Vizio P-Series Quantum 4K TV Review: The smartest TV purchase you can make right now

If an OLED TV is a little rich for your blood, this is the TV you should probably be looking at and it’s a Vizio. The P Series Quantum reviewed here is Vizio’s flagship TV and the smartest TV purchase you can make right now. It’s proof of the fact that Vizio has the engineering chops to compete with the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony, and do it at a better price. The 65-inch model, which is the only model is just $1500. And for that price, you just can’t touch this TV.

Vizio 65″ Class P-Series Quantum 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV:

BDI OLA 8137 TV Stand:



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Behind the Wheel:

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Whisper Status 74 says:

Why so late with this? Spent way to much time on the os and remote and not enough time on the actual picture qaulity.

Rusty DeVorse says:

Bought one around Black Friday. Love it. Use it almost only for gaming.

Very bright in the Living Room near large windows. Attractive. Off center picture isn’t awful. Lots of value for money. Solid set by Vizio.

Vegeta Referee says:

Where is the link???

iMiguelAOG says:

Vizio’s killer TV to Samsung’s QLED.

Djdjf Djdjf says:

I have very good deal on vizio 70″ e série. Is it a good tv?

galaxyeclairs says:

Great detailed review. Would love to see more of this from DT

Supraman says:

Are there any 75″ or 85″ planned? Thanks.

Dirk Mason says:

Would you recommend this tv over something like the Sony X900F?

Zeren Smith says:

Wish I had money but nope

Chris G says:

Yesss, top 3 TV’s

NickAccount01 says:

Why are you talking about speed while clearly that entire interface is slow as crap? It took forever to load the homescreen or even just the youtube app

Ritchie Soricelli says:

For anyone interested in that stand, it’s $1700.

Racerprose says:

No doubt the price is right, but upscaling and banding are pretty bad on Vizio TVs, plus I’ve heard they have a high fail rate.

Jesus is God says:

Vizio PQ 1500
LG OLED B8 1500

send it says:

For everyone buying a TV your #1 thing to look at are the ports like HDMI for example. TV companies always try to hide these specs because they always use outdated ports. What is the point of all the vision/audio features if the TV HDMI port can’t give you those features? Most people have cable boxes, android boxes and PCs hooked up to their PCs and don’t use that smart TV capability except for maybe netflix and youtube.
Every TV in 2019 should have HDMI 2.1 and 4k/120hz capability there isn’t really any excuse at this price point.
what’s the point in having 240hz and not having an HDMI 2.1 port. I don’t get why TV companies hate updating their ports and reviewers don’t remember to talk about them.
Why would you buy a 4k HDR tv with a crappy upscaler when 99% of our content needs to be upscaled? Seems like a waste to me.

gulraiz khan says:

Sir please review new KEF R series speakers.

Gee Beave says:

Where is the amazon link he promise? Does anyone know what Tv stand that is?

Digital Trends says:

As promised, there is now a link in the description for the TV stand. Sorry for the delay!

Randy Bradley says:

This TV took to long to Canadian Costco. Even though it is 1200 CAD under it’s original MSRP I’ll be waiting on the 75″ VIZIO Quantum X P-series coming out later this year. It’s going to be a killer TV with a reported 2600 nits of peak brightness and almost 300 extra dimming zones over last years Quantum P-series TV.

Chris G says:

Wish it came in bigger sizes 75-80″

Mike Big T says:

I heard they have some of the worst dirty screen effect and uniformity issues.

Tito Rodriguez says:

Is it me or can you see the awful light bleed thru the video?

Joel Fost says:

The stand cost more then the TV, $1699 on amazon.

Tom Chao says:

Promise the link to the tv stand and failed…just like trump

Billy Grinstead says:

Have had the M series “55” for two years and the only thing wrong is that I cant justify getting one of these. If you want QLED and Dolby Vision in one box this is pretty much it, considering Samsungs refusal to go with Dolby vision. Meanwhile my six year old “42” is still going strong.

gulraiz khan says:

Sir please review new KEF Q series speakers

Allessio777 says:

I lLIKE this set which I bought on Black Friday….but the 1st one delivered had a backlight (or backlight connector) defect (the pic went off spontaneously) so I had to exchange it (No problem at Costco). The second set went ON spontaneously in the middle of the night, and I solved this by turning off the USB port (when TV is off) which my ROKU was plugged into..seems that the ROKU was checking for updates and turned on the TV!. I think the Costco extended warranty is important with this set.

Greg turner says:

Does it have HDMI 2.1

Quantum Apotheosis says:

I’m Dislike #6

I read your description smh. You can get a 55in LG b8 and LG E7 for under $1500 before taxes. Oled is the same exact price as this tv, if you go down to a 55in. It’s not too rich for anyones blood, who has the $2100(everyday price) to buy this,let alone the $1500 sale price. Anyone who has $1500 to drop on a tv can easily buy oled. It’s a choice not to.

LG Oled’s wrgb is inferior to high end fald true rgb panels. The fact that you’re not mentioning this is irritating. You’re pretending that oled doesn’t look worse overall by comparison, and even putting it on a pedestal.

Furthermore, its odd.. you don’t like that vizio has a mode that is really cold in color temp, yet you can easily calibrate vizio to be quite warm..but you say “if oled is too rich for your blood”, as oled’s wrgb is the coldest tv type around..literally replacing colors with white. Yet as usual you sit up here promoting oled above all, with comments like “it’s not inky black like oled”, this is pure cancer display bias. You failed at this review. Why? You’re very bias, and not knowledgeable about the PQ65.

You didn’t even mention the LARGE amounts of color banding on this set, that literally nearly every owner has seen. You don’t come off as knowing anything about this product, other than the extreme basics, a total novice could figure out themselves. This is a very generic and half-handed review. You need to learn the tv before reviewing it..especially if you’re going to review it late like this.

I’m no Vizio fan..and even I’ve gotta say this is a misrepresentation of the facts. Level up bud. This wasn’t it. Simply being positive isn’t helpful. You need to COVER the various aspects of the product. That is what it means to review something.

Go back to the drawing board and produce a true review next time. This was disappointing, even if you are an LG shill publication..surely you still have some pride left..right?

julian Frei. says:

I would buy it …. if Vizio would sell their stuff outside the us

Kurtonebay says:

Is this the 2019 model? Is there a 55in?

Owen3 says:

The furniture costs more than the TV lol

Sir Jon Smith III says:

Almost bought it from Costco. But their 2019 models are coming out this spring. Love bright TV’s for HDR and the 2019 quantum x is going to be 2900 nits (instead of 2000). I also love how Vizio does the BFI (does not get darker and I cannot see the flicker).

TRONMasterMCP says:


Marlon Arreaga says:

No link to the tv stand :/

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