4K Monitor for only $200? SCEPTRE U275W Review

4K monitors have always had a very high price tag for entry. However, as technology progresses, that barrier to entry becomes much more affordable. Today I have a $200 monitor that you can buy regularly on Amazon and Newegg for $200! Is it worth it?

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harris nisar says:


Amv AnimeXL says:

This is gonna be my first pc but how do I hook up a mouse and keyboard

Arsene Øvrejorde says:


Saharsha Joshi says:

is the display matt or glossy?

Johnathan Santoni says:

wolverine… lol

DrevilMike says:


P0W3RH0U53 says:

4k my boy, great vid letting us know bout this

Vicki Stokes says:

You had a great experience. The one I got had specks underneath the screen. Hopefully, my replacement will be better. Not happy so far.

Cyrano Burleson says:


kahale says:

$169.99 on newegg as of 7/24/18

UR SHIT says:

What mount should I use I want a dual arm

DarkPrinceRain says:


PsyDei Itzamná says:

6:46 Getiing killed in the game*

Caleb Okoh-Aihe says:


Btfahle Brendan says:

whats the catch? Theres no way that this is a 4k monitor with 72Hz for only 200. If that was the case no one would buy the super expensive ones and they would just buy this and those ones would go out of business.

Christopher Velasco says:


TheeAdeptBranch says:

is there a free way to calibrate my monitor?

Scatty 25 says:


king bananas gaming says:


ori galili says:

Getting Kills in CS:GO

dies every respawn

Anthony Varela says:

What are your color settings on this monitor?

JayzBeerz says:

I got it for $169.99.

xQuixoticTea says:

IMO 144hx > 4K only for shooters. From my experience I’ll take resolution and quality over “silky smooth” gameplay. Since I got over fps games

Z. Brown says:

Logic signed your shirt?! #ImmediateLike 🙂

Ibrahim d says:

Is it good for ps4 and movies

Blue Strike says:


Blaze says:


Neo Gabriel says:


Volo says:

difference between the U275w and U278 model? couldnt find ONE single distinguishing factor. Also, doesnt the HDMI 1 port support 4k 60hz?

burdledoo98 says:


Mily Cres says:

Is it hdmi


3:02 you’re welcome

Uku Sibul says:

Totally gonna buy it

Kamda great says:

How would this work with gta 5????

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