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Having a good monitor is just as important as having a good computer ESPECIALLY if you are into gaming or professional photo and video editing. That is why today, I will be reviewing the AOC i2367fh 23in IPS bezel-less monitor!

This monitor can be purchased for $130, and I can truly say that it is quite worth it!

The outside appearance of the monitor is quite unique. The minimalist design comes through with the front panel sporting the AOC logo and the power indicator LED and THATS IT!

On the back you get ports such as:

HDMI: x2

The performance of the monitor is fantastic and reliable and in my opinion, is the best ips panel in its price range!

Purchase this monitor here:

To all of my subscribers, this is the first part in my new setup, and all of the parts for my new PC have been ordered, so stay tuned for the build video coming out late next week!

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My name is Andrew and until next time,

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Spraven says:

Are pixels noticeable?

Fardin Barakzai says:

I want to be sure

Toufik Koustik says:

Can this be mounted?

zohaib ramen says:

Getting 2 monitors makes me too picky at times: Btw, Intro Music?

Patrick H. says:

great vid! very professional. you have earned a sub from me.

FeTi Productions says:

does it have brightness control? i noticed that the 22 inch version does not have this simple function : (

Pepe says:

Would this monitor be good for 60 fps gaming? PS: I’m upgrading from a 2009 720p Samsung Monitor.

Просто Хома says:

thanks you for this video! Hello from Belarus)

Viti V says:

Bro, its too bad this category is saturated but all I can say is that you deserve way more subs. Keep up the good work!

Pepe says:

What’s wrong with VGA?

Hell Huskies | Live Канал says:

its 148hz?

Fardin Barakzai says:


Kasra Azad says:

Hey you had to put #Ziovo in the title so he could see the vid

Mr Ginger O says:

Thanks for this great video! looks like i will be getting this in no time!

Krenzy says:

Awesome review, definitely considering getting this for my gaming setup!!

Moralle says:

Wtf you’re not Austin Evans

Morgan WMC says:

hi man maybe we can do some kind a video i am a small channel tho if you have a ps4 and ps plus than dm me great vid keep making more

Tasty Tyrone says:

Is it good for gaming?

Sanjay Bhopalsingh says:

I want to play fifa and cod using this monitor… I would connect it to my ps4. is it worth it and will it work nicely or not

GraVeu says:

This was such a great review. I hope you won that contest.

lieutenant Weedster says:

nice video man
i could notice your voice just hesistating a bit when you said whats up guys lol

GI_Matt says:

just so people know i have the 22in and it DOES NOT have hdmi it only has DVI or VGA

keith rich says:

Earned my sub, you deserve a lot more man! Thanks for the very informative review. Got me to purchase lol

Tipsy says:

So can it be used to game one

NotSoFancyGames says:

Thanks for the Review, just ordered this. I had ordered a TN monitor (never had a TN before) and it was hideous compared to my older IPS, so I returned it and got this. Thanks

Blender Power says:

Hey, thank you for this review. The only one thing i need is to know how high is this monitor (monitor+base), thank you in advance 🙂

Fatal Potatoe says:

The AOC i2369Vm has Displayport added to it

Lemon Incorporated says:

Can I connect my PS4 to it

Thirstydog says:

Great Video, Great Review. You definitely deserve more subs for all the work you put in your content. Liked and subbed :).

Gabsta says:

I’m a noob to all this so does anyone know if you can connect speakers to it?

Percio // CS:GO says:

Hello guys, I’m thinking of buying a PS4 but I don’t have a good monitor.
I’m wondering if this monitor will work on PS4 (if it has all the ports to plug stuff in from the PS4)

Master Laster says:

is it a requirment to use the DVD to set it up, cause i was thinking about buying it and use it for my ps3

Dominic Bankovitch says:

Do you need to use the disk?

Josh Hayes says:

Why are you a small YouTuber, you should be big

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