Best 4K TV for a Computer Monitor! – Sony 43X720E

This is the best 4K TV I could find to use as a computer monitor. And to my surprise it works really well, especially for productivity.

Sony KD43X720E 43″ 4K TV (US) (CA) (UK)

Alternatively you could just get the LG or Dell 43″ Monitor instead of a TV if you want DisplayPort connectivity, proper standby power and stand. But I found the Sony TV route a little cheaper and it’s also flicker free, whereas the LG/Dell aren’t.

LG 43UD79-B 43″ 4K PC Monitor (US) (CA) (UK)


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Javier Velazquez says:

do you recommend the mouse g602 to buy it in 2018?

Dennis Dowd says:

Surely the future of monitors I feel, at least for some of us. It is nice to have options. The lack of curve and other details like the on/off etc. will eventually be addressed down the road. Thanks.

09 camaro says:

@David Zhang
what is the feature button that you are clicking when you are putting word and adobe side by side at 1:20 ?
and 1:29 your chrome has that button but I couldn’t find it in my chrome.

Vpm41102 says:

What is the chair you are using?

Simon Khong says:

I’m rocking the Kef Q100’s for my desktop setup as well! Beautiful visually and sound great

Titus Tan says:

Nice video! For a screen so big, definitely go for the curve screen!

Chris J says:

great work man. being sort of original and bringing a new few to monitors while keeping it practical en logical. also love the song and wallpaper. I cant understand why you don’t have more subs, love your vids.

Beatbox 0 says:

Why so rare

Akhyar Imam says:

GREAT VIDEOS!!! keep up the great work bro

Corteth says:

I have a question about chroma subsampling. Is there a noticeable visual difference between 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 on a PC monitor (quantumdot IPS, 99% Adobe RGB, 96% DCI-P3)? And would you rather prefer 4k 4:4:4 SDR or 4k 4:2:2 HDR (with the monitor being capable of real HDR and 1000 cd/m² brightness)?

CheapAssReviews says:

Never seen reddit look so good 🙂 ‘nother great video David! Loved graphics for the screen real estate.

Angrage Macmuffins says:

To use a screen this big as a monitor, it needs a curve. preferably an agressive one.

Nate W says:

Does anyone know what speakers David is using?

Briton Wells says:

Nice review. Was considering the new 49″ X900F, but I think I’m going to wait until HDMI 2.1 with proper variable refresh rate, hdr, and 120hz

Bernhard van den Ende says:

ive been looking into this, i dont do PC gaming but I just want a bigger monitor for productivity reasons. Def. gonna do it now. Just a question though: why dont you try hanging it on the monitor stand that is attached to your desk?

miu yarai says:


kowkey28 says:

Can you do a review with those KEF speakers you have there please.

omfgitsshan says:

David, have you considered the Dell 38″ U3818W as a replacement? If you’re bored of the 34″ ultra wide, I’m sue the 38″ would be the sweet spot for you. A curve plus higher resolution. Plus I just want to see your review of the Dell 38″ ultra wide 😉

BattleBoss 2310 says:

1:44 that hand movements are like the awkward handshake lmao

Peter Lustig says:

such a retard.. meanwhile there are real 43 inch monitors.. LG, philips with ips.. but yeah lets use a glossy TV! idiot..

Alinutz Alin says:

hmm, nice KEF speakers you got there !

ChubbyCuffsTech says:

great video as always. i agree with all these comments that you should post more though.

jacky80878087 says:

what do you use for the title bar to have more function keys?

Daisudori says:

Hey bro, Im looking to buy similar model here in Europe, (x7004e) Does this support 1440p 60hz? (and does the upscaling look alright?) they say it does on Rtings, but I cant find in US or EU manual. Want to be sure about this, thanks for asnwering!

GreifiEclipse says:

TWO WORDS: *Underrated af*

Ed Huang says:

Is that a xbox 360? GEEZ

Jim's Cool YouTube Channel says:

I have a 40 inch vizio is the same and cheaper

whorutothink says:

Been using a 42″, 1080p Sharp for the past few years and it works fairly well. However, I am currently looking into getting two 27″, 1440p monitors with higher refresh rates for both productivity and recreational purposes. The 42″ Sharp works very well and for $300 new in 2014 it was a great deal.

eljonag18 Jona says:

hi, is this rgb panel or rgbw? tks

Challenge Express says:

Your voice recording is outstanding!

arul s says:

Heyy David hah what’s up buddy you’re a famous YouTuber eh. Heh verryy nice video… Keep it up!

MageThief says:

I always get happy when I watch your videos, keep them coming.

diff mull says:

are the tv builtin speakers bearable on a bigger screen, better than those found in monitors?

lontyS says:

He’s back! Finally!

Taras Makoviychuk says:

Do you have any lagging in your mouse?

PowerLeef says:

if they have a model that comes in a 30 inch with component input, I’d pounce on one!

lelionmusic says:

Ayy I got the same speakers, really nice

SStech says:

His name should be “DOPEman” Good Work

Jose Hernandez says:

What type of desk mount could you use for a 43’ monitor? Something that will allow for some height adjustment

ItsZander says:

*it’s free real estate*

Ken C says:

What keyboard is that?

KDuB9I6 says:

Hey do you know if this is overclock-able? I’d love to know if this is capable of doing 1080 at 120hz. Thanks!

Kenny Lam says:

How do you like the kef speakers compared to the edifier speakers?

Almy says:

Watching this video on 3×1 portrait triple monitor setup. I have lined up the screens in a slight angle so I can see the far corners of the screens without any issues. I have always been a big fan of huge screen but the reason why I went with multiple screens rather than one huge screen was mainly the input lag and the high cost of curved screens.

Hysterical Tube says:

Please can I get another condo tour your plane is amazing

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