. I wonder where they got the design for that stand from… lol.


i like how lolly bomb was recommended to me after this

Hanger Lei says:

Korean is CHEAP. lol

madman2u says:

Price has gone up $100 since this video was posted. Something worth mentioning.

Aaron Dunn says:

A-Train reference…
Did you play? If so, what? Imma guess Trumpet…3. 3rd trumpet. :p

Matthew Hamel says:

Pls someone send me a link to where i can get one of thees for 300$ or just a bit more. I cant spend more than 350 on a moniters but i cant find one of thees anywhere for less than 400. I cant even find them in stock! ): is there somone who sells them on Amazon?

Holo Vision says:

Actually we koreans not using that The monitor for 144hz and Cheap modell that usally using in korea is dp2414 for 150$

Gustavs Reders says:

299 $……..

A Shaf says:

4 months later seems like the price went to the $500 range. I hope they paid you at least 100k for sponsoring them. Not only did they get to dump all of their inventory in the first hour of the video they got to basically double their price and still keep selling after that.

TUmaDO says:

the screen looks like exactly like acer’s x34 , the stand looks exactly the same

Wilber Chevez says:


Zacspark says:

Quick question hdmi or dvi

David Prestin says:

It’s kinda small….

TheWastedViking says:

Of course I can’t get this in Denmark.

iLLuSioN tX says:

I fuck with u but what the fuck is on your feet

Master Kush says:

its not a Chinese power cord. its a power cord the whole world is using except America

RogueAgent GamingX says:

wheres tye foam padding????

Lincoln Everett says:

Linus can I have that PC

Phantom says:

I like how pleased you are with yourself throughout the entire video.

veiga devil says:

299? you can get cheaper monitors from known brands for dat money…

GoddessCarly says:

But ew freesync

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