Best Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitor – ASUS VG248QE

How much better is a 144Hz monitor vs a 60Hz monitor?
144Hz ASUS VG248QE Review with Gameplay tests, 60Hz vs 144Hz?
This 144hz monitor is under $250 and great for Esports competitive play.

Experience The 144Hz ASUS VG248QE!!

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Game played: Rainbow Six Siege white noise

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Erik Rojas says:

Haha he said Joey I’m sucking your dick 7:48

Lolnik says:

Whats the song starting from 6:49?

Lavone Coleman says:

does it have hdmi?

Sonam Phuntsok says:

What happens if u have a bad pc but a good monitor like the one in ur vid

miko. says:

Just got this, it’s rlly good

toqe says:

just bought this one, after playing csgo for 4200hours on 60hz i was shocked to realize what i was missing all this time.

Joseph Louis says:

Awful video. Please stop.

Apex paradox says:

Joe I found a monitor that is hella clean I think you should check it out it’s called HP 24es

Casual Ark says:

Does anyone know a good display port for this monitor?

Alexander T33 says:


Jacko Blue says:

nice video!

Kelvin Gamboa says:

Joey you think I should get this monitor to use on my PS4 Slim ?

Dark_ Souls says:

Tampoco me cuentes tu vida cracccckkkkkkkk

;;justin says:

u can use display port or dvi for 144hz 😉

WetworkOrange says:

Like butter! I’m going to get the 27 in. Thanks for the review, buddy.

Alexander T33 says:


Time Shakes says:

ok I have a 60hz 4k monitor, I want this monitor but my friends are telling me the monitor I have is fine, any advice?

Duel CoreEntertainment says:

I got two of these they’re amazing speakers suck tho

øk áy says:

nice bro i wish i had 3 of them cause i only have a 60hz

Marsh MellyX_X says:

7:50 that guy just sad Joey Joey!!!! Im sucking your D.I.C.K

Roberto Perez says:

can it run the same on an xbox on x ?

Tristan says:

what’s the GPU man?

Aaron Finnerud says:

I like you because you play siege 🙂

1313CHORIZOMAN says:

I know u just tried a 1080p 144hz monitor but have u tried a 1440p 144hz monitor? Is it worth the extra price ? Wich is double. I can get 2 monitora and a nice stand fpr the price of one 1440p monitor.

Carlos Avendano says:

He lost a chromosome at 4:35

Jaden Bastien says:

Joey = Clutch God

German Henriquez says:

4:33 cringe

Dennis Grießner says:

just casually browsing youtube looking for people to experience 144hz for the first time. similar experience for me, just warms my heart.

Saniksnipe says:

You got memepark and tower?

Joey Delgado says:

NEW Best $1000 Gaming PC for 2018

Damon Neszpor says:

“Joey I’m sucking ur di”

axaxouxa13 says:

This one doesn’t support freesync. Should i buy this one or another one with the same budget that has this feature? My fps is definitely below 144. I can play with 90 +/- 10 fps.

DeathWxshes says:

Budget you say…

Cr7 Gaming says:

No screen tearing

S A N N E says:

7:51 he’s sucking his what? lol

Jacob_s says:

yo i just bought it:D

ColtOHD says:

Im so confused… He gets ADS points for blocking a smoke when he has 2 still in his INV

StreetHero says:

Does a 144hz monitor work for ps4 pro?

maxwellTV says:

7:50 LOL

Submaridz says:

Buy the samsung cfg70 , its better va panel 1ms

Gede Mangku says:

make 60fps vid bro

Kugiiful says:

i love you

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