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Arsy Ash says:

is there a 2k version of this model?

D*Brand Music says:

can u hook your xbox up to this and play

Nick says:

I came in with doubt but the man sold me

SKY TECH Enterprise says:

I purchased my Acer R240HY BIDX IPS last night, I’m pretty exhilarated to receive it soon.

Anaya Charlotte says:

Is this monitor good for console gaming? 🙂

Ruler Booster says:

Will this work with Xbox one s

William Camacho says:

damn im sold and subscribe also! NICE

Kris De Bruijne says:

What is the width?

Bumble Baytuna says:

I bought this and it’s flashing random colors soo uhhhh how TF do I fix dis?

bobert1223 says:

Hello all. I realize that this video is several months old, however, if you could bear with me, I would greatly appreciate it. I currently am in the market for a 24 inch display, so space is at a premium. I have an i5 7400 with a gtx 1060 3gb. Would this Acer display fit my needs? Any input on this subject would help immensely. Thank you!

Issam Mejdoubi says:

OMG what a con !!

Kostas Gnt says:

VERY good video and review i will probably buy this beuty only think i would like in the video would be some other camera angles and shots

iZivie says:

ok someone plz help should i get this monitor or the asus vx38h please let me know

Pixl Demon says:

Very nice video! Ill probably buy the monitor. Though with server tick rates, you are wrong. Servers dont only broadcast player/enemy positions, but also velocities. That means, that the client can calculate the position most likely for the enemy to be at next, and thats where it draws it if it didnt get a new position broadcast from the server yet. Great video anyway!

A-Aron says:

How about the screen tearing?

728288474 77 ueue says:

Damn this looks brilliant. Is it good with a PlayStation 4 Slim?

Winstonlucas says:

The monitor does not come with built in speakers

Jacob Mathison says:

I own this monitor and have been very pleased with it. I have had it since december of 2016 when I bought my pc and it has exceeded my expectations compared to my previous monitor. Highly reccomended to anyone looking for a cheap, high quality, ips, 1080p 60Hz panel.

Sage Advice says:

Thanks for the review.  I ordered this and a HDMI cable a couple of days ago and I’m excited to be receiving it.  Again, thank you.

b E q A says:

very close to ideal i wish just 144 or bit better refresh rate and its gonna be ideal

Vernon Wang says:

Does this come with a built in speaker or no? Also you didn’t mention that it doesn’t include a vesa mount which can be a negative.

Team Over Overwatch -Gaming says:

I don’t have a tight budget but spent 1300 for my gaming pc oops

Sabit Mahbub says:

how much of the sRGB colour space does it cover

Beata Bukowska says:

can you wall mount this monitor

mininijafan says:

dude i really like your channel and i’m planning to have you tattooed in my back keep it up!,,,

Juliano Solorza says:

Amazing review!

Domingo says:

Can i ask something? I buy this monitor a few day s ago and i dont know, should this monitor with 4ms response time without overdrive have very much ghousting? i can see it in video and very very much in game. with overdrive this ghoting little bit less but still i have much plume on dynamic models. Should this be there? Or i just have deffect? (sorry for my english)

Finn Robinson says:

Can you wall mount it , please try and respond ASAP x


Is this monitor good for ps4?

Andreas Lauridsen says:

so that will say i can use my ps4 on it right? 🙂

Michael Knight says:

What a great video. You sold me on this monitor! Im going to purchase it through your link. Thank you so much for such a great detailed video. Just subscribed as well!!


How many Hz?

Sarvesh Kharade says:

Please do a video on Ultrawide monitors (best example: LG 29um59)

EclipseG4m3s says:

im watching this on my new acer r240hy 🙂

Toastz says:

Wish it had 2 hdmi ports, amazing tho

Jeffy jeffy says:

Wait do you need a PC for this monitor to run?

Sneaker Head Gaming says:

Can I use this with my ps4 slim

Rodrigo Fernety says:

I need it

Jason Clyde Chua says:

Why do research when you have this dude. Thanks man! Still looking for great budget gaming spec pc. This really helped.

Clown Prince of Crime says:

Damn you’re awesome

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