4K HDR Monitor Review: I FINALLY UPGRADED (LG 27UK850)

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4K monitors are all the rage, but for the longest time I had a 1440p monitor. Thanks to LG, I’ve finally upgraded to a 4K HDR monitor, the 27UK850. It’s a 60 Hz IPS with some gaming specific features, along with plenty of others as well, such as full sRGB coverage. This video goes over everything I’ve experienced with the monitor.

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MJ says:

Can you hook up an apple to it to make it 8k?

scuttle bug raisingtheroof says:

looks at the price… let’s get naked

yassine yazan says:

good for you bro ;D

Rj Online says:

Touch screen?

Romano De jonge van de buurt says:

Whats the price?

Alias Fakename says:

700$……. It’s cool but damn some TV’s are less than that, a couple hundred more and I can get an OLED TV, even some budget 300$ HDR monitors but those have a lot of mixed reviews

yassine yazan says:

kep going bro you are the bast

Yasuh says:


Darth Famalamadingdong says:

I just upgraded to a nokia phone

Xx NavalCube Gaming xX says:

Hey could I get an Xbox because you have a Lott of tech and I have been saving my money up and I don’t have enough to buy one
So could I please get a Xbox oneS

Scout Scamp says:

4k is not 4 times the resolution of 1080… tsk tsk tsk

Aras Pundys says:

New monitor…different shirt…what’s next 😉 lol.

TsunamiFPS says:

I upgraded to a 4K monitor which is also LG, but only to find out my PC can’t even handle 4K in most games LOL

King James says:

@ThioJoe What is Input Lag measured at for this monitor?

Russell Adams says:

Nice. Send me that “old” 1440p monitor so I can upgrade from my 4:3 monitor 😉

Shane U says:

Yeah, that dreadful surprise of a 60Htz monitor with gaming ability was a bummer, but the price was right.

Alias Fakename says:

Just when I upgraded to the LG 27 UD69P….

It was pre owned for 200$ but still lol

UnitedStatesOfMoney says:

4K in a 27″ is silly imho.

YouRockBeastBoy says:

I would get a touch screen monitor. I love touch screen.

Michael Warren says:

You spend too much money, pinhead! Is the content any different on a bigger monitor, or do you go blind even quicker? How about epilepsy!

Khromosoman50VEVO says:

I have a 23 inch 768p tv for my pc

BuzzCola 3 says:

You life is a life ?

Benedict Voon says:

I am using my Acer X34, playing The Division in the Steam platform, enabled the setting to show Frame-per-second at my monitor bottom right. What happened is, if i set the game to the lowest setting, my frame rate shown is 170!!! I am stunned. Anyone here got any clues to this?

feisar20 says:

What’s the name of the app on your desktop that shows weather ? Looks pretty cool like a good old windows vista / 7 like gadget.

Imran Ahmed says:

Which monitor can show AdobeRGB colors accurately as we photographers take photos in AdobeRGB color Spec?


Whats the input lag for this monitor?

jeffhalebopp says:

IMO, 27″ at 4k is just too small. By the time you do font scaling to make them a reasonable reading size, you just lost a huge amount of screen real estate. 40″ is the absolute minimum to run 4k for a desktop at 1 to 1 scaling. I have a 43″ 4k TV and it is the perfect size for that resolution.

noredine says:

that monitor needs a remote

The Aliens says:

Oh good if I’m playing Minecraft and increase the black levels I will be able to see in caves without torches. Take my money.

Anthony Dunstan says:

One of the best explanations of new display tech I’ve ever heard. Great work ThioJoe. I also learnt a new word! Realisticness . . . yeah boi!!!

David says:

Saying “I finally upgraded” kind of implies you bought it yourself.

John Smith says:

I got the exact same monitor a week ago. 4k is great for doing work but on a 1080 I still can’t get consistent 60 frames. I either have to lower settings or set it to 1080p.

If you have a 1080 or lower and want it for gaming I’d recommend getting a monitor with g-sync which will handle the dips down to 45fps.

tl;dr don’t buy this without a 1080ti if you want a stable 60 frames but it’s great for work.

Chase Harman says:

“not recording stuff on $100,000 movie cameras” tell that to marques lol. good video

PCHardwareAnalysis says:

Its really a shame that no monitor at the moment supports “true” HDR like TVs. The 27UK850 doesnt really support true HDR either. It would need 1000 nits and true 10 bit, but its only 450 nits / 8bit + FRC. The Samsung C27HG70 also claims to support HDR, which it doesnt completely – but its closer to the actual standard. That monitor has a peak of 600 nits / 8 bits + FRC and at least some local dimming, albeit only 8 zones. Im gonna wait until some true HDR monitors hit the market – and Windows 10 finally offers proper support for it.

Ronnie Cassady says:

Color correction is primarily for high and graphics used For advertising. Clients have specific PMS colors that you must did hereto for logos, etc.

Lamron333 says:

You have some dirt on your face!

Phantom Phreak says:

Great review ThioJoe, love your new monitor. I agree with you about the 4K resolution and 27 inches. I’m coming from and 1080p myself and the quality in almost night and day. it’s still 60 refresh rate but I have never had a higher refresh rate monitor before so I personally don’t know what its like.

Dennis Dowd says:

I have a 2k and I am very pleased. I don’t game, so reading fine text is great.☺

Oliver Buckley says:

I was just looking forward to getting it but then I saw the £600 price when I can get a 4K hdr 10 43” TV for £300!!!

Malcolm Rains says:

Realisticness? You mean realism

Matt Gaming says:

Hi Lord

Retro Gamer says:

Linus records with $50,000 Red cameras.

PC Techbot says:

i thought this might be a great tutorial to convert 1080p into 4k monitor

Zag Zagzag says:

fu lg

gaming at max says:

i fucking hate glossy monitors…

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