Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor Unboxing and Review in 4K

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Got the Alienware AW2518H 240Hz LED Monitor!

Finally, a 240Hz monitor for gaming from Alienware. You need to use DisplayPort to get the 240 refresh rate. This is the ultimate monitor for eSports.

Lose yourself in smooth, responsive gameplay with an incredibly fast 1ms response time, and enjoy sharp, undistorted images thanks to NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

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antoine JaneColon says:

Can I play my xbox one on it with out the desktop

mr cookies and milk says:


Zelenoy says:

is this monitor better then the asus pg258q

Ral Garog says:

did you do some post processing on the video to make your gameplay video look smooth? I only have a 60hz monitor and i can see how smooth your gameplay is. Is it placebo on my part?

Rostislav Hašek says:

Is it compatible with SW Dell Display Manager?

Combatical Radical says:

144hz gimmicky? What the fuck are you talking about?

Lopyz says:

Over Here it‘s only 315€ . I don’t know if I should get it or not. I’m concerned of the 1080p resolution and if it’s pixely because of that.

k3st says:

4ms :(((( if only i have that in my country

WoWz MeME_Z says:

how do u change the colors on the back?

Francesco Testatonda says:

why do not you use the Alienware mouse?

Guillermo Martin says:

What specs are you running ? Video card etc. I have a GTX1070

Ryan Gregory says:

Getting this monitor for my birthday super excited

MrRiverwind says:

What about the image quality in this monitor….colours, contras…how do they compare to a regular ips panel?….I’ve read this monitor has the best TN image quality….what do you think?…it’s just fast with poor colours like most TNs?

Demetrio Maldonado says:

how is your ping at 4ms? wtf

Dylan Morgart says:

When i watch vids like this i cringe at my setup

tcat600 says:

Nice review. This is definitely good gaming monitor. But how about 2D image quality in Windows apps. Apart from playing games I need good monitor for text and general tasks

Justin Marleau says:

Just picked one up today, love it! However my lights in the back aren’t lighting up. anyone experiencing this problem also?

Torvarris Evans says:

Hey bro , can i use this monitor with the x box one x, Dose this monitor have that smooth soap opera effect as well

Hazal Koç says:

natural 240 hertz ????? please answer me !!!!!!!!!!! I am waiting for an answer to buy the product

uhavemooface says:

Why is the 24 inch more expensive then the 25inch I don’t get their logic.

bornON mars says:

Only if it was 1440p

Sean D. says:

its not that its a bad monitor, it prob plays beautifully. I just don’t see myself ever purchasing something that has alienware on it, to me that just says more expensive dell. I guess if i’m going to spend that kind of money its ASUS or bust idk they haven’t let me down yet

Randybailey Bailey says:

I have this monitor and it’s worth 1000 it’s the best

MartiniGasolini says:

Lol this idiot just confused Hz with fps.

Autism says:

dose it have speakers pls help

Chad Sproule says:

hey i can only run 120hz is there a way i can get up to the 240hz i should have?

IC-Core says:

My 240 hz is not working help em

Imr172 Plays says:

My gtx 1080 with 240hz and gsync is mad

Yukirov says:

do you have an channel with overwatch videos or an twitch channel?

John UzuLightGaya says:

He goes “you can pivot it side to side,” (moves it an inch each way), “So you get like 360 degree view!”

김익 says:

ㅈㄹ하네 uhd?ㅋ어그로삽오지고
…fhd갓다가 ㅉ

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