Acer – 23 in. IPS LED 1080p Monitor Unboxing and Review

Here is my unboxing and quick review of this great 1080p Monitor from Acer which was only 130$ (At the time of recording). Model H236HL

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Johsiah Luciano says:

I have this monitor and I love it

Tater T0Ts says:

Is there a way you can tell me how to hook this up to my pc? Thanks!

iNicholas says:

Great review! I ordered this monitor a few days ago and should be receiving it tomorrow.

Night Hawk says:

Sorry for the noob question, I just bought a r240hy and the stand is just weird, I keep pressing and I’m afraid it’ll be broke. Any idea? (this is my first Acer product)

-_Gwin_- says:

is this a 4k please reply but I sub so please and like

7bteen 2 says:

How many ram

Muhammad Hassan says:

Is this 60hertz and can I use it for ps4

Justin Colding says:

Do have to have a pc to game

BuilderBro9000 says:

The monitor actually has a 4ms response time

GBurnell says:

Great Jake, now you can watch the Bethesda conference and an IPhone jail breaking video at the same time.

EdwardERS says:

If your monitor dies and you think you need a replacement it might just be the power brick. Happened to me. Contact Acer support and say the brick died.

Cristian Yanez says:

whats this monitor called

Balken Kreuz says:

How would you compare that monitor with the R240HY bidx?

Far Cries Of The Juggernaut says:

bruh. mine was only $100. use PC Part Picker man

Jacy Hung says:

Does this have an audio output port?

JoshTheGamer says:

U need to do some major cable management

Prince kumar says:

what’s Price acer monitor

Luis Estrada says:

is this monitor good for gaming?

jena bailey says:

does anyone have the problem that i dont have any sound????

allnewpanda mcpe says:

do monitors have chargers ?

sahnas david4 says:

Bacot terus anjing

Solisk says:

Can I plug in external speaker into the back of the monitor? Will console game via HDMI give sound to the external speaker?

-_Gwin_- says:

please reply I sub and like but is this a 4K quality

Justin Colding says:

Yo bro how did you turn it on

Dan Super says:

Non PWM!

I Eat Mayo With Siracha Hahaha says:

A super wotatable screen.

Richard Baur says:

is this monitor flicker free? does it say on the packaging or anywhere? i know it used to use pwm but heard that a possible revision fixed this

Saik says:

in 4:48 is that computer mac or windows?

SupremeNasty YT says:

I’m confused about monitors and desktops I’m new and a noob. OK I understand but if you have a monitor do you need a desktop to play games on your monitor or can you just play from your acer like on steam?

Edit: Can you play steam games like Rust Legacy?

Muhammad Hassan says:

Dude did you have inverse ghosting on this monitor and how do you fix it

super NuTz says:

what is the name of that wallpaper you where using that blue guy

John Pastorelli says:

The saturation isn’t that great compared to my other monitor and I can’t find where to change it in settings.


Can you add a keyboard to it ? And also can you use the Internet or watch YouTube on it ?

Bread275 says:

i ordered a second one and the stand is crooked at the bottom

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