Best Monitor Under $200? Dell S2415H

The Dell S2415H is possibly the best monitor under $200. This video is filled with all the details that you will need to know before buying this monitor.


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ASF Kelly says:

Hello Vulcan Person.

figo putin says:

Is Good for gaming?

Nik Yakovlev says:

I bought the monitor and it is even better then he tells you. Its freaking amazing!!!

BamSavageTV says:

This got delivered to my house yesterday, now I’m waiting for my Ultra $3500 Custom Gaming PC which will be delivered in a month.

LF G says:

what about HP 22 ES

NEONTV says:

it helps me a lot dude thanks!

BabyTrexSmelly says:

kids are too young to get monitor and monitors are not for kids games are not for kids eating is not for kids too and last one is that kids are too young ti drink and drinking is not for kids drinking monitor eating games are for adults
pls don’t hate me guys

Kristian Ramljak says:

that sucks for gaming

Neeraj Khurana says:

Hey !!
Amazing Video.

I’m planning to buy a monitor under/around $180 and am very confused as to which monitor to buy. I am into photo and video editing(not yet a pro). Can you please help me chosing the best monitor available today in this budget?
Thank you already.

NA Lobster says:

Lenovo recently dished out a 24 inch screen with a 2.5k x 1.4k display for 200 dollars. It’s really good (I got it 2 days ago). The only downside its a fixed stand and there isn’t an option to mount it to an arm.

heisenberg pinkman says:

pls give link to the thor wallpaper at 1:55

Alvaro Ramos says:

plase, stop doing focus effects

smileandlaughs says:

6ms response time. it’s crap.

fistsOFfury366 D says:

You do realize most of the dislikes are from this gay cancer background music. Fuck off cunt.

Oscar Tobar says:

Can it game???

Lewys Cousins says:

I have to say, for someone so young and with so little subscribers this is an incredibly well produced video that could rival any large tech YouTuber like Linus, MKBHD, Unbox Theropy etc

Love the way you shot it, voiced it and presented the product!!
You’re gonna get much bigger as a channel I can assure you 😛

DoubleTap says:

You have only 1K you deserve way more. Like way more! I mean way more!!

Sean Archer says:

Good job with the video. Keep it up.

peter kernohan says:

wy do you only have 1 k sbs I thought it said 1mil like what!!!!!

Victor Fenton Aguilar says:

Can it connect to a chromebook

Joshua Chong says:

was looking for a new monitor. imma switch from my samsung 24inch tn, to this beautiful ips display woohooo…..

Andaya Jezreel says:

it suck bro you can get 1ms and 144hz monitor for under 200bucks

John Hooper says:

Super Low contrast IPS Panel.. dont get an IPS monitor..

Nader M says:

Great review! Keep up the good work! You are going to go far in life.

vijay kumar says:

Can we connect this monitor directly to external speakers without using CPU?

arash mohammady says:

Guys this monitor is not the best under $200 thats just bullshit. Heres a better one the asus VG245H.

Jacob Kusumadinatha says:

With LG 23mp68vq. Which one is better?

Ryan Hall says:

Excellent Review for an Excellent monitor. I Play my PS4 Pro on this monitor. Games like DriveClub, TitanFall 2, Uncharted 4 Battlefield 1, and especially Ratchet and Clank look 4K like according to my friends. Beautiful glossy screen, I will NEVER use matte again. Complete Luxury, good job Dell.

Michael Palacios says:

Is this good for gaming

Notorious Phil says:

Saw the vídeo, just bought the monitor


can it be wall mounted

Sarth Frey says:

What’s the music at the very beginning during the intro at 0:08?

fistsOFfury366 D says:

Fuck off with that background music.

Andreas S says:

you’ve successfully convinced me to buy one. The video is great too! Good job bro

Adrox says:

What about the S2418HN?

Crave Van says:

If anybody wants a good 1080p monitor for an insanely affordable price buy Sceptre monitors on Amazon.

gurvinder singh says:

Which of these monitor is best? S2415H OR S2418H ..PLEAEE TELL ME

Missa Villanueva says:

does this monitor have a USB port???

Pety says:

Did you really copy and paste the entire script for this review from the PC website?

Unlucky says:

6ms is a bit high, I have the BENQ $130 2ms monitor and I think that’s a better deal for the money. Though; it’s not IPS.

Berüchtigt187 er says:

Jezz,youre ugly asf!

Pamal Mangat says:

Will my ps4 run fine in this?

Belle Rodz says:

can u play ps4 on it??

Ishan Kalinga says:

Nice review bro

arash mohammady says:

The asus VG245H has 75hz, 1ms response time, 24in, a thin chin, and more features for $179.

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