Xbox One X REVIEW! Should You Upgrade If You Don’t Have a 4K TV?

The most powerful gaming console on the market arrives next Tuesday, but is it worth the hefty $499 price tag if you don’t own a 4K television? Watch our review to find out, then check out our full written review here!


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steverl22 says:

No….get a 4K tv first. What’s wrong with people? And the price will go down, TV should be the top priority.

David Di Franco says:

I can’t wait to get mine on Tuesday!

Christopher Domingue says:

Just got a 8TB external hard drive so I guess I’m ready. Not really worried about space

Trash. says:

why not just build a pc at that point

unknown872 says:

Does it have any games that can take full advantage of that power?

Ditocoaf says:

Wait, they really named it the XBox One X? Dear god, I thought I’d heard a joke.

I guess I’ll wait for the XBox X-1 Zerobox.

Dj Singh says:

Ps Pro Was A Mistake.

Carlos Pacheco says:

Very tempted but I have the distinct feeling we’re less than one year away from the real next generation of consoles being announced.

DeadWreckening X says:

I believe you actually do get to choose to download 4k assets.

Scaravouche says:

Why You Have To Title Like This?

TheMurderSessions says:

Yeah… I’m not upgrading my pcs graphics card or cpu… why? Well no exclusive games…. sound stupid? Yup I think so too…

reddragooner says:

I didn’t really have a choice. I won one from Taco Bell. It honestly feels better than my original One.

Slightly Boring Games says:

Damn, this is cheaper than my mini 4…

Gary Bell says:

Wish people would stop throwing download sizes like gears and halo in 4K without first mentioning there nearly 100GB anyway

Foxhound 248 says:

So 4K Banjo-Kazooie when?

Allan Sh says:


icy1007 says:

The Xbox One X is to 4K TVs as the Xbox 360 was to HDTVs.

Triforce Hero says:

Lmfao still has no games. The best one in years has been cuphead., just get a ps4 and play all the amazing exclusives

Илья Муромец says:

У Xbox One восьмиядерный процессор с тактовой частотой всего в 2,3 ГГц. Это мало . Надо было в новую консоль ставить AMD Ryzen 1800Х на 4 ГГц.

Chris says:

Don’t give a crap about 4k, I want 60fps and good quality games.

CamNM1991 says:

Robot voice

Console Gamer X says:

I just came by to give Polygon the middle finger. It’s been stated over and over again, 1080p tvs see benefits. PC gamers have enjoyed textures and assets long before 4k.

Polygon has been against Xbox since the beginning with your clickbait articles. Who cares what this garbage site thinks?

Lavar Ball says:

Xbox X are like roaches. They are everywhere and no one wants them.

tech489 says:

It plays all the major third party games which I play most, this is for me. I’ll play exclusives on my switch and PS4 pro, I can’t wait to get my project Scorpio edition. I’m a gamer not a console war fanboy.

OreillyORLY says:

polygon you are a sjw and feminazis infested shithole

funk541 says:

Wow a 4 minute review lame!

Poulpc says:

I like you say it’s not going to be mainstream at 499.- I wonder what did the Xbox One cost at release in 2013 “499.-” 🙂

Jeremy Freeman says:

I’m a firm believer that Women should NOT do these types of reviews, she sounds like she’s talking to one of her friends out at a Club.

Weird Guy says:

Can’t wait to play all 2 exclusives!

Dr VR says:

Something is seriously wrong when a company releases three versions of the same console in one life cycle.

Nate 50Cal says:

Not like if the mandatory 4k assets download narrative spin on this vid. We want 4k textures and I’ll fill as many hdds as it takes!

Greg Hakes says:

Polygon – Air vents on the side have no influence on weather you should lay it down flat or stand it up vertically. The internal fan will draw air in the same no matter what position the console is in. It was never designed to be a mainstream console, Microsoft said this console was designed for those customers who just want the premium experience. Go Xbox X !!!!

Expert Gaming HD says:

I still the standard Xbox one which works pretty well still . But I might get this once the price drops a lot if i have enough money

SophisticatedAss says:

Most unexciting commentary ever…

kazimi Ameer says:

Can someone tell me how big are pc 4k patch they keep complaining about one x large patch

Kiid xSeAs says:

Don’t waste watching the whole thing, no you don’t need a 4k TV but the quality won’t be HD but it’s recommended to have a 4ktv. I probably won’t be getting this version.

xxnike629xx says:

I thought games on the Xbox One X was supposed to be uncompromised 4K. LOL
It doesn’t matter if they hardware is there. If there’s not much software, then well, it’ll be pointless.
Also, shame that Xbox One X doesn’t let you upgrade to a bigger internal drive yourself like the PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro.
If consoles supported 3.5″ internal drives, we could go with a relatively low costing 6 TB HDD to combat the storage deficiency issue on 2.5″ drives.

kdhlkjhdlk says:

Meh, think I’ll save a bunch of money by waiting a decade.

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