Artist Review: Dell U2717D Monitor

Dell U2717D is a budget IPS screen good enough for graphic design work. Downside is there is blacklight bleeding when your room is in total darkness. If you want an even better screen, then go for the Dell UP2716D (reviewed at )

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Sabba says:

Screen is a bit too bright, especially during the night, backlight is not uniform and it is to slow for gaming… my review after two weeks of usage…

Marino Vargas says:

Hi Teoh, I’m a graphic designer over here and just bought this because well…budget xD Would you mind helping me with the settings so I can get the most, or proper, colors?

Максим Е. says:

Thank you!

djchristian82 says:

How come this as a successor to UP2716D is worse? Or is this really a successor to U2715H? Because U2717D is not a Widegamut monitor right?

LittleFox says:

Thank you for the review!

Tobias Göbel says:

Hi there working in Web Development would you say this can compete with a 4k monitor like the Dell P2715Q 27 ?

Sunghoon Kim says:

Hello Teoh Yi, I bought this monitor and I am just wondering if you see any text fuzziness specially when you see any websites or text on menu area. I connected my macbook pro retina 2014 with thunderbolt to dp. Images look OK but many cases the text isn’t that sharp. I might be sensitive but I think it is quite obvious. do I have to go with 4k monitor?

Edu Nogueira Photography says:

How are you on your macbook on the monitor?
Do you use which entry?

Ethan M says:

I’d lie a cat reader pot. thanks for the review

Luke Szeflinski says:

Isn’t U2715H with it’s ISP panel better than U2717 that has PSL panel?

Saulo Padilha says:

Thanks for the great review. I’m currently using an iMac 27″ from 2011 and now I need more mobility and bought a MacBook Pro 15″ Retina. I’m looking for a good monitor that could be as good as the iMac display. I’m a web developer and I like the large space I have with the 2560*1440 resolution.

Do you think this monitor is a good option to replace the iMac 27″ display?

Shyam R says:

Thanks for the video. How is this different from U2715H other than the thin bezel ?

bob donkey says:

This is considered budget?!

Cynthia Jessica says:

compare with dell u2515h , Which is Better?
and the screen size dell u2717d is much larger than dell u2515h?

michail alexandrou says:

will i have problem with backlight bleeding ?

FireBlade says:

Hi Teoh, I am an amateur photographer, you suggest which monitor? UP2716D or U2717D ?? . Merci 🙂

Anthony Dominic says:

Hi, I have question how to activate the USB on the left do I have to download any drivers If u have links for the drivers would be helpful I am using the Dell P 2717h

Adam Ramirez says:

Can’t decide between this one and the U2715 🙁

John Rowley says:

If you are trying to choose between the UP2716D and this U2717D as I was, it’s worth noting that the 2717D uses almost half the watts in power consumption

Aseem Patni says:

How does this monitor compare to Dell U2718Q?

Nash Struck says:


KL Tah says:

how does the 2717d compare to the 2715h? i can save about a hundred sing if i get the 2715h.

Jon Hellier says:

Would you prefer to get the u3017 (2560×1600) if you had the cash?  For photography the extra 160 vertical pixels would be useful for displaying vertical photos. The monitor is much more expensive though… I am trying to decide whether to get this screen or a Dell u3017 (or even 4k monitor).

SonofGalahad says:

Thank you sir. I am considering this model and appreciate your thoughtful review. Be well.

KAI ART says:

Hey Teoh, thanks for the awesome reviews, but with Dell UP2716D 27 still being a bit better but nearly impossible to buy in Canada what do you think is the best option for around the same price ? Thanks!

wnsh says:

Is it normal for there to be subtle vignetting along the left and right edges of the display? This is my first IPS monitor so I have little experience.

atta ullah says:

off topic question what camera is that on your desk? seems mirrorless

Laurent L says:

Hello, how to you get the all black screen to test backlight bleeding ? Is there a 4K black image that can be downloaded somewhere ?

Jeffrey Örnerstedt says:

On UP2716D I was quite sold on the blackness/contrast feature where the blacks really are black. Do this monitor also feature that blackness?

Amruta Chavan says:

Hi sir.. plz suggest mi for photo editing monitor under 10,000 rs. …wating your reply sir 🙂

Luke Szeflinski says:

Teoh Yi Chie which newest dell is straight succesor to 2711 model? is it u2717 or up2716d ?

Josue A. de Lima says:

Hi, Im dedicated to web development and app development mostly, some times I do some graphic design, but never for printing, should you recommend me this monitor or I should go for a cheaper option with no the same color accuracy? I like the quality of dell hardware, but Im also tempted for the Asus PB278Q or the BenQ option, I work every day on 2015 MacBook Pro so I’m searching for at least the quality of the display of my mac.

Daniel Lipkind says:

I did a gradient test to see how smooth the gradients are viewed on my DELL U2717D (just resently bought it). But the gradients on most colours aren’t that smooth. I see the small ‘strips’ going from the darkest area, but they are very suddle and small. On the gray I can also see a pinkinsh colour in some areas, but only if you focus you vision pretty hard. Is it OK?

Đô Cao Xuân says:

Dear Mr. Tech Yi Chie
I am considering 3 options
1. S2817Q – 4K – 1.07 B color – 28inch – little thick edge
2. U2717D – 2K – 16.7M color – 27 inch – very lovely edge
3. 2716D – samesame
My system – i7-3770, 16G DDR3-1600Mhz, SSD 128G + 2T HDD – GTX750Gaming
What is good for me?
Thanks you alot

phung86 says:

Good review, can you share me the ICC profile of this monitor or color set up parameters? Thank you.

Lydia Davis says:

I find your reviews very knowledgeable. I want to stick with Dell and found this 27″ one – P2717H. My main concern is accurate color reproduction using Adobe CS6 software and Pantone color books. I taught computer graphics and currently am designing textiles on the computer, so accurate color reproduction is extremely critical since I can’t afford to purchase pricey calibration software. For my limited budget, do you think that this monitor will get me the results that I want? Right now, I have an old 24″ Dell monitor that is not great on color matching. I don’t know if a monitor that has sRGB and RGB settings makes much difference and would appreciate your expertise.

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