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This 4K Gaming Monitor Buying Guide 2017 explains everything you need to know about buying a 4K Monitor, including size, panel type, g-sync, refresh rates and HDR! Budget 4K:
Samsung U28E590D – US: http://amzn.to/2pzoaaf | UK: http://amzn.to/2qjTJ53
AOC U2879VF – US: http://amzn.to/2pLx2p6 | UK: http://amzn.to/2pzhfhd
ASUS PB287Q – US: http://amzn.to/2qghyfW | UK: http://amzn.to/2rf3AIE
ACER PREDATOR XB281HK – US: http://amzn.to/2qGsxQP | UK: http://amzn.to/2qgr0jr
DELL P2715Q – US: http://amzn.to/2qGhkQq | UK: http://amzn.to/2reZY9z

Gaming 4K:
ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ – US: http://amzn.to/2qgmkdv | UK: http://amzn.to/2pMbc46
ACER PREDATOR XB271HK – US: http://amzn.to/2pLBVi2 | UK: http://amzn.to/2pLXs9O

Next-Gen / Coming Soon (Links Updated when Available):
LG 32UD99

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kangeyan Gangadharan says:

nvidia should allow freesync support with their gpus cause gsync is way too overpriced

SnowBallYT says:

i know 1080p —-> 4k is a big difference but what about 1440p —-> 4k ? when I upgrade from 1440p in the future is it much better or nah ?

Rambler358 says:

Those 4K HDR 144Hz gaming monitors have been pushed back to the first half of 2018, as there have been problems with the manufacturing of the panels.

wang zhen says:

However the fact that it’s not just the price, but the quality control. e.g. I have heard a lot about the light leaking from the corners quite badly on ROG pg348q, despite the selling points, would u pay that much money for a panel with bad light leaking problem?

Rick Torbet says:

Bam! You just talked me out of a 4K monitor. I knew it already, but I needed for you to tell me I wasn’t going to get high FPS at 4K with a 1080ti. So, no need to wait. I’ll jump on the ASUS 279. THANKS!

LCN 1985 says:

I know it’s a bit off subject but can I use a GTX960 with a 4k monitor JUST for video playback? No games. I’m aiming to get a PS4 pro for my gaming habit.

Google gives me mixed results. Thanks

Eugene Sukhoi says:

Anybody complained about dead pixels yet?

hektor cme says:

Hello … if I have an open budget what Monitor you think I should buy ( for gaming and watching videos and movies ) , I feel I’m lost :/

Isaiah Ford says:

I have a playstation pro but im looking for a 4k monitor and i dont know which one to buy i want one with low response n lag and one with hdr if one exsit yet can u help me out

james sieber says:

looking at an ASUS 4k monitor 24 inch (space) is a concern. Running a R9 270x 4 gig amd card now it will do the monitor MG248QR hz 144 price here in the states is around 300 dollars. ESO, Skyrim Special Version, Skyrim modded to the sky, Fallout4, Mass Effect. the games are a reference to go by. Is this monitor any good ??? cpu is i7-920, board is x58 extreme 1366 format 25 gig on board.

Nic Walsh says:

Qled 4k gsync and hdr plz

Gavin Whitham says:

I know there are plenty of other options I’m just looking to waste money because I love gaming and just want a badass monitor what’s the biggest inch monitor I can get that is also 4K I’m gonna be using it for xbox and PS4 !!!!

jaywill3242 says:

Got an Xbox 1 X and a PS4 Pro need some help with a good monitor that will push both of my console , any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Krissu Plays says:

I got 15 fps with 4k. I got a Nvidia Gforce GTX 1060 3gb and Intel core i5-7400 3Ghz. Can someone help???

TheTuckDaddy76 says:

I think I’m gonna get the Samsung g3k729hf682hks8379 with 48n2mz96 refresh with a 29cjwm96d992nl processing ration or 3891


Can you make a good 4K gaming monitor for consoles ?

InfernexPlays - Gaming & More says:

Where is the LG uhd 4k monitor 32UD99 please send link for uk

Kodey Patterson says:

I’d love to make the jump to 4k 144hz but holy shit is that expensive. $2k for a monitor alone not to mention a second 1080ti. Wayyyy to much

Aaron Valas says:

What stand is that for your phone?

Casey Harris says:

These are too small, any 32 or 40 inch monitors

Tamás Gulyás says:

Hi, i7 3770@4.4 and Nvidia 1060 6 GB enough for 4k gaming. Thank you!

Itsme says:

this has got only 60hz not 144hz. I really hope that was some kind of mistake,not clickbait


check out my vid about budget gaming monitor 27 inch for 300usd

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

The only HDR10 monitor is the Dell. There are 0 others. Any panel above 60Hz is 8+FRC (fake 10-bit). You need 1000 nits, and it should be damn near 100% color accuracy across the board. And none of your monitors have it except for the Dell. asus and acer are scammers and liars, along with every other monitor company. Quantum dot is bullshit too. It does not enhance any damn thing or make colors better. It’s not even true quantum dot.

RAH ZEN says:

I bought the Samsung UHD 4k and the biggest issue is Steam, Photoshop, and many other software apps that don’t scale properly at full 4k. I wasn’t able to find any solutions even windows icons and text appears very tiny, even with DPi scaling at 160% it doesn’t reach the satisfaction level of 1080 scaling resolution. Also downscaling windows to a lower resolution or especially a game looks AWFUL. It looses all its pixelation and becomes blurry. Unlike the ability to scale up or down with 1080 monitors. Now the upside is 4k looks amazing you get details and colors you wouldn’t get normally on a 1080 monitor. Either than that I feel it was a waste of money. Luckily I can still return it. Even with the DP I wasn’t able to get 60 refresh rate. It defaulted to 30 in games. This technology is still too new. I was even displeased with my occulus rift vr headset. Because they don’t consider people who wear glasses. The price I payed for the Samsung 4k seemed like a great deal the tech is just not there. And they don’t favour Nvidia GeForce gtx 1080ti. Instead they favour Radeon cards with some special built in feature I wasn’t able to explore… I wish you could scale up and down without loss and emulate icons and text normally like 1080… /:

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