ASUS MX279-H Monitor Review!

Are Full HD Monitors still worth purchasing in 2016? Here’s my review of the MX279-H display from Asus.

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The Introspective Christian says:

The wallpaper is a mac wallpaper. Google mac wallpapers and you should come across it.

Erzl says:

What kind of cool lamps are these? >_>

Andy Tang says:

Goooood review! I’ve been looking for a video like this to justify getting this screen for gaming and watching movies.

Christian Perez says:

Isn’t the top part of the screen a bit darker than the bottom part of the screen? My VX238H has this issue and it’s very annoying, I dont want a monitor that has the same issue im trying to replace.

Stevie Wonder says:

ppl buy 4K monitors to watch movies on YT that are not trully a 4K. So do they play games at 4K??? Well if you got good GPU and watch little details on the background…

Stanley Tsotetsi says:

great man

Velotikgames says:


Hey Man says:

Is it as stable and not blurry as a CTR TV?

Deibys Torres says:


TheDeathflows says:

Can i connect speakers directly to this monitor and not to my pc?

Victor Kohler says:

1 ms ??

Martin Ivanov says:

should pixels be visible on a 24inch ? or the one i got is trash 😀 because i can see them clearly on bright blue and orange colors and its disgusting

Daedric Lord says:

Hey man, great review and definitely great video quality (your camera must be a BEAST). Only one question as this is really importand to me since i want to connect my ps4 on it: Can i connect any speakers in that rca input at the back of the monitor? Or is there a watt cap restriction? Would appreciate an answer to this.

wjdghaks says:

Question. Are you from Australia? and if so where did you get it from? best place to get it from in QLD?
Thank you in advance
Loved the video

westfield90 says:

I have this and love it

McCallaghan Existed says:

wow your channel grow so fast! been around since you hit about 5k. great high video quality production as always and i like the style of your videos. keep it up mate, love your accent 😀

MicroMicro says:

Straight to the point and professional looking video, subbed instantly!!

FreeDooMusic says:

You desperately need acoustic treatment. the room reverberation is way too loud. if you build custom absorption panels you can make the discrete looking cover them with fabric of the same color as your walls. perhaps even use them for design by adding LED strips on the back of them giving an outward surrounding glow. would look cool.

A says:

bought this a year ago, i’m just a regular person who does some light gaming and work on pc. this monitor was not very good in my opinion, difficult to change settings, flimsy base, colors are oversaturated…. if you want a monitor that looks beautiful buy this. otherwise get another one

somewhereoutthere says:

what keyboard are you using?

CodersExpo says:

wow @3:12 is that the trim around the monitor pealing away??

Dragisa Trojancevic says:

This monitor or Dell P2717H (for graphic design)?

Christian Perez says:

Is console gaming good on this?

yarisTSk04spec3ringtool says:

sweet setup

Armand Guanlao says:

Hello, how do texts appear in a 27″ 1080p monitor? I am actually considering in getting the same size monitor but is quite having second thoughts between a 24 and 27 inch one since they have different pixels per inch or ppi.

I may be looking in a lot of texts in notepad, word processors and spreadsheets aside from the usual movie watching and gaming.

Please share your thoughts. Thank you! 🙂

Khairi Kamar says:

I want to buy this monitor. What do you think of the integrated speakers clarity? Are they good? I expect it won’t bass heavy but are they still ok?

TheDavePhan says:

Got mine in the mail today from BestBuy for 179.99 US Dollars. Has quite a bit of light bleed but I am guessing that is with any IPS panel.. it is pretty bad though

Applecake Bf says:

Does this flicker much?

Marcos Luna says:

Hello friend i’m from Brazil, how is the ghosting of this monitor for games leaves much trace ?.

gilerolero says:

hello great review, just one question, how can I activate the speakers of the monitor, the volume i have is the volume of my mac, y use vga (rgb) conection, please answer?

Flavius King says:

what are your settings? this monitor looks so blurry/grainy. looks horrible while PC gamingvand ps4

itscdefg says:

Just bought one from a guy on OfferUp for 100!

Lou g says:

Awesome Review! What is the name of your Wallpaper that you use in the Video? i am buying the same Monitor now and want to get the same Background because it looks beautiful!:)

StickyTaco says:

Would this work for Mac Mini? If so, what cables would I need to connect it?

Lorenzo Rep says:

What is the name of your camera?

Schmidteren says:

Looking at peformance charts with newer gpus and one I have. Seems to me I’m still gonna buy 1080p.

BESTEnglishFun says:

Have you tried to adjust the mode when watching youtube videos to “scenery” etc? No improvement in video quality when you adjust it?

MuchosGustersen says:

Love these monitors. I use these in my dual setup.

daniel the best says:

Will a web cam on it fit? Looks really slim

tzoom12 says:

First time here.Nice review!You remind me Martin Gore from Depeche Mode 🙂

Andrew Wukusick says:

I’m still using a 32″ 720p monitor so this would definitely be an upgrade fro me.

Localz says:

What wallpaper is that

Skydrow Bryan says:

how can I get that wallpaper?

Phil K says:

Good review. Very informative telling us what the rest aren’t for some reason

JamesG10100 says:

What are the physical dimensions (WxH) of the monitor from the desk surface to the top of the monitor and from left to right sides of the monitor? I have a fixed space to put a monitor and want to make sure it fits. Great Video!!!

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