AOC Q2781PQ Review – Jack Of All Trades Monitor?

Is there such a thing as a stylish monitor? AOC think so, and the Q2781PQ oozes style. Join PC Centric for the full review…

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Nitelynx96 says:

Can you take the stand off?

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

dude get some iso acoustic stands for your speakers!

Brandon Fenwick says:

does it have a div port

Chris G says:

Good work, keep the content coming.

Medicamenta Incorporated says:

compatible ps4 ?

PLUR says:

Hey new to your channel love it can you link me that lamp 🙂

Stixx says:

What deck do you have? Also can you do reviews on decks as I cand find one thats any good?

Вадим Поляков says:

what’s better dell up2516d or aoc q2781pq?

MAJOR says:

will you be reviewing any of the new pascal laptops?

Liam O'Brien says:

whats your view o metabox gaming laptops? which brand would you reccomend if you had all the money in the world?

grsslgcy32 says:

$128 at Walmart rn great Buy!!!

Nathan Davies says:

One question. Can I remove the stand any way?

FireApex says:

How much is the monitor

Hector Ziegel says:

It would be the perfect monitor if it had a vesa wall mount

kingb youchoob says:

Stand is horrid

Metyo Wabershake says:

hallo! is the stand removable?

MohShiZiro says:

there is AOC Agon 27 inch 144 Hz 1 ms review it!!!!!! plzz!!??

ImZinnx says:

Great review, cheers mate!

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

What is the Hz on this monitor?

Maxwell says:

Meh, brought a 27in 1440p IPS Dell moniter 5 years ago for £250. I’m surprised they are still so expensive.

Mo- ICE says:

ss go auto user 🙁

Liepājas A.Puškina 2.vidusskola says:

Future users won’t care much about tech specs. The average cat person would care more if the home cat can accidently push it out of the table.

Kagstrom2100 says:

Really cool review!

PK Tech Tips says:

nice video buddy

Magister Tremere says:

A very matter of fact review. Thank you!

FireApex says:


Omar says:

How much is the height difference from the bottom of the screen to the desk?

Potato Glore says:

2013107 degrees celsius? pls fix unigine

_ skyguy _ says:

nice review!! nice monitor !!

Jurassic Thrones says:

how are you liking your Xbox One S?

wildgoobsid5 says:

This is not a studio. It’s your bedroom in your Moms house. Hahaha

Cheese String says:

Ooooh what upload timing just as I’m considering an upgrade from 1080p 144hz. Appreciate the high quality as always mate! Keep up the brilliant work 🙂

Mark Boleyn says:

No VESA mount? That’s just crazy. Thanks for the review.

Lucas Awad says:

Will this work with my macbook?

Vincent Bekong says:

can i get a link to that sweet ass speaker, mate?

Pepe says:


mrzazzaable says:

how can it do everything when it looks washed out

Nebojsha Arsikj says:

Is this monitor Windows 7 compatible? Would I be able to install his drivers on Windows 7? Thanks, great review.

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