Best NEW Gaming Monitors of 2018

A PC is only as good as the monitor you use for it. Here are our recommendations for the newest gaming monitors in 2018.
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AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition

Samsung CHG70

ViewSonic VX2758-CMH 27”

Acer Predator X27

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ


Kaluchi says:

When the monitor costs more then ur gaming rig all together

Fat Cock says:

are you fr a 4 ms response time like you have to be joking

Live Free Or Die says:

Really these are the best WHY!! Not 1ms Not 144 mhz. Curved yes but you lose response time. So not the best monitors !!!!!!

D Jaquith says:

I’m STILL WAITING for the ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ Gaming Monitor – “35 inch, Ultra-WQHD, HDR, 21:9 Curved, 200Hz, G- SYNC™. 35-inch UWQHD (3440 x 1440).”

Bob is the Big Man says:

I get paying $500 for a monitor, I get paying $1000 for a monitor, but $2500? That is just not worth it regardless of what it has and/or offers.

Rowan Robinson says:

There’s a z at the end of Hertz

Pauly Pawel Swoly says:

I got the samsung 32″ pretty epic but sometimes i feel its to big. my asus 27 rog swift was dope

Logic says:

You’re missing the Ben Q EW32 HDR 4k monitor its only 6 months old and it has a really great picture. I just bought it for 600 off Amazon and I’ve been grinding out Red Dead 2 on it and it looks amazing at 4k with HDR 10. I don’t see any problems with HDR on Red Dead 2 like some people have been claiming to have on higher end television sets and the Benq EW32 has only 4 ms input lag, Its 32 inches, 4K, HDR, if you’re just a console gamer its super awesome for the Xbox X and PS4 Pro.

Madskilld james says:

2500 wtf

X-RaY ViDz says:

Strongly disagree with your list. I can’t believe you don’t have PG279Q or BenQ XL2546 on your list smh

stephen martinez says:


João Judas says:

How can you call something “ gaming…” and then slap a bunch of 4K monitors around?

Zac Mullins says:

Did you steal parts of this video too?

Zyllon says:

Wow so you CAN get monitors more expensive than an actual pc


what game is playing on the monitor in the video?

Asa Spencer says:

No prices? What’s the point

Abdul Aziz says:

X27 is better.

Naavin Naavin says:

Can someone explain me what is different between 60 ,144hz monitor

Kerrick Logan says:

Are TN panels just irrelevant now?

Flisker says:

Well, there is still nothing better than ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q, this new Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is just bullshit.

1. The color issue
2. 27 inch @ 4K get the fu*k out of here, it’s not usable even on 36 inch panel. So you will basically have to run 1440p anyway, or 1080p if you want to play at high/ultra settings on that 144Hz… and ofc you want, why would u buy the high refresh monitor otherwise…
3. Just get the PG279Q, use 165Hz w/ G-sync or 120Hz ULMB@10 interval (which is absolutely insane experience…. if you don’t mind the low brightness) and you will save like 1300$.

It really sucks that nobody is able to make 27″/1440p/240Hz ULMB with very low response and processing time panel. (I mean low real complete processing time, not the marketing 1ms bs) That would be monitor everyone would be like “OMFG I cannot believe this!”.

DopezKing says:

Honest Question – isnt a responetime of 4 ms shit? like there are so many Monitors with 1 ms response Time, 144 hz and 2 k resolution, isnt that much better?

zaky986 says:

So between the AOC and Samsung but the 27 inch version, which one should i get … quality wise?

Scott Attaway says:

on the budget side of things I just bought a Acer KG271U for $300. its a 1440p, 1ms response, 144hz TN panel, and has Freesync. I think its a great monitor for the price if you are looking bang for buck.

Bxnax Mxxnaxx says:

if only i knew if there where more options than the ROG swift PG279Q, cause i need something of that spec, but id feel more assured if there was less of a lotto, and more recent..,(specially since i plan to use 3) being at 2560x1440p(with G-Sync).., i would need it for my first build.., but.., sadly.., such req are low when it comes to how many meet that standard and are new.., since everyone is crazed on going higher, but not much support for lower resolutions heading forward.., (edit: by which i mean, resolutions being focused on at that spec, since higher res and 4k seem to be the new focus now)


I wish there were 24 inch inch 1080p 144hz monitors with ips panels, but in my fucking dreams right lol.

survivalboxing says:

Sending back my new 750€ PG279Q for backlight bleeding and 2cm dark spot. Will be hard to convince me to send anymore money to Asus!

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